Chapter 15 : I’ll Show You The Power of Blunt Weapon!


「Hmph. Serve you right」

I muttered like that while looking at Rozelia, who was stuck in the rubble and couldn’t escape.

It’s her punishment for bullying me until now!
She always made fun of me, and even today, she tried to not let me pass the exam.

「He, Help me….. Please……」

Rozelia didn’t realize about me and desperately called her classmates.

I won’t feel sympathy for her.
I’m sure even if I help her, she won’t thank me.
And I’m sure she will forget about it the next day and make fun of me again.


The Rock Dragon’s mouth glowed red. Even though I was far away, I could feel the heat.
The dragon’s eyes were looking at Rozelia.

「Hiiiyy! Fiー【Fire Arrow】! 」

Rozelia shot her magic but such a low-level magic wouldn’t work against the dragon.
On the contrary, it made the dragon angry, and the flames leaking out of its mouth became more intense.

「No way…. No!… I don’t want to die!…… Cecil………. Mama……!」

Rozelia finally started crying.
All the classmates had run away and there were no more students left.
She seemed to be prepared to die because no one would help her.

Finally, a large amount of flames came out of the dragon’s mouth. It was like a torrent of flames.
If it hits you directly, there will be nothing left.

「Aa-ahh. As I thought, I can’t leave her alone…」

As I sighed, I rushed to the front and hit the ground with my hammer.


And a vertical wall appeared in front of us.
It was a very thick soil wall.

Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall Construction】.

The flame was blocked by the wall and didn’t cause any damage to me and also Rozelia who was behind me.

「Ha, Hanna…!? Why… you….」

Rozelia finally noticed me after I protected her.

Even though she asked ‘why’, I couldn’t put it into words.
I didn’t protect her because I wanted to protect her.

「You came to save me…?」

「Hahh…. Atabou desu yo! (of course)」

Irritated a little, I borrowed Boss’s favorite words and said it to Rozelia.

「You always made fun of me at school. So…. If I won’t show you, it won’t be fair」

「Show me… what?」

「How amazing I am when I have a blunt weapon in my hands!」

When I said that, I had a strange feeling of understanding.

Yes, now I understand that actually I didn’t want to look down on Rozelia and the other classmates.
I didn’t want to get them back from what they did to me.
I just….wanted to be friends with them…..

I wanted them to look at me as equal and praise me that I’m cool when using my hammer.

I wanted everyone to ask me to be their friend…
But… that wasn’t possible.

They made fun of my hammer and didn’t even notice that I became stronger now.
No… They noticed that I was getting stronger but pretended not to notice…

……..Aahh… Alright, enough with this. Now I should concentrate on defeating the Rock Dragon.

When the flames disappeared, the soil wall crumbled.
Now the dragon saw me as its enemy.

The dragon rounded its giant body and turned into a ball.
It began to rotate at high speed, rolled toward me and hit me.



Rozelia shouted, but the dragon’s attack didn’t hurt me at all.

「Hey, dragon-san… Did you think you could crush me with that weak attack, huh!?」

The one who suffered the damage wasn’t me, it was the dragon.

I held my hammer forward so that the dragon’s rough stone scales shattered into pieces as the dragon rolled.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Armor Crushing】! 」

I don’t think I need to explain but, this is a skill for destroying heavy armor and monster’s skin that have a very high defense.


The dragon screamed, canceled its ball form and returned to its normal form.

Now is my chance!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stakes】! 」

When I swung the hammer, translucent stakes appeared in the air.
The number was less than【Thousand Nails】I used before, but the stakes were big.

The stakes flew vigorously toward the dragon and pierced its giant body.


The Rock Dragon was in pain.
I didn’t want to waste this chance and ran toward the dragon.
I used the stakes as my foothold and jumped into the air.

I swung down the hammer as I fell to the dragon.

「Blunt Weapon Skillー【Skull Crusher】! 」


The hammer emitted a light and crushed the dragon’s head.

【Skull Crusher】

Like the name said, it’s a skill that crushes the skull of the enemy.

Ah, but let me say it just so you know.
It’s not because my naming sense that the skill name is kinda lame, it’s because the name is written in the skill tree, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

Well, actually I want a cool skill name like【Wind Aria】though.

The Rock Dragon that had overwhelming defense power was dying after its head was destroyed.
It collapsed to the ground and finally turned into a large gray magic stone.

After I landed on the ground, Rozelia looked at me with a look of disbelief.

「Y, You….. Are you really Hanna…? That slowpoke….?」

「….Yeah. It’s me. The slowpoke and clumsy donketsu-Hanna」

After I replied like that, Rozelia quivered as if she was frightened.

Maybe she remembered what she had been doing to me all this time.

I laughed by myself.
It seems becoming friends is impossible after all…

After that, I heard the voices of the classmates approaching.

Perhaps they finally realized that Rozelia wasn’t with them after they left the cave.

Hmmm….. So they did come back for their friend, huh? They still have a good side at least.

But unfortunately, I wasn’t one of their friends…



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