Chapter 99 : Two More People Coming In


She might be okay for now, but I think it’s better if she’s not relaxing too much. After all, hot water baths can be dangerous sometimes.

I put my hands on both Pamella’s armpits and pulled her up a little bit.


Pamella was surprised but I kept moving her body and leaned her against the wall of the bathtub.

「Pamella, you shouldn’t soak your entire body for too long. You will get dizzy later.」(Mark)

「Fwe!?…. Hye, Hyess…!」(Pamella)

Pamella answered with teary eyes and a bright red face.

Uhh, I shouldn’t have pulled her body all of a sudden like that. I must have surprised her. I’m sorry, Pamella.

After that, I heard women’s voices from the outside.

「Did you hear a scream of a girl?」
「Yeah, but I wonder where it came from…. Hm? Did this building exist before…?」(hostesses)

And then I saw two hostesses peeking at the entrance of the bathhouse.

They are the busty onee-san who fixed my makeup and the long-haired onee-san who let Nicola sleep on her lap.

They’re not wearing sexy dresses for work but everyday clothes.

Looks like they were about to go home after they were done with their work.

「Aa! Mark-kun!」(busty onee-san)

The busty onee-san waved her hand at me.

The long-haired onee-san looked at the bathtub and immediately put her hands on her mouth with a surprised face.

「Whoaa! That’s a bathtub!? Why is there a bathhouse here?」(long-haired onee-san)

「Ah, because I made it.」(Mark)

「Eh? Are bathhouses something that you can easily make?」(long-haired onee-san)

The long-haired onee-san tilted her head, looking so confused.

I just remembered that the staff other than Edda-san have no idea that I can use magic.

「Who cares about the details? More importantly….」(busty onee-san)

The busty onee-san whispered to the long-haired onee-san, and they nodded at each other.

「Say, Mark-kun~」(busty onee-san)

「ーSay no more. Of course you can join us!」(Nicola)

Nicola replied so quickly, even before the onee-san could say what she wanted to say.

「Really!? Thank you, Nicola-chan!」(busty onee-san)

And then the two onee-sans immediately began taking off their clothes.

Oh, this is bad!

「W-Wait! Let me get out first!」(Mark)

After I said that, the busty onee-san looked at me with a strange look.

「What are you talking about, Mark-kun? You made this bathhouse, right? We will feel bad if you get out because of us… Aah~ Could it be, are you shy~? Mou~ You’re so cute!」(busty onee-san)

The busty onee-san made fun of me while grinning.

No, no. I’m not shy. Rather, I feel guilty to see your naked body!

I tried to escape, but they finished taking their clothes off before I could get out of the bathtub.

The busty onee-san then ran toward the bathtub right away, but the long-haired onee-san stopped her.

「Wait,Colette. You have to wash your body before entering the bathtub.」(long-haired onee-san)

「Is that so, Elmena?」(busty onee-san)

So they’re called Colette and Elmena, huh? Those are nice names, by the way.

No, no. I have no time to admire their names. I have to get out of here.

When I tried to get out of the bathhouse, Colette grabbed my hand.

「Where are you going, Mark-kun~? You don’t have to be shy. I don’t mind if you’re looking at my body~」(Colette)

「No, but…!」(Mark)

「We will feel bad if you get out, so please…」(Elmena)


Looks like I have no choice but to bathe with them…

Before I returned to the bathtub, I made a small bucket with earth magic and gave it to Elmena.

「You can use this.」(Mark)

I inadvertently stared at their naked bodies when I gave them the bucket.

I was fascinated by their well-proportioned body and smooth-looking skin.

Woops. I shouldn’t stare at their naked bodies too much.

「Ara, thank you, Mark-kun… Colette, listen. You have to wash your body like this to remove sweat before entering the bathtub.」(Elmena)

「Heeー Have you ever taken a bath in a bathtub before?」(Colette)

「Fufu, yep.」(Elmena)

「Who took you there, by the way? Ah, was it the young master from a rich family who always asked you to accompany him drinking recently?」(Colette)

「It’s a secret~」(Elmena)


They started a ‘girls talk’ while washing their bodies.

Oh, right! How could I forget about Nicola’s light magic!?

While they were talking to each other, I called out to Nicola with telepathy.

『Oi, Nicola! Please cover their bodies with your “It Will Disappear On Blu-ray”!』(Mark)

Without looking away from Colette and Elmena’s bodies, Nicola replied to me.

『That magic is for little girls only because the naked bodies of underage girls in anime have to be censored due to the regulation, but they sometimes didn’t censor adult women’s naked body in anime. Therefore, this magic won’t work on adult women.』(Nicola)

Is that really so? No, it’s Nicola we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure she’s lying.

However, I have a feeling she doesn’t wanna cover their naked bodies no matter what even if I ask her one more time.

Hahh…. It can’t be helped.

Well, at least I can reduce the lightning intensity so it’s harder for me to see their naked bodies.

I adjusted the lighting of light magic that I deployed earlier, and the moderately bright bathroom became a little darker.

I was wondering why Nicola didn’t complain, but I guess she used light magic on her eyes to see clearly in this dimly lit room.

「Eh? Mark-kun, did you make it darker?」(Colette)

「Yeah, just a little bit.」(Mark)

「You’re such a shy boy~ Well then, I’m going in!」(Colette)

「Me too~」(Elmena)

After they finished washing their bodies, Colette and Elmena went into the bath.

「Whoaaー I don’t know how to express this, but this feels amazing!」(Colette)

「You’re right… this bathwater is completely different from the one I used before… I wonder what makes it so different…」(Elmena)

「Ah, I think it’s because this is not ordinary bathwater. I mixed it with potions.」(Mark)

「Eh? You put potions in this water!? It’s very wasteful, but what kind of potion did you put in?」(Colette)

Colette, the big-breasted onee-san, approached me while saying that.

「E-grade potions.」(Mark)

「E-grade, you say!?」(Colette)

「Yeah. Ten of them.」(Mark)

「Ten E-grade potions!!?…… Mark-kun… are you a boy from a rich family?」(Colette)

「Nope, my parents run an inn. I made the potions myself.」(Mark)

「I see… But I never knew that potions are something even children can make. I wonder if potions in the market are overpriced. Well, I don’t think I can make one though.」(Colette)

Colette murmured while scooping hot water with her hands and splashed it onto her face.

Actually, I can make potions because I grow Segilia Grass and I have a lot of mana, so they are not something you can easily make, but I have no intention of correcting her.

Anyway, I can finally enjoy the bath more calmly now after I reduce the intensity of the light.

By the way, Colette and Elmena are no longer wearing makeup, but they look as pretty as when they were working.



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