Chapter 100 : A Long Day


The voices of the two excited Onee-sans echoed in the bathhouse for a while.

「Mmm~! This bath really feels good~」(Elmena)

The long-haired onee-san, Elmena, stretched her hands above her head.

That stretching pose of her looked kinda erotic in this dimly lit bathhouse.

Reducing the intensity of the light was a good idea. I don’t feel as guilty as when I saw her naked body.

But still, I shouldn’t stare at them too much.

「Today was really tough, but this bath heals my tiredness! Honestly, I didn’t expect that many soldiers to come… Speaking of soldiers, there was a weird person among the soldiers on the rooftop.」(Colette)

「You shouldn’t call our customer ‘weird’.」(Elmena)

「I know, but he was the only one who didn’t wear a silver bangle.」(Colette)

Silver bangle?

Ah, does she mean the silver bracelets that the soldiers wore?

If so, the weird person she’s talking about must be the feudal lord.

「…Ah, that young man, huh? Usually, that kind of customer will become our regular in the future.」(Elmena)

「Umm… Certainly, he was hot and looked cool, and I think he also has a lot of money, but I felt like he could see through my mind for some reason. I don’t think I can like that man…」(Colette)

「It’s not about whether you like him or not, but whether he likes you or not. He’s a customer after all. Well, he’s the type of man I can’t like either though.」(Elmena)

That feudal lord was handsome, but he didn’t seem to be popular among the hostesses here.

After listening to Colette and Elmena’s conversation, honestly I can’t help but imagine myself saying “Serves you right!” to the feudal lord.

「Moreover… He seemed to be more interested in Mary-chan than us… It’s kind of creepy.」(Colette)

Uhh… I feel like I accidentally hear the information I shouldn’t hear…

Well, I know that he’s not a lolicon though.


While listening to the two Onee-sans’ conversation, I looked at Pamella.

Her face became a little red.

Oh, no. It will be dangerous if she continues soaking in the hot water.

I should take her out now.

「Pamella, I think it’s time to get out of the bath. Let’s go.」(Mark)

「Funya~…? But I still want to soak a little longer~….」(Pamella)

Does she like the bath so much?

I don’t want to disturb her bath time, but she has to get out of the bath now.

「You should get out now, or you will get dizzy. Come.」(Mark)

「Uuu….. Okay, then…」(Pamella)

Pamella replied with a dissatisfied face and agreed to get out of the bath.

However, she didn’t seem to have the strength to stand up.

I will surprise her again if I put my hand on her armpits like before, so…

「Pamella, give me your hand.」(Mark)


She extended her hand to me. I grabbed it and pulled her up.

As Pamella stood up, Elmena looked at Pamella’s red face with worried eyes.

「Ara, ara. Pamella-chan, are you okay?」(Elmena)


「Don’t worry. She’s just not used to bathing in hot water. We’re going to get out now.」(Mark)

「I see. Fufu. Looks like Pamella-chan has successfully taken away our ‘little customer’ here.」(Elmena)

「Our ‘little customer’, huh? I believe Mark-kun will make a lot of money in the future, so Mark-kun, I’m looking forward to drink alcohol with you when you grow up~!」(Colette)


While replying to the two onee-sans who were joking around, I held Pamella’s hand and took her to the undressing space.

I took Pamella’s towel that was on the stone shelf I made and handed it to Pamella who looked a little drowsy.

「Here. Your towel.」(Mark)



I handed the towel, but she didn’t grab it.

Looks like she is getting dizzy already.

Can’t be helped…

I extended my hand and began to wipe her hair.

Suddenly, Nicola’s light magic was canceled, revealing Pamella’s flat-chest, but Pamella didn’t seem to realize, so I continued wiping her hair while trying not to look at her chest.

After wiping her hair for a while, Pamella finally started to move her hands and wipe her body. Still with a drowsy look on her face.

I let her do it by herself and started wiping my body and changing my clothes.

「Onee-san, we’re going out. Please don’t mind us and enjoy the bath.」(Mark)

「Okay~ See you later, Mark-kun~」(Colette)

After we finished changing clothes, Pamella and I left the bathhouse.

I didn’t hear anything from Nicola, but I was sure she was planning to stay until the onee-sans finished.

Once we were outside, I made a bench with earth magic.

「Let’s have a seat for now.」(Mark)


Pamella and I sat on the bench.

I took out an empty glass and a bottle of cold mineral water from my item box.

I poured the water on the glass and gave it to Pamella.

「Here. Drink this.」(Mark)

「Thank you…」(Pamella)

After Pamella sluggishly took the glass and the water, I took out an empty glass for myself.

I drank a glass of water all at once. I didn’t realize it but it looks like I was quite thirsty.

After Pamella drank her water, her face didn’t look drowsy anymore.

Apparently, she looked drowsy because she was dehydrated.

She became restless, and her face turned bright red. Looks like she began to recall what happened in the bathhouse.

I didn’t know what to say, so I decided to leave her alone for now.



I exhaled bigly while recalling what I did today.

Going to see the feudal lord’s march in the morning, giving a lecture about life to the three bullies, helping Mom and Dad with the inn, helping Camilla-san with her bar, meeting with the feudal lord, and making a bathhouse…

What a long day…

All I have to do now is wait for Nicola, Colette, and Elmena to get out of the bath, and then I can turn the bathhouse into a temporary bedroom to sleep in.

I’m sure I will sleep like a log tonight.

While I was looking at the night sky, waiting for the ladies to come out of the bathhouse, I heard the sound of the back door of the bar being opened.

「Ara? What is that building?」(hostess)

Another hostess onee-san approached the bathhouse.


ーーAfter that, the hostesses who had finished their work came to the bathhouse one after another.

In the end, I was finally able to sleep after Camilla-san finished taking a bath and all the hostesses went home.



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    1. Bigly is an actual word, it’s just been mostly obsoleted by other terms.
      At least, it was until around 2016, when it sort of made a comeback as a slightly comedic alternative to largely and other such words.

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