Chapter 97 : The Crossdressing Is Over.


When I entered the dressing room, it was crowded with the hostesses.

It was full of women’s sweet scent just like when I first entered.

Nicola, who I thought was going to flirt with the hostesses, for some reason was sitting on a chair at a corner of the room like a doll.

I sat on the chair next to her.

「…Nicola, what’s wrong? I’ve told Gill oji-san and Camilla-san that we’re going to stay the night here.」(Mark)

『I see, but can we talk later? I’m busy right now!』(Nicola)

She talked to me with telepathy without looking at me.

Apparently, she was busy carving the scene in front of her into her mind.

Hahh… Well, this is the reason why she wants to stay the night here after all…

I got off the chair and started changing clothes next to Nicola without looking at the hostesses who were changing clothes too.

First, I removed the wig and combed my hair with my fingers.
The skin of my head felt refreshed the moment it made contact with the fresh air.

After that, I took off the dress I borrowed from Pamella.
The ribbon on the back was hard to untie, but I managed to unite it somehow.

I don’t know if it’s okay to fold a dress, but I fold it anyway for now.

I put the dress and the wig on a table, took out my usual clothes from my item box, and put them on.

When I sighed, feeling relieved that it was over, Pamella came into the room.

「Ah, Mark-kun, I was thinking of helping you untie the ribbon, but…」(Pamella)

「Ah, I managed to untie it somehow. Here. Thank you, Pamella.」(Mark)

I handed Pamella her dress that I folded and the wig.

「U, Un. I’ll go bring them to my house then…」(Pamella)

Pamella hugged the dress tightly, turned around, and quickly went out of the room.

I feel like she smelled the dress…
I sweat a lot, so that dress must be a little smelly right now.
Uhh, I hope it was just my imagination.

Now that I have changed clothes, I’m thinking of taking a seat for a while, but… Uhh, watching the hostess changing clothes feels awkward…

Maybe I should start making the bathhouse now.
I can take a rest in the bathtub later.

I left the dressing room, but before going to the backyard, I went to the kitchen to greet Edda-san.

She told me to help them again when the store was busy, but I didn’t know if I would do that because I didn’t want to dress as a girl anymore, so I answered vaguely.

After talking with Edda-san for a moment, I went to the backyard.

The night breeze in the backyard felt really good, as if it took away my tiredness when it blew past my body.

Alright, where should I make the bathhouse? Hmm…

I looked around the backyard.

It was a bit dark here because the light only came from the windows of Camilla’s house at the other side of the backyard, the decoration on the rooftop, and the dim town lights.


I used light magic to illuminate my surroundings and walked around to find a suitable place to make a bathhouse.

The backyard is kinda small, so I think I will turn the bathhouse into a small bedroom after taking a bath instead of making both a bathhouse and a bedroom at the same time.

When I was passing in front of Camilla’s house while thinking like that, the door of the house suddenly opened.

「Ah! M, Mark-kun? What’s wrong?」(Pamella)

Pamella, who opened the door, was surprised. Looks like she didn’t expect to see me here.

Her face that was illuminated by my light magic was somewhat red.

「You too, what’s wrong? Your face is red.」(Mark)

「N, N-Nothing! M, More importantly, Mark-kun, what are you doing here?」(Pamella)

It bothered me that she changed the topic, but I felt like I shouldn’t ask her anymore questions.

「I’m looking for a place to make a bathhouse.」(Mark)

「So you can really make a bathhouse?」(Pamella)

「Yup. The effort to make a bathhouse is not that different from making the tables on the rooftop.」(Mark)

「I see. Umm… Do you mind if I watch you make it?」(Pamella)

「I don’t mind. Please tell me if there are parts that seem a little off when I’m making the bathhouse.」(Mark)


After walking around in the backyard with Pamella for a while, I decided to make the bathhouse in a place that was reasonably far away from the store and the house.

I said I wanted to make a small bathhouse, but since I haven’t used much magical power today, I guess I’ll make a rather large bathhouse.

「Can I use this place?」(Mark)

「Un. I don’t think it will get in the way if you build it here.」(Pamella)

Now that I got permission from Pamella, I started making the bathhouse.

I imagined a 3 x 6 meters bathtub and activated earth magic.

When a block of soil emerged from the ground, I mixed it with my mana and changed its form into a big bathtub.

After that, I hardened the floor with earth magic.

While I was doing that, I came up with the idea of turning the surface of the floor into tiles.

Hoo… This looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll do the same with the floor of the bathhouse in my house later.

Lastly, I made the walls and the roof. I also didn’t forget to make a space to undress and hang our clothes.

Because I made it a bit large, it took me about 5 minutes to finish the bathhouse.

Pamella watched me from the beginning to the end with an amazed face.

「It’s done~」(Mark)

「Whoaa…! This is awesome… but, Mark-kun, are you alright? Are you not tired after using a lot of mana?」(Pamella)

「I’m okay. I have a lot of mana. Besides, I still have to turn this bathhouse into a bedroom later. I won’t be able to do that if I’m tired now, right?」(Mark)

「I see… Mark-kun, you’re amazing.」(Pamella)

「Well, I practice a lot everyday. You can do it too if you practice.」(Mark)


I looked around the bathhouse to check if it’s ready to use.

After I’m done checking, Nicola came to the backyard.

She was now wearing her usual clothes.

『Are you done with your ‘business’?』(Mark)



Nicola entered the bathhouse as soon as she saw it and called out to Pamella who was still looking around the inside of the bathhouse.

「Pamella-chan, let’s take a bath together!」(Nicola)



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