Chapter 96 : I Don’t Want To Go Home


When I entered the dressing room, there was no one but Nicola.

She was sitting in a chair, swinging her legs back and forth.

「Nicola, let’s go home.」(Mark)

「Eehh… I don’t want to go home yet.」(Nicola)

Saying that, Nicola pouted her lips.

「H, Huh…?」(Mark)

I was confused.

Nicola, who hates working, doesn’t want to go home?

I wonder what’s going on.

「I thought you wanted to go home as soon as possible and sleep.」(Mark)


『ーif I wait until this store closes, I can see those Onee-chans changing clothes! I will never move from here until I see them take off their clothes!』(Nicola)

Nicola made a perverted look and switched to telepathy.

I see now…

『Hahh…. Then ask Camilla-san to let you stay overnight. I’m going home with Gill oji-san.』(Mark)

When I turned around, was about to leave the dressing room, Nicola stopped me.

『Hold on, Onii-chan!』(Nicola)


When I turned to her again, Nicola put her hands on her cheeks and made a cute face.

It was a face that she would make when she wanted to beg for something.

『You see, I’m an innocent and loved character, right? Sometimes I can’t tell others what I want to say, so I feel weird if you’re not around. It feels like I can’t reach my back when it feels itchy. You know what I mean?』(Nicola)

『What am I to you!? A backscratcher!?』(Mark)

『More or less, yes… Aa! Don’t go, please! Listen, don’t you think it’s such a drag to walk home now?』(Nicola)


『Right? You’re too tired to walk, right? So, let’s ask Gill oji-san to tell Mom and Dad that we are staying overnight here!』(Nicola)

Come to think of it, I’ve been working since noon, helping my parents with the dining hall, and then helping Camilla-san here.

Thinking that I have to walk all the way to my house now gives me a lazy feeling.

『Besides, today you haven’t practiced magic, have you? If you go home, you will go to sleep right away, but if you stay here, you will need to use earth magic to make a hut in the backyard and take out futons from your item box for us to use. That’s enough for magic practice, right?』(Nicola)

Now that she mentioned it, I didn’t consume much magical power today.

I just used magic to deal with the bullies in the alleyway on our way home from the food stalls, and to make a stone marble for the feudal lord.

And she’s right. I feel like I’m going to sleep right away if I go home.

『Onii-chan, let’s spend the night here together, please~』(Nicola)

『……….Hahh… Alright, alright. I’ll go ask Camilla-san if we can use her backyard then.』(Mark)

『Yattaー! Onii-chan, I love you~!』(Nicola)


Nicola swung her legs even faster while sitting on the chair and smiled at me.

Hahh… I wonder why I’m so easily taken in by her smooth talk…




When I returned to the rooftop, the hostesses were still cleaning the table.

They were moving around, taking away the tableware and wiping the table quickly.

I was thinking of helping but it looked like they were almost done.

「Ara, Mark-chan, I thought you had gone home. What’s wrong?」(Camilla)

Camilla and Pamella, who were wiping a table, found me.

Alright, let’s ask for her permission.

「Umm, Nicola is really tired. She doesn’t wanna go home, so can we stay here tonight?」(Mark)

「Ara, ara. Poor Nicola-chan. Of course you can stay here. Right, Pamella?」(Camilla)

「S, Sleeping together with Mark-kun…」(Pamella)

Pamella murmured to herself and then nodded several times.

Her face was bright red for some reason.

「Ah, actually, I just need you to allow me to use your backyard. I’m going to make a small hut there for Nicola and me to sleep.」(Mark)

「Make a… small hut?」(Camilla)


Camilla and Pamella tilted their heads, wondering.

「Well, I don’t know exactly what you’re going to do there, but sure, you can use the backyard.」(Camilla)

「Thank you. Well then, I’ll go ask Gill oji-san to tell my parents that Nicola and I are staying overnight here.」(Mark)

「O, Okay.」(Camilla)

Camilla and Pamella were still tilting their heads even when I went down the stairs.




「Yo, Mark-boー I mean, Mary…chan, was it? The soldiers have returned, so are you done with your work here?」(Gill)

Just like when I came to this table a while ago, Gill oji-san was still drinking while talking with a hostess, but the hostess was a different person from a while ago.

「Yeah, but Nicola and I decided to stay here tonight and go home tomorrow morning. Can you tell my mom and dad about this?」(Mark)

「I see. Well, you two have been working really hard tonight, so yeah, it’s better if you stay here. Don’t worry, I’ll go tell your parents.」(Gill)

「Thank you, Gill oji-san.」(Mark)

Gill oji-san stood up, asked the hostess next to him for his bill, and then left the bar.

Alright, should I make the hut and sleep now?

Hmm, but I kinda wanna take a bath.

Not only to remove my makeup, but I also want to wash my body and feel refreshed.

Anyway, I should do something about my appearance right now.

I went to the dressing room to take off the dress and the wig.



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  1. This becoming more and more horrifying. I’m 99% sure that Nicola is using mind alteration magic on him. The way he immediately agrees after she makes an argument is telling and disturbing.

  2. At least the story still has the MC involved with his “little sister”. I’ve seen too many other stories where the gimmick item is used only to attract new readers to the story. After the initial chapters, the gimmick then becomes a very minor or nearly vacant part of the story.

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