Chapter 95 : The Work Is Finished


So… He is the feudal lord…?

I looked at Camilla. She shook her head.

Looks like she had no idea at all.

「I came here because Morrison told me that this store treats all the customers equally, so I hope you will treat me like the other customers the next time I come.」(Tryon)

After the feudal lord said that, Camilla stretched her chest to hide her nervousness and answered him.

「Y, Yeah. Here, all the customers will be treated equally no matter if you are a soldier or the feudal lord.」(Camilla)

「That’s good. Well then, I’m going home now. Morrison, please take care of the payment.」(Tryon)


The feudal lord, Tryon, left the table with a satisfied expression, but before he reached the ladder, he stopped and turned around.

「Mary-chan, as I said earlier, I’ll be waiting patiently for you so please come to my place when you feel like it. But before I go, can you tell me your real name?」(Tryon)

「I’m “Masao”…」(Mary)

「Masao… Well then, see you again, Masao. 」(Tryon)

Tryon turned to the front and went down the stairs.

After that, Morrison urged the other soldiers to go home.

They went down the stairs with Camilla and the other hostess following them to see them off.

Now I’m the only one on the rooftop.

I leaned my back on the sofa and exhaled.

I was nervous and involuntarily gave him a fake name. Perhaps because I was kinda frustrated that he found out everything about me.

Guess I would tell him that I slipped my mouth if he found out about that.

So… I got acquainted with the ruler of this territory when I dressed as a girl, huh…? What a horrible day…

But what happened today was just that I showed him how I make stone marbles and he found out that I was the one making the potato salad, so perhaps from his perspective I was just a little kid who was a little good at magic and knew a rare recipe.

However, he seemed to have taken interest in me. He even gave me a silver accessory.

I wonder why, but, let’s just think of it as a token of gratitude from him for talking with him.

I took out the silver accessory in my pocket and looked closely at it.

It was a little smaller than my palm and was in the shape of a feather.

There was a complicated pattern drawn on the back, and I could feel a little bit of mana from it.
I wonder if this is a magic tool or something.
Maybe I should ask Celine about this later.

Tryon said to come to the castle in the capital and show this accessory to the gatekeeper to enter, but of course I don’t have intention to go see him at all.

Guess I’ll just store it in my item box for now.

Oh right! Speaking of item boxes, I can appraise things with my item box!

I put the accessory in my item box, closed my eyes, and then the name of the item appeared in the item slot that popped in my head.

This accessory is called, “Silver Eagle Amulet”.

Hoo, it has a cool name.

Come to think of it, I heard that the feudal lord’s family worshiped hawks as their guardian deity.

If this accessory is an amulet, I wondered if it had some kind of effect, but unfortunately, my item box couldn’t find out anything about it other than its name.

I could appraise bath water with my item box, but why can’t I appraise an amulet? That’s strange…

「Anyway, let’s clean the tables.」(Mary)

When I was about to clean up, Camilla came up from the stairs.

「They already left… But, really… I was very surprised when I found out his identity.」(Camilla)

Camilla put her hand on her cheek and let out a big sigh.

She looked tired but her gestures looked sexy as usual.

「Apparently, Morrison-san was the only one who knew about the lord. The other soldiers didn’t seem to know so they didn’t care when the lord joined. They thought he was just a random guy.」(Camilla)

How come the soldiers didn’t know their lord’s face?

Hmm, maybe they are just low ranked soldiers?

The lord said that he wanted to be treated equally, so maybe that’s why he joined with the soldiers who didn’t know his face.

「Maryーー No, Mark-chan, I’m sorry to have dragged you into a weird situation. But I haven’t heard any bad rumors about him since he became the feudal lord, so I don’t think he will do something bad to you. If there’s something I can help you with this problem, please tell me.」(Camilla)

Looks like Camilla-san suspected the lord of being a pedhopile or something…

I don’t think she should worry about that.

But anyway, now that Camilla-san calls me “Mark-chan” again, does that mean my work is done?

「Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Who would have thought that he was the feudal lord? More importantly, can I go home now?」(Mark)

「Yes. Thank you for helping, Mark-chan. Gill-san will send you and Nicola-chan home, right?」(Camilla)

「Yup. Ah, by the way, if you don’t need the stone tables anymore, I can clean them up for you.」(Mark)

「Ah, actually, there are other customers who want to drink here, so I will continue to use them. 」(Camilla)

After she said that, Camilla folded her arms and started thinking.

「…Umm… Mark-chan, I’m really indebted to you so I want to give you something other than wage. Is there anything you want right now?」(Camilla)

「No, I’m good. I originally helped you because I wanted to help Gill oji-san. Besides, I got a rare experience of working at a bar like this.」(Mark)

「Is that so? Hahh… If only you were a little older, I could offer you a drink.」(Camilla)

「Then, when I grow up, please serve me a drink for free.」(Mark)

「Are you okay with that? Fufu. Pamella will be working here when she grows up, so you can ask her to accompany you for a drink.」(Camilla)

While we were talking like that, the other hostesses came up to the rooftop with wet towels and trays.

Looks like they are going to clean the tables here.

「Well then, you can go home now. Gill-san is waiting for you downstairs.」(Camilla)


I nodded to Camilla and went down the stairs.



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  1. Surely it doesnt have a tracking spell in it, right? Even if it did, it would be absurd if it could track through the item box.

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