Chapter 92 : Rooftop At Night


A while after Camilla guided the soldiers to the rooftop, she came to the kitchen.

「Mark-chaー… Mary-chan, can you bring the dishes with Pamella and Nicola to the rooftop?」(Camilla)

「Okay, Camilla-mama.」(Mary)

For the time being, I decided to call Camilla-san with “-mama”.

「Thank you, Mary-chan.」(Camilla)

After she thanked me, she returned to the rooftop.

Alright, let’s take out the dishes then.

I prepared several plates on the large table in the kitchen and took out fried chicken, vegetable sticks, fruits, ect. that were stored in my item box, on the plates, and then I put the plates on the trays.

Suddenly, I remembered the times when I was working part-time at a restaurant in my previous life.
At that time, I could hold three plates in one hand without using a tray, but it’s now impossible with my small hands.

「Are you guys ready?」(Mary)

Nicola and Pamella nodded.

「Alright, let’s go. Edda-san, we’re going.」(Mary)

「Be careful not to drop the dishes.」(Edda)

The three of us left Edda in the kitchen and went to the rooftop.

When we got to the rooftop, I was surprised because it looked completely different from when we came here at noon.

The fences I made were decorated by floating magic tool decorations that were shining faintly.

Not only that, there were also decorations on each table with colorful lights that match the decoration on the fences.

The boring looking rooftop has now transformed into a fantasy-like place that makes you feel as if you’re walking in the night sky.

Camilla really did a great job decorating this place.

The soldiers were sitting at the tables, talking with the hostesses while gazing at the surrounding scenery.

Even though they are soldiers, they are wearing casual clothes now, not their uniforms.
However, they are all wearing silver bracelets on their left wrists.

I wonder if those bracelets represent their status as soldiers.

「Drinking on the rooftop like this is interesting.」
「I feel like we’re in a different world.」
「Well, as long as I can drink with beautiful ladies, I don’t really care about the place though.」
「Hahaha! Yeah, but I think it can be more enjoyable with this beautiful scenery.」(soldiers)

After I heard the voices of the soldiers, I was relieved because it seemed that none of them had a negative opinion about the rooftop.

Woops, it’s not the time to observe them. I had to bring this food to them.

I looked at Nicola and Pamella.

We nodded to each other and split up.

First, I approached the table where Morrison and Camilla were talking with each other.

「Excuse me.」(Mary)

When I was placing the food on the table, Morrison asked Camilla a question while touching the table with his hand.

「Is this table made of earth magic?」(Morrison)

「Yup. It would be difficult to carry tables from the store area, so I asked someone to make them. I hope you don’t mind using this kind of table tonight.」(Camilla)

「Mind? How can I mind it? I mean, this table is great. I’ve never seen a table made of earth magic as good as this one.」(Morrison)

While saying that, Morrison brought his face closer to the table and stared closely at it.

「Is that so? I can only use water magic, so I don’t really know about that. More importantly, I would like to hear about the current state of the capital.」(Camilla)

「A, Ahh, sure. The capital is nowーー」(Morrison)

Camilla quickly changed the topic before Morrison asked about the table any further.

I didn’t want other people to know about my magic, so the other day, I told Camilla to keep it a secret that I’m the one who made the tables.

I’m relieved that she remembers about it.

After I put the food on the table, I bowed once and left the table.

Before going down the stairs, I looked back at the rooftop.

Honestly, I was a little worried that the concept of rooftop beer garden wouldn’t match with hostess bar, but after looking at the decoration and seeing the soldiers’ reactions, I’m glad that it works pretty well.

After that, I went back and forth from the kitchen to the rooftop several times until the soldiers got enough food.

The soldiers and the hostesses seem to be enjoying themselves, drinking and talking while being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Un. The rooftop beer garden was a really great idea. Good job, me!


While feeling a little satisfied, I returned to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, I saw Nicola sitting, leaning her back against the chair.

「Onii-chan… I’m really tired…」(Nicola)

Ah, I just remember that she usually sleeps at this time.

For a girl who hates working, she did great today.

「It seems like the peak has passed, so you can rest in the dressing room for now.」(Mary)

As soon as I said that, Nicola stood up vigorously.


「Yeah… but you look energetic for a tired person…」(Mary)

「Fufu~ because…」(Nicola)

『I can flirt with the hostess onee-chans in the dressing room!』(Nicola)

After saying that with telepathy, Nicola dashed to the dressing room.

Hahh… I should’ve seen this coming…

Because I thought it was better to work than take a break in the dressing room, I wasn’t that mad at her.




After I’m done serving the people on the rooftop, I’m back to work inside the store.

「Mary-chan, can you bring these snacks to that table?」(Edda)


When I went to the designated table, I saw Gill oji-san, who came before I knew it, sitting at the table.

He will send me and Nicola home later, so he will be in the store until we’re done working.

Next to Gill oji-san was the hostess onee-san who put a dress on me.

Gill oji-san was now drinking while frowning. Looks like the alcohol he drinks is really strong.

「Excuse me.」(Mary)

When I was placing the snacks on Gill oji-san’s table, he turned his gaze toward me.

「Thank you. Are you Pamella’s friend? I’ve never… seen……. Bu,ha! *cough cough*」(Gill)

After staring at my face, Gill oji-san suddenly coughed.

「Ma… Mark-boy!?」(Gill)

「ーSsssttt! My name is Mary tonight.」(Mary)

「O, Ou… But why are you…」(Gill)

「You can ask the onee-san next to you for the details. And I hope you understand that it will cost you a lot.」(Mary)

「I, I’m sorry…」(Gill)

The hostess onee-san next to Gill oji-san wiped the table while giggling at us.

I’m doing all this for Gill oji-san, so I have to make sure he pays me back later.



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