Chapter 93 : Re-Makeup


When I returned to the kitchen after complaining to Gill oji-san, Edda-san talked to me.

「Mary-chan, you can take a break now.」(Edda)

「It’s okay. I’m not that tired.」(Mary)

「No, you should take a break. Besides, you need to fix your makeup.」(Edda)

Edda said so while staring at my face.

I don’t need a break, but it looks like I need to fix my makeup.

Can’t be helped then. I don’t want customers to find out that I’m crossdressing.

「Okay then…」(Mary)

「You can ask the hostesses in the dressing room to help you with your makeup.」(Edda)


I left the kitchen and headed to the dressing room.

Most of the hostesses are still working right now, so there are only a few people taking a break in the room.

I saw Nicola lying on a long chair with her head on the lap of a long-haired hostess.

I didn’t know if she was sleeping or awake, but she made a blissful face.

Honestly, I’m a little envious of her.

「Umm, I came to take a break and fix my makeup. Can anyone help me?」(Mary)

「Okay, I’ll do it for you~」(Onee-san)

The hostess onee-san who just finished fixing her makeup volunteered.

She was the young onee-san with big boobs who welcomed us when Nicola and I came to this store this evening.

「Fufu, when I first saw you I had a feeling that you had the potential to dress as a cute girl even though you’re a boy, and it looks like I was right~ Come. I’ll make you look cuter than your little sister!」(Onee-san)

「N, No, thank you…. I just need help to fix my makeup.」(Mary)

「Well, that’s too bad. Okay then~ Can you sit here?」(Onee-san)

The onee-san patted the chair next to her.

As I sat on the chair, she opened her cosmetic box and began to fix my makeup.

The sweet scent of her perfume tickled my nose.

It smelled like Camilla’s perfume.

When she was putting makeup on my face, I could feel something soft on my arm.

It was as soft as a freshly made mochi.

Yup. ‘It’ was her boobs.

「Can you close your eyes for a moment? I’m going to fix the eyeshadow.」(Onee-san)


The moment I closed my eyes, I felt like the fatigue in my body disappeared little by little.

I said that I’m okay, but apparently I’m pretty tired.

After closing my eyes for a while, I could feel ‘the soft things’ touch the back of my head.

Looks like the onee-san is now behind me.

When she moved her body forward, my nape was wrapped in her soft and warm things. I can also smell the sweet scent drifting from them.

I feel so comfortable. It makes me even more sleepy.

I don’t have to close my eyes anymore because she’s done fixing the makeup around my eyes, but I don’t feel like opening my eyes now.

「Mary-chan, you can take a nap if you’re sleepy.」(Onee-san)


At that moment, I fell asleep before I realized it.




When I opened my eyes, I saw two mountains in front of my face.

No. They’re not mountains. They’re the onee-san’s boobs.

Apparently, I’m lying on my back right now.

「Good morning, Mary-chan~」(Onee-san)

「….Eh? Morning? H, How long did I sleep?」(Mary)

「Fufu. I’m joking. It’s still break time. You can sleep a little longer.」(Onee-san)

Looks like I fell asleep when she was fixing my makeup.

I’m now lying down with my head on her lap.

「No, I’m getting up.」(Mary)

Honestly, I don’t want to part with her soft thighs and boobs, but I still have work to do.

I raised my body and got off the chair.

「I’m sorry, I fell asleep…」(Mary)

「No, it’s okay. You remind me of my little sister at home~」(Onee-san)

Little sister, huh? Not little brother…

The onee-san carefully combed my wig, stared at my face, and nodded.

「Yosh! You’re good to go!」(Onee-san)

「Thank you, Onee-san.」(Mary)

I thanked the onee-san and left the dressing room.

But before I reached the door, I heard Nicola’s voice in my head.

『Onii-chan, that’s not fair! I was aiming for that onee-chan with big boobs!』(Nicola)

『Well, sorry about that.』(Mary)




After taking a nap for a while, my head felt a little sharper than before.

Now that I’ve rested for quite a while, I think it’s a good time to serve the potato salad to the soldiers.

I went to the kitchen to prepare the potato salad that I stored in my item box.

There was Pamella in the kitchen.

「Pamella, let’s serve the customers potato salad.」(Mary)


After we prepared the trays and the plates, I took out a big bowl containing potato salad from my item box, and put the potato salad on the plates.

And then, Pamella and I took them to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, the soldiers were still enjoying drinking and talking with the hostesses.

However, they will definitely run out of topics to talk about soon, so I hope this potato salad can help them with that.

I would be happy if they started talking about my potato salad.

As soon as we got there, Pamella and I started distributing the potato salad to the soldiers.

There was a young man sitting at Morrison and Camilla’s table.

I didn’t see that person earlier, so perhaps he came when I was taking a break.

「Excuse me.」(Mary)

While putting the potato salad on the table, I looked at the man.

He didn’t wear a silver bracelet on his left wrist like the other soldiers.

I thought those bracelets were like tags that indicate that they were soldiers, but… did I guess it wrong?

I turned my eyes upward and looked at his face.

He was a good looking young man with blonde hair.

He looks young, but I think he is about thirty years old.

When I was looking at his face, our eyes met.

Oops, it’s rude to stare at people’s faces, especially if they are customers.

I immediately bowed once and went to distribute the potato salad to the other tables.

After I was done with that and was about to leave, I heard the young man’s voice from Camilla’s table.

「Camilla-san, can you tell that girl to take a seat with us?」(young man)

Huh? What is he talking about?

When I looked back at them, Camilla replied to him apologetically.

「I’m sorry. She is still an apprentice, so…」(Camilla)

Yeah, she’s right. I’m still eight years old. Besides, I’m a boy. Just what in the world do you want me to do?

In the first place, why did he come to a store like this if he just wanted to talk with an eight-year-old child?

「I see. But if she’s an apprentice, I think this can be useful for her future. I swear I won’t lay a hand on her or say something that can hurt her.」(young man)

「If that’s the case….. Mary-chan, would you like to take a seat with us?」(Camilla)

Camilla asked me while looking at me apologetically.

H, Hold on, Camilla-san? Can’t you just refuse him firmly?

Haahh… If it’s the store owner and a customer’s request, I have no other choice…

I turned back and reluctantly sat next to the young man.



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