Chapter 91 : Mary


There was a cute girl with long blonde hair wearing an elegant dress reflected in the mirror in front of me.

Yes, that girl was….. Me.

「Ahh~ Mark-chan, you’re so cute! Do you want to work here when you grow up~? I’m sure you’ll attract a lot of customers!」(hostess)

Hell NO!

After dressing me, the hostesses kept staring at me with glittering eyes while saying that I’m cute.

Well, I’m a child of a handsome father and a beautiful mother, so of course I’m quite pretty.

But I never thought that my pretty face would bring me into this situation…

『No way… My big brother can’t be this cute!…. Honestly, Onii-chan… your cuteness disgusts me a little…』(Nicola)

『Oi! This is your fault for not letting me escape to begin with!』(Mark)

Nicola was now wearing Pamella’s dress.

By the way, the hostess didn’t put makeup on Nicola because they thought that she was cuter without makeup.

When Nicola and I were glaring at each other, Pamella talked to me with a worried face.

「Mark-kun, I heard from my mom that there were a lot of men who didn’t want to stop dressing as women once they did. I hope you’re not one of them… You look cute in a dress, but I like the male Mark-kun more…」(Pamella)

Eh? Why does Pamella say something as if I enjoy dressing like this?

Do I make a satisfied face right now?

No, that can’t be…

I want to believe in myself that I’m not that kind of man…

Even though they said that I’m cute, I want to believe that I’m not happy at all!



ーーAfter I calmed myself down, I asked the hostess who dressed me something in my mind.

「By the way, the number of people here has decreased. Are we open now?」(Mark)

Some of the hostesses might have started working while I was being dressed.

「Yup, we’re open. All we have to do now is wait for customers to come and guide them to their seats.」(hostess)

「I see.」(Mark)

I have to be careful not to get caught by customers that I’m a boy…

But, I’m glad they gave up on putting girls’ underwear on me…
That was a very traumatic experience when they tried to pull my underwear…

「Pamella-chan, I leave him to you. Oh right, Mark-kun, tonight your name is Mary-chan. Do you understand?」(hostess)

「…O, Okay….」(Mary)

Saying that, the hostess onee-chan winked at me.

「Well then, umm… Ma, Mary… chan… Let’s go to the kitchen.」(Pamella)

Pamella took me and Nicola to the kitchen with an apologetic look on her face.

Because I was wearing a skirt, my lower body felt really weird when I was walking.

I feel like walking in only my underwear…

Women are amazing for being able to do their activities in this state.




In the kitchen, there was a woman who seemed to be older than Camilla.

She took out dishes from the kitchen’s magic storage and arranged them on the table.

「Ara, Mark-chan, you look very cute tonight.」(woman)

「Haha… I’m Mary-chan tonight, so you can call me that.」(Mary)

「Fufu, okay. Well then, Mary-chan, can you take this to table number 3?」(woman)


This woman’s name is Edda.

She once worked in another bar like this, but she was fired because she got old and couldn’t attract many customers.

After she got fired, she met Camilla and was offered to work in the kitchen.

「This is your first time working here, so let’s go together. Nicola-chan, too. I will show you how to do it.」(Pamella)

Following Pamella, each one of us put drinks and snacks on a tray and brought it to the store area.

The store was just open but there were already many customers drinking while talking with the hostesses.

I thought the customers would stare at us, three cute little girls, when we brought them snacks and drinks, but they didn’t seem interested in us. They were absorbed in talking with the beautiful hostesses beside them.

「Excuse me.」(Pamella)

Pamella approached the table where customers and hostesses were talking happily, bowed once, put the drinks and snacks on the table without making a noise.

Nicola and I learned by watching her.
Just like Pamella did, we put the snacks and drinks on the table quietly.

After that, the three of us bowed once and returned to the kitchen.

「Fuuhh… How was it? It’s a tough job but let’s do our best.」(Pamella)

Pamella exhaled as if she was relieved to have completed one task.

「U, Un… Let’s do our best.」(Mary)

I don’t know what’s tough about this job, but for a shy girl like Pamella, maybe this is a tough job.

After that, Pamella mostly did the job since she is an apprentice here, but when we got a lot of orders, Nicola and I would help her out.




After working for about an hour, I felt like the inside of the store became a little noisier.

When I took a look from the kitchen, I saw Camilla talking to a middle-aged man with a fearless look.

He seemed to be a soldier from the capital.

「Welcome, Morrison-san.」(Camilla)

「Ou. I haven’t been in this bar in a long time, but you still remember me, huh.」(Morrison)

「Of course. I can’t forget after you ate and drank like a beast the last time you were here, fufu.」(Camilla)

Camilla laughed mischievously.

「Ahaha! I’m sorry for that. Well, I might trouble you again this time. I brought my subordinates with me, but… do you have enough table for us?」(Morrison)

The man called Morrison asked Camilla with a slightly apologetic face.

Looks like he’s not an arrogant person even though he’s a soldier of the capital.

「Fufu, don’t worry. We’re well prepared this time. But, do you mind drinking on the rooftop?」(Camilla)

「Rooftop? I don’t know what you have prepared, but I don’t mind. Can you take us there?」(Morrison)

Camilla nodded and guided Morrison and his subordinates to the back door of the store.

At the same time, several hostesses came out of the dressing room and followed them.

Edda-san, who was watching with me, clapped her hands and shouted.

「Yosh! Pamella-chan, Mary-chan, Nicola-chan, we’re gonna get busier!」(Edda)



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