Chapter 90 : Iris Bar At Night


By the time Nicola and I arrived at Iris Bar, the sun had completely set.

「Excuse me…」(Mark)

I gently opened the door with the [Closed] sign still hanging and peeked inside.

The inside of the store was a little brighter than usual.

There was an onee-san about 15 years old wearing a sexy dress wiping a table.

Her boobs swayed every time she moved her hand to wipe the table.

She looked really young yet she already has a perfect adult woman’s body.

Realizing our presence, she approached us who was still standing at the entrance.

「Ahh, I’m sorry, we’re not open yet… Oh? Are you Mark-kun and Nicola-chan?」(Onee-san)

「Un! I’m Nicola!」(Nicola)

Nicola, who couldn’t hide her excitement, greeted her before me.

「Ah~ you’re so cute~」(Onee-san)

She stroked Nicola’s head and walked to the counter while calling Camilla.

「Camilla-mamaー Mark-kun and Nicola-chan are hereー」(Onee-san)

And then, Camilla came out from the back of the counter.

She also wore a sexy dress that emphasized her chest.

She looked completely different from when she cooked in the kitchen the other day.

Now I understand why Gill oji-san likes her a lot.

「Mark-chan, Nicola-chan, thank you for coming. Ah, also thank you for Pamella’s lunch. I heard from her that she ate lunch at your place. I’m sorry if we mother and daughter always trouble you.」(Camilla)

「Please don’t mind it. Pamella is our friend. Beside, Nicola was looking forward to coming here and helping you.」(Mark)

「Ara. Is that so, Nicola-chan?」(Camilla)

「Un! I want to meet a lot of pretty Onee-chans who look like princesses here!」(Nicola)

「Fufu. I have called all the hostesses who work here, so I hope you will have fun tonight, my little lady~ Well then, can you wait in that room for a moment? I’ll go call Pamella.」(Camilla)

Camilla guided us to a room on the other side of the counter.

In the inside of the room, there were many young women who were sitting in front of mirrors, putting on makeup while talking with each other.

Apparently, this seems to be a dressing room.

As Camilla said before, it seemed that they were all the hostesses who work here.

As soon as I stepped into the room, I immediately smelled something I had never smelled before.

This must be the smell of perfume mixed with women’s body odor.


Oi, oi… some of them are taking off their clothes!

Well, they don’t take off their underwear, but I feel like I shouldn’t be here…

When I was feeling a little awkward, Nicola was looking around the room with enraptured eyes.

『O, Onii-chan! Are we in heaven right now!?』(Nicola)

『No, no. You know what heaven is like, right!? Have you forgotten that you were an angel!?』(Mark)

They seem to think that I’m just a child, so they didn’t mind taking off their clothes in front of me.

However, I’m an adult male inside, so this is awkward for me…

When I was thinking about escaping to the kitchen, Pamella came into the room.

She was wearing a dress that looked a little more expensive than her usual dress, and she was wearing makeup as well.

This afternoon she said that she would sometimes go to the store area to bring the food to the customers’ tables and to pick up empty dishes.

That’s why she was dressed up tonight.

「Mark-kun, Nicola-chan, let’s do our best tonight!」(Pamella)

「Un. Let’s do our best!」(Mark)

『Hey, Onii-chan, you know what you should do at a time like this, right?』(Nicola)

『I know, I know.』(Mark)

「Ahem. By the way, Pamella, you look good on your dress. You’re really cute tonight.」(Mark)

「Eh!? U, Umm… Thank you, Mark-kun…」(Pamella)

As usual, Pamella looked down as her face turned bright red.

「Hyu~ Hyuu~」
「Both of them are so cute~」
「I’m glad for you Pamella-chan~」(hostesses)

Hearing me complimenting Pamella, the hostesses in the room started teasing us.

When I looked at Nicola, she was grinning at me.

『Hyu~ Hyuu~』(Nicola)


「S, So, Pamella, what should we do now?」(Mark)

「Ah… First, you need to go to the kitchen and take out the food from your item box when orders come…. And…. Umm….」(Pamella)

Pamella looked away with an awkward face.

Perhaps it’s something difficult to say.

「Mom told me that there might not be enough people to bring the food to customers’ table, so… can you help with that too?」(Pamella)

「Ah, of course. I’m serving customers everyday at home, so I’m used to it. You can count on me.」(Mark)

「And….. Umm….. Actually….」(Pamella)

Pamella looked down, hesitating to speak.

I wonder what she’s trying to say… Is it something really hard to say?

「…Because this is a hostess bar, we can’t have male employees, so….. Mark-kun… we need you to dress up as a girl…」(Pamella)


After Pamella said that, the hostesses started to surround me.

One of them brought a small dress that seemed to be Pamella’s, a wig, and a cosmetic box from a dresser.

Don’t tell me… they are going to….

「Hm hm… the little sister is ridiculously cute, but the older brother has a cute face as well even though he’s a boy…」
「Un! I think this will work!」
「Let’s dress him!」(hostesses)

I knew it!

「U, Umm, a-actually, I will stay in the kitchen. My little sister will do the work of bringing food to customers, so…」(Mark)

『Onii-chan, what are you talking about? Things are just getting interesting. Don’t think you can escape!』(Nicola)

Nicola quickly grabbed my arm firmly and shouted.

「No! I want to work together with Onii-chan! Please don’t leave me alone, Onii-chan!」(Nicola)

After she said that, she put her hand on her mouth to hide it and grinned at me.

Khhh! This girl!

「Ara~ She’s so cute~」
「Mark-kun, right? You don’t want to be a bad big brother who leaves your work to your sister alone, do you?」(hostesses)

Oh, no…! This is bad!

When I was thinking of another way to escape, Pamella bowed apologetically to me.

「Mark-kun, I’m sorry to cause you trouble…. But don’t worry, I’m sure you will look good on a dress!」(Pamella)

Pamella? Why do I feel like you’re getting excited for some reason…?

「Onii-chan, let’s do our best together!」(Nicola)

Nicola clinged to me as she said that.

Please let me go!

And please stop grinning at me like that!

When the hostesses started to step closer to me, I backed away until my back hit the wall.

「Mark-kun~ just give up already~」
「Don’t worry~ we’re not going to eat you~」(hostesses)

Seriously!? Are they really going to put that dress and wig on me!?

「No, please… NOOOOOOOOー!」(Mark)

My scream echoed in the dressing room.

At that moment, I learned that I had no ally in this place…




That night, I was stripped of my clothes and became the hostesses and my sister’s toy for a while…



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  1. Its just a theory but I think Nicola’s 2nd gift is knowing if the other girl have affection to Mark, God really hate dense protagonist after all, so he gave Nicola the 2nd gift to guide this dense mark

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