Chapter 89 : My Favorite Girl?


After passing through the alley, we managed to get to my house safely.

Usually, Nicola and I went inside through the back door, but we brought a guest this time, so we went inside from the front door of our inn.

「We’re homeー」(Mark)

「Welcome home~ Ara, who is this cute little lady?」(Mom)

Mom approached us from the counter near the entrance and looked at Pamella with interest.

Pamella greeted her a little nervously.

「H, Hello, my name is Pamella.」(Pamella)

「She is the daughter of the shop owner I’m going to help tonight.」(Mark)

「Ara~ I’m Mark and Nicola’s mother. Nice to meet you!」(Mom)

「N, Nice chu meet you!」(Pamella)

Pamella greeted Mom back, but she accidentally bit her tongue a little.

She must be really nervous.

Even though she has the courage to go back to school again, she still seems to feel shy to speak with new people.

「Mom, I want to eat lunch with Pamella.」(Mark)


「Eh, but… is that okay…?」(Pamella)

「I want to eat with Pamella too!」(Nicola)

「They both want to eat with you, so you don’t need to hesitate. Please take a seat.」(Mom)

After guiding Pamella to an empty table, Mom went back to the counter.

A normal nine-year-old child can’t read the menu, so I guess I’ll choose her food.

When we were at the food stalls, she looked at an okonomiyaki-like food stall curiously.
Perhaps she has never eaten okonomiyaki.

Alright, let’s give her the original okonomiyaki then!

「Do you want to eat okonomiyaki? You might have seen it at food stalls earlier, but I can guarantee that our okonomiyaki tastes better than theirs!」(Mark)

「Really? Then… One okonomiyaki, please…」(Pamella)

「Me too!」(Nicola)

「Okay, okay. Please wait a minute.」(Mark)

I headed for the counter to tell Mom the order.

When I was about to tell her, Mom brought her face closer to my ear and whispered.

「So, Mark, who is your favorite, Delica-chan or Pamella-chan~?」(Mom)

Huh? What is she talking about? I’m still eight years old, you know?

「Mom, that kind of thing is still too early for me.」(Mark)

「No, no. Not at all. I fell in love with your dad when I was about your age, you know?」(Mom)

I’ve heard many times that they were childhood friends, and that Mom was hooked by Dad’s cooking.

But my mental age is over thirty years old, so I don’t really understand the feelings of love, probably because the balance between my mind and body is strange.

Anyway, let’s ignore her question for now.

「More importantly, Pamella wants okonomiyaki, so can you bring three servings of okonomiyaki for us?」(Mark)

「Okay~ Hahhh…. I hope they won’t fight over you in the future…」(Mom)

Saying that, Mom went to the kitchen.


I don’t know what she means, but I don’t think that will happen.

I returned to our table and waited for the food with Nicola and Pamella.


After a while, Mom came with three plates of okonomiyaki.

「Here you go~」(Mom)

「Thank you, Mom.」(Mark)

「T, Thank you very much.」(Pamella)

「Fufu. You’re welcome. Enjoy~」(Mom)

Our okonomiyaki was a little smaller than normal because it was the size for children.

It was about the size of a DVD.

「Mark-kun, it’s so good!」(Pamella)

After taking a bite, Pamella raised a voice.

「Right? I’m glad you like it.」(Mark)

It’s one of our inn’s masterpieces that is a combination of my Dad’s cooking skills and the fresh ingredients I bought from Secard Village after all!

It can’t be completely imitated by anyone!

When I was watching Pamella happily eating the okonomiyaki, the front door opened and Celine came in.

「I’m backー Oh? Ara~ Mark, you brought another cute girl with you? You’re such a lady killer~ Hello, Ojou-chan, I’m Celine, what is your name?」(Celine)

「I, I’m Pamella. Nice to meet you.」(Pamella)

「Un, nice to meet you~ Can I join?」(Celine)

When Celine asked, Pamella looked at me.

「Of course. Take a seat. By the way, you’re not working today?」(Mark)

「Yeah. I’m still tired from monster hunting yesterday, so I’m taking a day off. I joined a random party with nothing but beginners, so it was kinda hard to do my job… Aa-ahh… I should have gone by myself… I feel like doing it solo would be easier.」(Celine)

After answering like that, Celine sat down with us.

「I went to see the march, but it was so crowded. It made me even more tired…」(Celine)

So she went to see it too, huh?

「By the way, I met Delica there. She said she’s also taking a day off.」(Celine)

「I know. Today our dining hall will be kinda free anyway, so Mom gave her a day off so that she could see the march.」(Mark)

「Ahh, come to think of it… There are not many people here.」(Celine)

Celine looked around the dining hall.

There were not many customers today because people usually gathered in the eastern district when the feudal lord came.

「There were so many people who came to see the march, but there were not even a hundred people in the march. It was kinda disappointing…」(Celine)

「Have you seen a bigger march?」(Mark)

「Yeah, I’ve seen a triumphant return march in another country. It was so much bigger than the march earlier.」(Celine)

「Well, it’s a triumphant return march after all, so it’s obviously bigger than the march of a feudal lord who comes to visit a town.」(Mark)

「Haha, you’re right. Well, if you go out of the town when you grow up, you may be able to see that kind of march somewhere.」(Celine)

「Eh? Mark-kun, are you going to leave this town when you grow up?」(Pamella)

Pamella cut in all of a sudden with a surprised voice.

「Hmm… I’m still not sure, but I do want to visit other places.」(Mark)

「I see…」(Pamella)

Pamella looked sad for some reason.

Maybe she feels the same as when you just got a new friend, and they were going to transfer to another school right after you got along with them.

Well, I’m still a child, so it’s still a long time before I can get out of town.

「Fufu. Pamella-chan, do you know the saying, “Men are ships and women are harbors”? You just have to welcome them gently when they come back from their journey.」(Celine)

「Ah! I’ve heard something like that from my mom.」(Pamella)

Camilla-san, you really taught your daughter a lot of things… Especially about women and men…

「Speaking of women, in yesterday’s hunting party, Luck’s younger brother wasーーー」(Celine)


ーーWe continued eating our okonomiyaki while listening to Celine’s silly story.

After that, I sent Pamella back to her house, and then returned home.

I spent my afternoon helping with inn work, and headed for Iris Bar with Nicola when the sun began to set.



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  1. I just imagine a what-if scenario where Mark married with Delica and he keeps teasing his wife by calling her “Boss”. It’s really funny lol.

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