Chapter 81 : Aaannー


Before the class started, I looked around the classroom.

I was thinking it would be great if Pamella didn’t meet with Jack on her first day back to school after a long time, and fortunately I couldn’t find Jack anywhere in the classroom.

Well, he rarely came these days in the first place.

Maybe the next time he comes to school will be at the graduation ceremony.

When the children graduate, the church will appraise their skill and give them advice which job suits them better.

Jack seems to be looking forward to it, as well as Delica.

After a while of waiting, Sister Lina finally came into the classroom and started today’s class.

Because the eight-year-old group and nine-year-old group were close to each other, I could watch over Pamella during the first class which was ‘reading’ class.

I was worried about whether she could keep up with the class or not.

When Sister Lina wasn’t nearby, I looked at Pamella.

She looked at me too but she immediately took her eyes off me and flusteredly looked at her book.

I was worried that she couldn’t concentrate because she didn’t understand the content of the lesson, but she seemed to be able to take the lesson without any problems, perhaps because Camilla taught her everyday.

I decided to not interfere with Pamella’s study and concentrate on my own study.

But thanks to the language translation skill I had, the reading class was dull.

During the class I could feel Pamella’s gaze sometimes.

Perhaps even though she was able to take the lesson, she couldn’t really concentrate because she was still not used to this class.

Well, once she got used to it, she would soon be able to concentrate on the lesson.




After the reading, writing, and math class are over, it’s time for a lunch break.

Delica and Yuuri returned home for lunch while Pamella, Nicola, and I brought lunch boxes from home.

Seeing Pamella surrounded by girls from the same group, I thought it would be better if she had lunch with them, but this morning we already promised that we would have lunch together.

I called out to Pamella who was chatting with the girls, and then she came here while waving her hand to the girls.

「You’ve got a lot of friends already. That’s great!」(Mark)

「Un. It’s thanks to you.」(Pamella)

Pamella smiled shyly.

I felt relieved after I saw her smile.

Looks like she’s not afraid to go to school anymore.

Pamella, Nicola and I headed for the backyard for lunch.

I made a round table and three chairs with earth magic, and then we sat down.

「Alright, let’s eat!」(Mark)



I took out two lunch boxes and two cups for me and Nicola from my item box, and then I poured water into the cups with water magic.

Pamella also took her lunch box and cup out of her bag and put them on the table.

「Do you want me to pour water into your cup?」(Mark)

「No, I’ll do it myself. I have to practice my magic after all.」(Pamella)

Saying so, Pamella put her index finger over her empty cup, and then water started pouring from her finger.

When the glass was full, she wiped the sweat off her forehead while breathing heavily.

「Hahh… Hahh… I’m still far from good, but someday I want to be able to use magic as good as you, Mark-kun.」(Pamella)

「Un! Good luck!」(Mark)

She was exhausted because her mana bowl was still small, but the more she used magic, the more her mana bowl would expand.

I can say that not only because Nicola taught me, but it’s also based on my experience.

Well, I’m aware that my growth rate in magic is ridiculously faster than normal people, though.

Alright, it’s time to eat!

I opened my lunch box and saw boiled Tentacles meat with special sauce on top of it.

It’s Tentacles carpaccio just as I requested! Thank you, Dad!

I immediately stabbed it with my fork and brought a slice of meat into my mouth.

Mmhh! It’s delicious as usual!

Nicola was also chewing with a blissful face, enjoying the taste and the texture of the meat.

Cooked Tentacles meat is good, but I want to try it raw….

I miss the taste of squid sashimi in my previous life.

Though I don’t know if Tentacles meat can be eaten raw or not… Hmm…

People don’t eat it raw even in Secard Village.

Maybe there’s no raw food culture in this world?

I have a lot of potions in case my stomach can’t handle it, so maybe I’ll try it next time.

「Mark-kun, what kind of dish is that?」(Pamella)

「It’s a dish that uses meat from monsters called Tentacles. Recently, we added this dish to the menu at our dining hall.」(Mark)

Pamella stared at my carpaccio with a curious face.

「Wanna try it?」(Mark)


She nodded.

When I was about to put a slice of Tentacles meat into Pamella’s lunch box, I felt pressure from my left side.

I glanced to my left and saw Nicola glaring at me.

I remembered she made that kind of face when Liza was eating in our dining hall.

Ahh, I know what she wants me to do…

All right, all right. When I offer a girl food, I have to feed her, right? Hahh…

Pamella pushed her bento box toward me, expecting that I would put the meat into it, but I ignored it and stretched my hand that was holding a fork with the meat toward Pamella’s mouth.

「Pamella, open your mouth. Say ‘Aaannー’.」(Mark)


Pamella was frozen with her face turned bright red.

I felt guilty because it was as if I was making fun of her.

After she was frozen for about ten seconds, I was thinking of putting the meat into her lunch box and apologizing, but…

「A, Aaann….」(Pamella)

Pamella closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth.

Does this mean I’m good to go?

I slowly put the meat into her mouth with the fork.

When she closed her mouth, I then slowly pulled the fork.

Still with her face bright red, Pamella chewed the Tentacles meat while looking down.

After she swallowed it, I asked herー

「How was it?」(Mark)

「U, Umm…. I can’t describe the taste…」(Pamella)

Pamella replied while still looking down.

『She must be too embarrassed that she couldn’t taste the food. Un! So cute! What a good reaction! Onii-chan, you really have the talent to conquer girls!』(Nicola)

Well, I agree with Nicola that Pamella’s reaction was cute, but I think Liza’s reaction would be different if I fed her that time.

I feel like Liza would stay calm even if I fed her.

Nicola was overjoyed seeing Pamella’s cute reaction, but I feel sorry for Pamella.

I should hold back a little more from now on.



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