Chapter 82 : Jack’s Lamentation


After we ate our meal silently for a while, I asked Pamela the thing I was curious about in class earlier.

「By the way, Pamella, does your mom usually help you study?」(Mark)

「Un. She said that I should study even though I didn’t go to school because it was necessary to be able to work in the store in the future.」(Pamella)

Just as I thought, Camilla helped her study.

In order to manage a store, she has to be able to read, write, and do math after all.

「At what age will you start serving customers?」(Mark)

From what I heard when Gill oji-san explained to my mom about Camilla’s store, I knew that Camilla’s store was a healthy hostess bar where the customers were only allowed to talk with the hostesses while drinking alcohol. Touching them without permission or doing anything weird to them is not allowed.

Alcohol is not restricted by law in this world.
However, if you start drinking alcohol as a child, you won’t be able to study or work properly in the future, so normally adults around you will prohibit you from drinking it until at least you’re twelve years old.

「My mom said she started working when she was twelve, so maybe I’ll start working when I’m twelve too… But honestly, I’m not really sure…」(Pamella)

Saying that, Pamella tilted her head.

Normally, children will start working at the age of twelve, and a night shift job like hostess is no different.

However, I don’t think adult customers want to be served by a 12-year-old child.

When I was thinking like that, Nicola’s voice echoed in my head.

『I’m sure that Madam looked mature and sexy even when she was twelve years old.』(Nicola)

『Hmm, I’m not sure about that. Pamella looks like her mother, but I don’t think she’ll be sexy enough to attract customers in the next three years.』(Mark)

『There’s a saying, “Girls will look more beautiful when they fall in love”, so I think she will grow really fast from now.』(Nicola)

『Ahh, you’re maybe right. Well, since she started going to school again from now on, I hope she will meet someone who can make her fall in love someday.』(Mark)

『….Yeah, right……』(Nicola)

Nicola looked at me and sighed for some reason.

Pamella’s face turned bright red again, probably because I subconsciously stared at her while I was talking with Nicola with telepathy.

Looks like it will take some time for her to overcome her shyness after all.


After the lunch break was over, religion class started.

We read the Bible and heard anecdotes about the Goddess from Sister Lina while learning about the Goddess’ teachings.

Because I have met the God who looked like an old man when I died, I feel like the Goddess who created this world is unreal.

However, disagreeing with religion in this world might be bad for my social life, so I just took the class quietly.

After the religion class was over, we sang a hymn and went home.




「Pamella, see you next week! Mark, Nicola, see you later!」(Delica)

We parted with Delica and Yuuri at the church and were going to go to Camilla’s store, Iris Bar.

My job is to store the food Camilla cooked today in my item box, and take it out when the feudal lord and his soldiers come tomorrow. Such an easy job.

When we walked along the main street toward the center of the town, we came across a familiar person.

He was Luck, Jack’s older brother.

When I first met him, he still looked like a teenager with an innocent face, but he had become quite mature in these past two years.

He was wearing leather armor and looked more like a real adventurer now.

「Oh! Mark and imouto-chan! What’s up!」(Luck)

Pamella trembled a little by the sudden appearance of a stranger onii-san.

I wonder if Jack is here too… I don’t want Pamella to see him.

「Hooー you have a lady on each arm today, eh? I wish my younger brother was as popular as you. Well, I don’t think it’s possible, though.」(Luck)

「Hello, Luck onii-chan. Is Jack with you today?」(Mark)

Hearing my question, Pamella’s face became pale. Perhaps she could take a guess that Luck is Jack’s older brother from my question.

I don’t think Jack will dare to mess with Pamella again, but it’s hard to get the image of him teasing Pamella out of my head.

「Ah, about Jack, it will be a long story. You know that the feudal lord will come to visit tomorrow, don’t you? Today there was a quest to subdue the monsters around the town. It was a fairly big quest, so we formed several parties.」(Luck)

I want to know if Jack is nearby but Luck started talking about something else.

「There was a healer in our party. She was a girl a few years older than Jack. After we completed the quest, Jack went to that girl’s place for healing because he got hurt during the battle.」(Luck)

After he talked to that point, Luck laughed for some reason.

「Guess what that girl did to Jack! She splattered ointment on his face and said, “This should be good enough for someone like you!” Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing seeing Jack’s face at that time!」(Luck)

After he laughed, Luck made a weird surprised face.
Perhaps he was imitating Jack’s face at that time.

「I asked him what the hell happened, and he told me that he once teased that girl at Sunday School. What a stupid younger brother!」(Luck)

Saying that, Luck laughed again.

「He went to buy a potion by himself. I wanted to go with him and paid for the potion for him, but he said, “This is my wound, I’ll deal with it myself”. That’s why I’m here now, waiting for him. He looked really depressed. I have told him many times not to mess with girls but he didn’t listen. With this, I hope he really regrets what he did.」(Luck)

Apparently, one of Jack’s victims was finally able to get her revenge after several years.

『Heh! Serve you right! I always thought that he didn’t regret enough.』(Nicola)

『Ahaha…. You were really mad when he teased you back then.』(Mark)

Nicola smirked evilly while hiding behind my back.

「Enough with Jack. By the way, Mark, I heard the rumor saying two little children luckily defeated the remnants of the Snake Wolf Bandit Group outside the town. It was you and your little sister, right?」(Luck)

「Ahh, Un. Luckily though.」(Mark)

「Huh! People said ‘luckily’ but I don’t believe it because I know your true strength! Say, Mark, do you want to team up with us when you’re twelve? Not to mention C-rank, I feel like we can reach higher ranks if you team up with us!」(Luck)

「Umm, but I haven’t decided my future yet…」(Mark)

「I see. Well, you’re still young after all. But please think about it. Well then, I’ll go see how Jack’s doing.」(Luck)

After saying all he wanted to say, Luck finally left us.

He was a reliable onii-san when we went to Kobold Forest, but he was now just an older brother who laughed at his little brother’s stupidity…

I wondered what Pamella felt after hearing Luck’s story.

When I looked at her, she began to speak in a relaxed tone.

「…. My mom told me not to forget and get revenge when he comes to our store someday, but… I kinda feel sorry for him now…」(Pamella)

Camilla-san, what have you taught your own child!?

「Well then, let’s keep going. This way.」(Pamella)

Pamella started walking in front of me and Nicola, leading the way.

I couldn’t see her expression, but for some reason, I felt like her expression was different from before we met with Luck.



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