Chapter 80 : Going To School Once Again


Today is Light Day.

I’m going to Sunday School and then to Camilla’s bar on my way home today.

As usual, after being sent off by Mom; Nicola and I headed to Gauche oji-san’s house to pick up Delica and Yuuri, and then the four of us walked together to the fountain in South Square.

When we got to the fountain, we saw Pamella and Camilla already waiting for us there.

Camilla sat cross-legged on a bench near the fountain, and Pamella sat next to her, curiously watching a woman preparing to open a stall.

Male passersby around the fountain seem to be fascinated by Camilla’s legs, but after they saw Camilla was with a child, none of them dared to call out to her.

『Hohoー What a beautiful Madam. The smell of a woman on your body yesterday was that Madam’s, right?』(Nicola)

Nicola spoke to me via telepathy as soon as she saw Camilla.

I ignored her and waved my hand.

Camilla who noticed me stood up and waved back at me.

Pamella then immediately hid behind Camilla.

Perhaps she was surprised because I wasn’t alone.

「Good morning, Mark-chan. I leave Pamella to you for today.」(Camilla)


After she talked with me, Camilla looked at Nicola, Delica, and Yuuri.

「Are you guys Mark-chan’s friends? I’m Camilla, and this is my daughter, Pamella. I hope you can get along with her.」(Camilla)

Saying that, Camilla pushed Pamella forward.

「G, Good morning… I’m Pamella…」(Pamella)

Pamella shyly greeted Delica and the others.

After that, Camilla looked at me, waved her hand once, and then left.

Looks like she really entrusted her daughter to me.

I should do my best to escort Pamella today.

After Camilla left, Delica stepped forward, stretched her chest and introduced herself.

「I’m Delica. I’ve heard about you from Mark. If you have any problems, you can talk to me! Well, I don’t think there are still boys who dare to mess with girls in the school. Jack has been disciplined by Mark in a duel, so you don’t have to worry about him bullying you again!」(Delica)

Hearing what Delica said, Pamella looked at me with a surprised face.

Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t tell Pamella about the duel.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

Besides, I don’t want to tell her that I won by taking off Jack’s pants.

「He rarely came to Sunday School nowadays because he often went on an adventure with his brother. But if he came, I don’t think he would dare to mess with you. You can rest easy now!」(Delica)

Since we came back from the Kobold Forest, I no longer feel the intimidating aura from Jack.

So, I don’t think anything bad would happen even if he came to Sunday School.

After Delica was done talking, Yuuri stepped forward and nervously introduced himself.

「I’m Yuuri, her little brother. N, Nice to meet you…」(Yuuri)

After Yuuri stepped back, Nicola introduced herself.

「I’m Nicola, Mark onii-chan’s little sister! Nice to meet you, Pamella onee-chan!」(Nicola)

As usual, she made an angelic smile as she introduced herself.

After that, we headed to Sunday School together.

Delica, Nicola, and Pamella were walking side by side, while I and Yuuri were walking in front of them.

While walking, Yuuri and I were talking about the book we read recently, but Yuuri occasionally glanced at Pamella who was behind us and blushed.

It was the same reaction as when he had first seen Nicola.

He might have fallen in love with her.

I would like to talk about the “100-day War Between Shiny Coconut Crab And Afro Goliath” with Yuuri, but it looks like it’s not the time for that.

The one who was talking the most between the three girls behind us was Delica.

She acted like a boss because she seemed to want Pamella to rely on her.

And the content of their conversation seemed to be mainly the duel between me and Jack.

I wanted Delica to keep quiet about me taking off Jack’s pants, but it was too late…




After walking for a while, we could finally see the church.

On the flower bed in front of the church, water drops were shining brightly in the morning sunlight.

Perhaps Sister Lina has just watered the flower bed.

I wonder if she’s in the backyard now.

I think I should tell her about Pamella first.

Pamella, Nicola and I headed for the backyard while Delica and Yuuri walked to the classroom.

As we walked, Pamella pinched the edge of my clothes.

She must be really nervous coming to school after the long absence.

「Do you want to hold hands?」(Mark)


Pamella nodded and grabbed my hand.

Her hand was a little cold, probably because she felt uneasy.

『Onii-chan has set a new ‘flag’ with another girl before I knew it… I feel bad for Boss…』(Nicola)

『It’s not what it looks like! I’m not a lolicon!』(Mark)

When we entered the backyard, there was Sister Lina watering the vegetable garden.

She immediately noticed us and looked curiously at Pamella who was holding hands with me.

But before she asked anything, as usual, I handed her some of the herbs and vegetables I grew.

After that, I told her about Pamella.

「I see… I’m really sorry, I didn’t notice it…」(Lina)

When Sister Lina lowered her head in front of Pamella, Pamella shook her head.

It looked like she didn’t think that Sister Lina was responsible for this at all.

After two years of attending Sunday School, I found out that there were quite a few children who suddenly stopped coming to school.

I happened to meet some of them when I was playing around town with the other Wolf Team members.

I asked them why they stopped coming to school.

Some of them answered that they hated studying while the others answered that they had to help their parents at home.

Sister Lina couldn’t afford to ask all of them and encourage them to go to school because she was busy with the orphanage.

Pamella also apologized to Sister Lina because she stopped coming to school, but Sister Lina answered Pamella with an apology too.

While they were apologizing to each other, the time for class was approaching, so we parted with Sister Lina and headed for the classroom.

When we entered the classroom, the place suddenly became noisy.

The unfamiliar cute girl next to me was probably the reason.

There’s no doubt that Pamella will compete for the top place in the ranking of the most cute girls in Sunday School.

By the way, the first place is currently Nicola…

If we only talk about the outer appearance, indeed she’s cute, but other people don’t know what kind of girl she is in the inside.

Getting a lot of attention, Pamella held my hand even harder.

However, I pretended not to notice it and walked toward the table of the 9-year-old group where Yuuri was sitting.

When we approached the table, everyone in the 9-year-old group, including Yuuri, were looking at my and Pamella’s hands which were holding each other.

Umm… It would be bad if they started thinking strangely about us, so I think I’ll let go of her hand now.

She should be fine even if I’m not holding her hand.

I let go of Pamella’s hand and introduced her to the children in the group.

「She’s my friend, Pamella. She will study in this group from now on. I hope you guys can get along with her.」(Mark)

After I said that, I poked Pamella’s shoulder.

「I, I’m Pamella… Nice to meet you…」(Pamella)

Although she was nervous, she bowed politely.

「So cute~」(girls)

Immediately, the girls in the 9-year-old group were surrounding her, while the boys could only look at her from their seats.

Pamella is a shy girl, but she’s the type who properly answers people’s questions.

While looking at her being surrounded by the girls, I quietly let out a sigh of relief.

Un. I think she’ll be just fine.



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