Angel Little Sister 79


Chapter 79 : The Smell Of A New Woman


Pamella and I decided to meet at the fountain square in the south district to go to Sunday School together later on Light Day.
It seems that Camilla will walk Pamella to the fountain on that day.

And I’m now with Gill oji-san, on the way home from Camilla’s bar.

We are walking down the main street against the flow of the other pedestrians toward the south gate.

The reason why Gill oji-san is coming home with me is because he wants to explain to my parents that I will help Camilla with her bar on Light Day.

「Mark-boy, thanks a lot for today. I’ll definitely repay you.」(Gill)

「No, it’s okay. You gave me and the other Wolf Team members permission to use the vacant lot, and you also taught us a lot of things, so please don’t worry about it.」(Mark)

「Hahh… I think you’re too mature for your age.」(Gill)

Gill oji-san put his hand on my head and stroked it with a sigh.

I think he had complicated feelings about relying on a child like me.

Even so, he did it anyway.
Must be because he really wanted to help Camilla.


On the way, we talked about a lot of things.

Because Gill oji-san is a merchant, he knows a lot of interesting stories.

It’s been three years since we’ve known each other, but it looks like he still has a lot of topics to talk about.

As we talked with each other while walking, we arrived at my home before we realized it.

The sun is still shining brightly, so it’s still too early for dinner.

However, it’s the usual time for me to help my parents to prepare dinner for our guests.

When I opened the front door, I saw Nicola wiping the table near the entrance.

As soon as I went inside, Nicola was sniffing the air for some reason.

「Onii-chan, welcome home~!」(Nicola)

She then approached me and hugged me.

Indeed she often behaved like a spoiled child, but it’s unusual for her to behave like that toward me.

When I was wondering, I received a telepathy from her.

『*Sniff, sniff* Onii-chan, there’s a smell of a woman on you! This is…. The smell of a beautiful adult woman!』(Nicola)

I see now… This girl…..

I ignored Nicola who kept hugging and smelling my body, and guided Gill oji-san to sit at an empty table.

「You said you wanted to eat Tentacles, right? Do you want to order it?」(Mark)

「Yeah, please. And can you call your parents? Ah, no, should I just go meet them myself?」(Gill)

I stopped Gill oji-san who tried to stand up from his seat.

「No, I’ll call them for you. Please wait for a moment.」(Mark)

Mom is probably in the kitchen.

I headed to the kitchen with Nicola still hugging me from the back.

「Can you get away from me already!?」(Mark)

「Just a little longer.」(Nicola)


In the kitchen, Mom and Delica were helping Dad prepare food.

「Mom, Dad, I’m home.」(Mark)

「Welcome home~」(Mom)

「Mom, Gill oji-san wants to meet you.」(Mark)

「Ara, I’ll go then. Nicola, can you help Dad for a moment?」(Mom)


Nicola hugged me even stronger.

「Delica-chan, can you help me pull this girl off Mark?」(Mom)

「Yes, Ma’am!」(Delica)

「No, please! Just a little longer!」(Nicola)

Mom and Delica join forces to pull Nicola away from me.

After she finally got away from me, Nicola reluctantly started helping Dad.

Mom and I then headed to the table where Gill oji-san was sitting.

「Welcome, Gill-san.」(Mom)

「Ah, thank you.」(Gill)

Gill oji-san explained to Mom that he wanted me to help with his acquaintance’s shop.

He also told Mom that it was a bar, but it wasn’t a suspicious or malicious bar.

Gill oji-san said he will escort me home since I will help the shop on the night the feudal lord comes to this town.

And as expected, Mom gave permission right away.

That’s my mom for you.

『O, Onii-chan… I see now… That smell of a woman… You have been hugged by a hostess, haven’t you!?』(Nicola)

When I received such a telepathy, I looked back and saw Nicola, who was supposed to be in the kitchen, glaring at me enviously from the corridor.

That’s not the face of a neighborhood idol.

That’s the face of a girl with jealousy and desire.

『Oh, please. Don’t look at me like that. I already told the owner that I will come with you next time.』(Mark)

When I told her that, Nicola’s face shone brightly with a big smile.

『Really!? Good job, Onii-chan!』(Nicola)

She then returned to the kitchen while skipping.

After that, I suggested some recommended Tentacles dishes for Gill oji-san.

I thought that okonomiyaki was a bit heavy to eat before dinner, so I recommended grilled and fried Tentacles.

Gill oji-san ordered them with a glass of ale, and then Mom returned to the kitchen to prepare his order.

While eating, Gill oji-san saidー

「I have eaten Tentacles when I was young, but why didn’t I realize that this meat was this good…?」(Gill)

After finished eating, he drank his ale all at once, and then sighed with a regretful face.

「Ahh… I should have sold this meat at that time…」(Gill)

He just noticed that he missed a business opportunity when he was young.

Perhaps when he ate it for the first time, he didn’t realize how good it was because its disgusting appearance bugged him.

「Why don’t you just start selling it now?」(Mark)

「Well, I’m already half-retired, so I’m not sure if I want to start a new business now.」(Gill)

「I see…」(Mark)

「I think you should be the one who starts Tentacles business, not me. Well then, I’m going home now. See you later, Mark-boy.」(Gill)

「Un. Thank you very much, Gill oji-san.」(Mark)

He said I should start Tentacles business, but I have no intention of opening an outlet.

I have nothing to worry about as long as I can secure Tentacles for our dining hall menu and for myself to eat.

After Gill oji-san left, I went to the kitchen to talk with Delica.

I want to tell her about Pamella who will come to Sunday School next Light Day.

「I see… Khh…! Jack, that brat!」(Delica)

After I told her what happened to Pamella, she seemed to regret that she didn’t notice what Jack did before Pamella stopped going to school.



And finally the awaited day has come.

It’s Light Day, and it’s time for Sunday School.



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