Chapter 78 : Item Box -kun


「Could you explain to me in more detail?」(Mark)

She’s not really going to make me a host, right?

「Thanks to you I’ve decided to use the rooftop to serve customers, but I’m afraid there won’t be enough food to serve since my kitchen is small.」(Camilla)

Bar snacks are usually dried foods, fried foods, and fruits, right?

Fruits cannot be stored for a long time, and making dried and fried food takes time.

「That’s why I’m thinking of making the food earlier and storing it in your item box. Can you help me with that?」(Camilla)

Ah, I see now.

So she just wants to use my item box, huh?

I thought she needed me as a temporary worker.

It made me somewhat unsatisfied…

When I looked at Gill oji-san, he put his hands together and made a ‘please’ gesture.

Well, I have no intention of refusing, so he doesn’t need to beg me like that.

Oh right, Nicola seems to be getting stressed out by practicing cooking lately, so maybe I’ll bring her here next time.

「No problem. In exchange, can I bring my sister next time?」(Mark)

I feel like Nicola will get mad at me if I don’t bring her here.

「Your sister? Yes, of course! Thank you, Mark-chan!」(Camilla)

Saying that, Camilla lifted me and then hugged me.

While being hugged, I looked at Pamella, but her eyes looked somewhat cold.
I wonder why…

After being hugged for a while, I suddenly remembered something I forgot to say.

「Ah, but first, I have to get permission from my parents to let me go out at night.」(Mark)

「Oh, you’re right. There’s nothing I can do if your parents don’t allow you to go out at night…」(Camilla)

「Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure they will give me permission.」(Mark)

「Is that so?」(Camilla)

I nodded to Camilla who looked worried.

Well, if this is a random bar, I don’t think Mom and Dad will give me permission, but this is Gill oji-san’s relative’s bar, so I think they will understand.

When the conversation was settled up to this point, Gill oji-san talked to me.

「Mark-boy, can you make three more tables on the rooftop? I’m sorry for relying too much on you today.」(Gill)

「No problem!」(Mark)

Gill oji-san always takes care of me and the other Wolf Team members when we play at the vacant lot, so this is my chance to repay his kindness.

And then, we headed to the rooftop once again.

It looked like Pamella wanted to go too. She was following us.

「Ara, Pamella, you can go back to the house now if you want.」(Camilla)

「No, I want to see Mark’s magic.」(Pamella)

「Fufu. I see.」(Camilla)

Pamella looked very interested.

Well, it can’t be helped. My magic is impressive after all.

When we got to the rooftop, I saw the table I made earlier in the middle.

I pointed at it and asked Camilla.

「Camilla-san, is it okay if I make tables with the same design and height as that one?」(Mark)

「Yes. I think that table looks good enough.」(Camilla)

Nice. It’ll be very easy since I have a model.

I quickly made three more tables with the same design.

Pamella, who saw my earth magic for the first time, asked me while touching the table.

「Mark-kun, how can you use magic so well?」(Pamella)

「Well, I practice magic every day… Ah, also, I study a lot at Sunday School.」(Mark)

After I answered like that, Pamella looked a little troubled.

「I see…」(Pamella)

Umm… maybe I need to give her another push?

Camilla was smiling at me. Looked like she took the hint.

「Camilla-san, when should I come here next time?」(Mark)

「Umm, I want to cook all the food a day before the feudal lord comes, so can you come here on Light Day?」(Camilla)

「Ahem. In that case, I will stop by on my way home from Sunday School…. Oh, shoot… But I don’t know the way here from the church…..」(Mark)

I intentionally made that statement and glanced at Camilla.

Camilla then raised a troubled voice on purpose.

「Aww, that’s unfortunate… I’ll be busy preparing the food so I won’t be able to pick you up. Aa-ahh… if only there’s a good girl who wants to be Mark-chan’s guide…」(Camilla)

And then, Camilla and I glanced at Pamella.

It seemed that Pamella knew what we were trying to say.

She looked down for a moment, then put her hand on her chest and raised her face.

「Ma, Mark-kun… will you protect me if the boys mess with me?」(Pamella)

「Of course! You can count on me!」(Mark)

After I answered like that, she smiled and turned to Camilla.

「Mom, I want to go to school again!」(Pamella)

Pamella looked at her mother with determined eyes.



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