Chapter 77 : Hamburger Steak Sandwich


I stretched my hands as if I was doing a magic trick, and took out forks, knives, plates, a cutting board from my item box.

Pamella opened her mouth wide as she watched me doing it.

Her face was very similar to Camilla’s face when I made a table on the rooftop.


「Wow… Is this magic?」(Pamella)

「Nope. I just took out items from my item box.」(Mark)

While saying so, I took out two pieces of white bread and two piping hot hamburger steaks made by Dad, and placed them on the cutting board.

I cut one of the bread in half, put a hamburger steak in the middle, put it on a plate and gave it to Pamella who was still stunned.

「Here you go. I hope you like.」(Mark)

「Th, Thank you…」(Pamella)

Pamella politely nodded to me once and grabbed the hamburger steak sandwich with both hands.

She’s so well mannered.

I made my own hamburger steak sandwich and ate together with Pamella.

Un. Dad’s hamburger steak is delicious as usual!

While eating, I tried to talk to Pamella.

「By the way, can you use magic?」(Mark)

「I can use water magic… Just a little.」(Pamella)

Saying that, Pamella stuck out her index finger over her empty glass, and then water came out from her fingertip, pouring down into the glass.


「Mom can do it better.」(Pamella)

Pamella answered a little proudly.

So Camilla and Pamella are good at water magic, huh?

I wonder if it has something to do with their business.
I mean, alcohol is liquid, right?

「Mark-kun, can you use water magic too?」(Pamella)


I also stuck out my index finger over my empty glass just like Pamella did, and then water started to flow from my fingertip into my glass.

I could have filled my glass and made a smug face here, but I didn’t do it ‘cause I didn’t want Pamella to think that I’m immature.

「Can you use other magic?」(Pamella)

Pamella asked me with interest.

So far, I was the only one who started the conversation, but now I’m glad that Pamella is starting to talk to me first.

I never knew that magic could be used as an interesting topic to talk with a shy girl.
Magic is amazing after all!

「Alright then, I’ll show you what I can do.」(Mark)

I made a little ball of light on my fingertip with light magic, and put it into the glass container with a lot of ice.

Then, the light passed through the chunks of ice and the glass, and illuminated the dimly lit store area.

But I didn’t stop there.
After that, I put red, green, and blue balls of light into the glass container, and made them move around slowly.

The dimly lit store area was now filled with colors as if the entire room had become a kaleidoscope.

「Waaahh… It’s so beautiful….」(Pamella)

Pamella was fascinated by the dream-like scenery for a while, and then she quietly talked to me.

「…..I thought all boys were scary, but Mark-kun isn’t scary at all…」(Pamella)

「Hm? Of course. I’m not going to eat you or anything.」(Mark)

Well, not all boys like to mess with girls, of course.

Jack was totally the bad one.

However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have sympathy for him.

Even the 8-year-old me in my previous life, well I didn’t bully girls, but as I got older, I realized that I had done so many bad things when I was a child.

I think it’s very difficult for children to live their childhood without misbehaving once.

Now I feel like defending Jack a little.

「Talking about bad boys, well, I think Jack was totally at fault. I won’t tell you to forgive him or anything, but it’s normal for boys, especially the stupid one like Jack to mess with cute girls. That’s why, Pamella, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.」(Mark)

After I said that, Pamella pouted for some reason.

「Then, since Mark-kun doesn’t mess with me, that means you don’t think I’m cute?」(Pamella)

「Eh? N-No, no. That’s not what I mean. In my case, w-well… I’m quite mature for my age, so maybe that’s why…」(Mark)

When I was making an excuse in panic, Pamella smiled and saidー

「Fufu. I understand. I was just kidding.」(Pamella)

She laughed a little.

Ah, she got me.

But I’m glad that she’s now finally able to make a joke.

Looks like we’re starting to get along with each other.




After we finished our hamburger steak sandwiches and talked for a while, the back door was opened.

「I’m sorry, we ended up talking too long… Ara, I was thinking of making you something to eat, but… looks like you two have just finished lunch.」(Camilla)

Leaving the door open, Camilla approached us, and even though we had finished cleaning the table, she could guess that we had just eaten.

When I was wondering, Pamella looked at me and made a face as if she just noticed something.

She then took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped my mouth with it.

Apparently I got hamburger sauce on my mouth.

So that’s why Camilla knew that we had just eaten.

「Thank you.」(Mark)


After wiping my mouth, Pamella folded her handkerchief while looking down shyly.

Camilla smiled, looking at us.

「Ara ara~ Looks like you two get along very well now~ Mark-chan, not only are you good at magic, but you’re also good at winning a girl’s heart….. Ah, more importantly, Mark-chan.」(Camilla)

Camilla shook her head and continued talking.

「Umm, would you like to help me with my store on the day the feudal lord comes a week later?」(Camilla)

Eh? Does she want me to be a host?



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