Chapter 66 : Go On An Errand For The First Time


The part-timer oba-san came after we finished our morning task, so Nicola and I now have free time.

「Mom, we’re goingー」(Mark)

Nicola and I came out of our house and headed for the Adventurer Guild to get our reward for defeating bandits.

I was thinking of asking Celine to go with us so that no one would dare mess with us in the Guild because there must be a lot of drunk old men, but yesterday she said that she wanted to take the day off and sleep all day, so she must be still sleeping now.

I don’t want to bother her just to ask her to come with us.

「Okay~ Be careful~」(Mom)

Mom saw us off while waving at us from the front door.

I feel like this is the first time I’m running an errand since I was born in this world.

After walking for a while, I looked around to see if anyone was following us.

Seeing my watchful behaviour, Nicola sighed.

「Onii-chan, you don’t need to be on guard like that.」(Nicola)

「But, we will get a lot of money from the guild, right? So we have to be careful!」(Mark)

「Hahh… Do you forget I can detect enemies? More importantly, Mom said we can use the money as we like, so let’s buy some sweets in Gill oji-chan’s store later!」(Nicola)


While talking like that, we walked through the main street.

It’s been two years since the last time we went to the guild when we hunted goblin with Celine, but because we only have to follow the main street, we arrived at the guild without getting lost.

I pushed the guild’s western swinging door and got inside.

There were quite a lot of people inside.

The tables in the eating and drinking space were almost full.
Most of the people occupying the place were drunk old men.

It’s still daytime, and they’re drunk already, huh…

The last time I came here, there weren’t this many drunk people.
I remembered there was a drunk old man teasing Celine, though.
I wonder if he’s here now.

While recalling those memories, I lined up at the reception counter with Nicola.

Suddenly, a man called us from behind.

「Oh, aren’t you the boy and the missy from the inn?」(man)

I looked up at him and remembered that he was an adventurer who often stayed at our inn.

He was holding a quest form.
Looks like he just lined up after picking a quest from the quest board.

「What are you guys doing here? Running an errand?」(man)

「Something like that. I’ve been here before, but I’m surprised that there are so many people here now.」(Mark)

「Ahー Normally, there aren’t this many people here, but today is special, you know?」(man)

「Eh? What’s going on?」(Mark)

「There was a large-scale bandit hunting led by the feudal lord days ago, but some of the bandits managed to escape. The feudal lord then posted a quest to capture those escapees in this guild.」(man)

I feel like I’ve heard of it.

「Those bandits are good at escaping, and they are hard to capture, so the feudal lord raised the bounty several days ago. As a result, many adventurers gathered in this town. They were aiming for the prize money.」(man)

So these adventurers were lured by the prize money, huh?

「However, those bandits were finally arrested yesterday. Because of that, the adventurers here lost their motivation to work and just drink all day.」(man)

「H, Hee… I see… Ah! I just remember I have something to do! Well then, Nicola and I will come back later….. Let’s go, Nicola!」(Mark)

When I grabbed Nicola’s hand and tried to escape, the adventurer man grabbed my shoulder.

「Hold on. Look. It’s your turn now. Wouldn’t it be better if you finish your business here first?」(man)

「B, But…」(Mark)

「Go ahead. Hurry up.」(man)

He pushed me and made me sit on the chair in front of the counter.

This is not good!
I can’t escape!

「Hello there! Welcome to the Adventurer Guild! Oh, you guys… If I remember correctly, you two are the children who came with Celine two years ago, right?」(receptionist)

A female receptionist with long black hair asked us while looking at Nicola.

She is as beautiful as she was two years ago.

「Un! I’m Nicola, and this is Mark onii-chan!」(Nicola)

「Ah, that’s right! Nicola. I remember your name! I’ve never seen a girl as cute as you, so I remember you very well.」(receptionist)

The receptionist smiled at Nicoa, and Nicola smiled back at her.

Umm… I believe that I’m also cute enough even though I’m a boy, but why does she only remember Nicola?

Oh, well…

「So what’s your business here today?」(receptionist)

「U, Umm… actually…」(Mark)

I nervously handed the letter I got from Gauche oji-san this morning to the receptionist.

After reading the letter, the receptionist raised her eyebrows.

「This is… the certificate of subjugation of the three escapees from the Snake Wolf Bandit Group… So the ones who defeated them were the two of you…?」(receptionist)

As soon as the receptionist said that, the guid fell into silence for a moment.

Then, the guild started to get noisy.
I also felt the gazes from the people in the eating and drinking space.

I liked it when people were amazed with my magic.
However, it felt completely different when a bunch of strong men glared at me, because… it would be scary if they came and picked a fight with me!

Well, I don’t think there will be someone who wants to pick a fight with an eight-year-old child like me, though.

「Y, Yes. We were attacked by them on our way back to town yesterday, so…」(Mark)

「I see. In this letter it’s written that the bandits were captured on the road connecting this town to Secard Village. So you guys went to Secard, huh?」(receptionist)

The receptionist replied while reading the letter.

「Kaahー! So they had been hiding there all this time?」
「Dammit! No wonder no one could find them.」
「Yeah. Normally, bandits don’t hunt their prey in such a place.」(adventurers)

Suddenly, such regretful voices were heard from the entire guild building.

This receptionist onee-san…
Can’t she talk more quietly?

Ahh… I don’t know if we can get out of here safely after receiving the prize money…

「In this letter, it’s written that Mark and Nicola defeated the bandits, and the certificate is also stamped with a magical mark… Un. There’s no problem here. I will prepare the reward money of 90 gold coins, so please wait for a minute.」(receptionist)

She had a surprised expression on her face just now, but then the receptionist onee-san immediately switched to the guild staff mode.

She bowed politely and walked to a room at the back of the counter.

Did she just say 90 gold coins…?

For real…?



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  1. That was strange, I don’t know if the author is going to put something or he just didn’t realize how strange the receptionist’s attitude was… seriously announcing so that everyone can hear that not only 2 brats captured the bandits but announced the prize of 90 gold coins gold… that’s the same as putting a target on brats…

  2. the receptionist wasn’t supposed to reveal what’s in the letter in public. it’s like a confidential report that’s why it is in a letter form not an announcement form. she just practically announced it. she’s like saying “target this children”. seriously. a guild that has no confidentiality cannot be trusted.

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