Chapter 67 : Ordinary Healing Method


After the receptionist onee-san went to the back of the counter, the adventurer who lined up behind me rubbed my head roughly.

Oh, please stop! I’ll get bald!

「Boy! So you’re the one who defeated those bandits!? Amazing! How did you do that!?」(man)

The people around us looked at me and Nicola curiously.

If I keep it a secret, they might persistently ask me.

「Umm, well… At that time we were on our way home from Secard Village. There were three bandits riding horses chasing us. I shot their horses with stone bullets, and they fell. I heard they got seriously injured, so they couldn’t escape from the town guards.」(Mark)

After I told them what happened, the adventurers burst into laughter.

「Bwahaha! What dumbasses!」
「They are so stupid that they lost to small children!」
「Ahhー So they are easy prey, huh? Too bad I couldn’t find them!」
「But, Boy! You can already use stone bullets at such a young age? You will surely become a great adventurer!」
「That little boy is my favorite~♥」(adventurers)

Is it just me or the last one sounds like a shemale…?

Actually, my stone bullets went through the horses’ bodies and killed them, but it seems like the adventurers here thought that I only made the horses out of control and made the bandits fall like idiots.

After a while, the receptionist came back with a bag in her hand.

「This is the reward money of 90 gold coins. Please check if the amount is correct.」(receptionist)

She handed me the bag full of gold coins.

When I opened it, the adventurers behind me raised their voices.

「Hyuu~ Hyuu~」

I took out the gold coins from the bag and lined them on the counter.

There are 10 columns and 9 rows, so that means there are 90 coins.

「Yes, there are 90 coins here. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get this much.」(Mark)

You can stay in our inn for four months without having to worry about food with this money.

90 gold coins is quite a lot.

「The bounty for each bandit is 30 gold coins, so you get 90 for defeating three of them. Originally, the bounty was 10 gold coins for each bandit, but the feudal lord raised it to 30 a couple days ago.」(receptionist)

Three times!?
The feudal lord must be very annoyed by the bandits’ existences.

「Normally, you have to use your guild card to make a magical seal on the certificate as the receipt, but… since you don’t have one, we have no choice but to do the other way. Can you show me your hand? It will hurt a little, so please endure it for a bit.」(receptionist)

The receptionist onee-san took my hand and pricked my thumb with a needle.

After she saw my blood came out a little from my thumb, she pushed my thumb against the certificate, and chanted something.

Then, my blood mark on the certificate glowed for a second.

It looks like my blood is a substitute to make the magic seal since I don’t have a guild card.

「Nice, there doesn’t seem to be a problem. I will get you some ointment for your finger, so please wait a minute.」(receptionist)


I could just use healing magic, but the adventurers were still looking at me.
I didn’t want to make a ruckus, so I decided not to use it.

After a moment, the receptionist returned with a small bottle in her hand.

She took my hand and looked at my thumb.

She made a worried face after seeing the blood flowing from my thumb, and suddenly she… put my thumb in her mouth…!?

Eh? W, Wait a minute!
Why does she put it in her mouth?
Because there’s blood coming out?
But on the contrary, it will be bad if there are germs in her mouth, right?
…No, wait. There’s no way there are germs in the mouth of a beautiful woman like her!

Ahh~ Ahhh~~~ I can feel her tongue licking my thumb~!

「ーーAlright, you will be fine with this.」(receptionist)


I saw my thumb.
The ointment has already been applied to it.

It looks like she has finished treating my wound while I was in a state of confusion.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」(receptionist)

「N, Nothing…」(Mark)

「Is that so? Don’t worry, the people from the church made this ointment, and it works really well.」(receptionist)

She thought that I was worried about the wound.

『Bufufufu~ Onii-chan, your face turns bright red~』(Nicola)

Nicola used telepathy to make fun of me.

Well, is there a man who can stay calm when there’s a beautiful lady licking their finger?

However, I would look lame if I lost my cool here.

Let’s think about something else to calm myself down.
Umm… let’s see…

Ah, ointment! Let’s think about ointment!

I looked at my thumb again.

This color…
I feel like I’ve seen this ointment somewhere before.

She said that the people from the church made it, right?
So does that mean that it was made from the Segilia grasses that I regularly gave to Sister Lina?

While looking at the ointment on my thumb, Sister Lina’s beautiful smiling face appeared in my mind.

I feel like I have calmed down a little.

「Thank you, onee-chan!」(Mark)

I smiled at the receptionist and thanked her.

She then nodded and smiled at me.

「You’re welcome. Please be careful on your way home, and don’t take a detour, okay?」(receptionist)

She raised her index finger and warned us.

I picked the gold coin bag, and we nodded at her.

「「Okay~」」(Nicola & Mark)

But when we were about to leaveー

「Ah, wait a minute…」(receptionist)

She put her index finger on her forehead and thought about something for a moment.

「Actually, I haven’t had lunch yet, and I’m thinking of eating at your inn. I’m going with you two, so please wait for a minute.」(receptionist)

Without waiting for our reply, she sprinted to the room at the back.

I’m sure she is just worried about us so she made that excuse.

Not only is she beautiful, but also kind.



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    The MC is 8 years old after all.

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