Chapter 60 : Corf?


When we entered the dining room, not only the fried eggs and ham Sanmina’s mom made this morning, but there was also freshly baked bread on the table.
The village mayor said that the bread was his family’s special bread.
It was delicious.

By the way, no Tentacles dish this morning.
It’s a bit heavy for breakfast after all.

When everyone was having a chat after eating, Sanmina came with her daughter.
Even though she didn’t take a potion bath last night, her skin looked more shiny than yesterday.
Hmm… She must ‘did something amazing’ with her husband last night…

「G’ morning everyone~! You guys will be going home this noon, right? Let me accompany you until you come home!」(Sanmina)

「Sanmina! Are you going to skip work again today!?」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Don’t worry, I’ll be working twice as hard after they go home! Gauche-san, Mark, you want to go buy Tentacle meat, right? I’ll take you there!」(Sanmina)

「I know where they sell it, though… But….」(Gauche)

Gauche oji-san looked at Sanmina’s mom.

She then sighed and nodded to Gauche oji-san.

「……Well then, can you please take us there?」(Gauche)

「Yay! Thank you, mom! Gauche-san, you can leave it to me!」(Sanmina)

Getting permission from her mom, Sanmina picked up her daughter and rejoiced, while Sanmina’s mom was looking at her with a face of a parent who reluctantly accepted her child’s selfish request.

Even though she was married and has a daughter, Sanmina was still a child after all.

And then, we left the village mayor’s house to buy Tentacles.
Delica, who hated those monsters, was staying at the house.
The ones who went were me, Gauche oji-san, Nicola, Sanmina and her daughter, Melmina.

By the way, Melmina was so quiet unlike her mom.
She was silently walking while holding Sanmina’s hand.
Her black hair and face resembles Sanmina, but her quiet personality must be from Kai, Sanmina’s husband.

After a while of walking, we arrived at a small hut near the woods from yesterday.
It seems that Tentacles are sold here.

Next to the hut, there were several large wooden aquariums lined up, and there was an old man cutting Tentacles into fillets.

When I peeked into the aquarium, I saw the Tentacles that were hunted last night.
It looks like these wooden aquariums are used as corfs.

I wonder what Delica’s face will look like if she sees these dead Tentacles.

「We can buy monster meat here!」(Sanmina)

Hearing Sanmina’s cheerful voice, the old man raised his face.

「Oh, Sanmina and Gauche-san. What’s up?」(old man)

「Yo, Jii-san. I came as a customer today.」(Gauche)
*/ jii-san = old man.

Gauche oji-san raised one hand as he approached the old man.

「Hoo. You always complained you couldn’t bring Tentacle meat home every time you came here. Do you have a magical tool to store the meat now?」(old man)

「Yeah, I can bring some this time.」(Gauche)

Saying that, Gauche oji-san put his hand on my shoulder.

「….Hoo, I see.」(old man)

The old man then walked into the hut, and came out with a trolley with a big box on top of it.

Inside the box, there was a processed Tentacle in ice.
Its body was one meter, and each of its tentacles was one meter, so it was quite big.

Each of them cost 5 silver coins.
Considering the large amount of food that could be made from just one Tentacle, the price was really cheap.

「Ojii-san, why they are so cheap?」(Mark)

「Actually, they’re just extra because we hunt them too much. Our main purpose of hunting them is to eat them ourselves after all.」(old man)

The people of Secard Village love this monster meat, but it seems they also love to hunt them.
Hunting Tentacles is like a tradition to them.

Because of that, they have too many Tentacles, so they sold the extra to the travelers who visit the village.
However, most of the travelers didn’t want to buy them, so that’s why the price is really cheap.

By the way, the Tentacles that remain unsold would be consumed by the villagers in the end.

Hmm… I wonder if I come to buy Tentacles regularly, the price will increase.

It looks like Gauche oji-san really wanted to buy them in a large amount, but since they wouldn’t fit in the magic tool to store meat in his house, so he just bought several fillets.

On the other hand, I bought three large Tentacles that had been processed into fillets.

I think it will be enough for Dad to try various things to make his own Tentacle dishes.

「So, boy. How will you bring them home?」(old man)

The old man looked at me with a smirk on his face.

「Of course, with my item box.」(Mark)

I stretched my arm and put the Tentacles meat Gauche oji-san and I have bought into my item box.

And then, Sanmina raised her voice in excitement.

「Uwoooー! I heard about item box, but this is my first time seeing one! Mark, you’re really full of surprise!」(Sanmina)

「Hoo… Actually, I’ve seen one before.」(old man)

Said the old man proudly as he crossed his arms.

I knew it. He had seen item box before.

Suddenly, Melmina who has been quiet until now raised her voice.

「Mel too! Mel too!」(Melmina)

Melmina vigorously shook her hand that was still holding Sanmina’s hand, and pointed at a wooden plate with a Tentacle fillet on top of it with the other hand.
It looks like she’s curious about Tentacles.

Seeing Melmina acting like that, Nicola smiled for some reason.
She then took the wooden plate and brought it to Melmina.

Looking at the fillet on top of the plate, Melmina smiled, and thenー

ーThe fillet suddenly disappeared.


Everyone except Nicola raised a voice altogether.

『It looks like she has an ‘item box’ gift just like you. Perhaps she just realized it when she saw you use your item box earlier.』(Nicola)

Heeー I see.

This is my first time seeing someone other than me using an item box.

I explained to Sanmina what Nicola was telling me using telepathy.

「Really!? Melmina has an item box!? Uhyaaaaaaー! Melmina, you’re incredible! Sugoi, sugo~i!」(Sanmina)

Sanmina picked her daughter up and spinned around.
Melmina was just laughing “kyaa kyaa~!”

Oi, don’t do that too much, or your daughter will get dizzy…

「Ahhh~! I have to tell everyone about this!」(Sanmina)

She must be really happy that her daughter was born with a gift.
She wanted to brag to everyone right away.


「Sanmina onee-chan, there are a lot of bad people aiming for ‘item box owners’, so it’s better not to tell people too much.」(Mark)

Well, it’s not that I have the right to tell her this since I also show my item box in front of people.
However, I have to tell her this firmly just in case.

「Don’t worry! The villagers here are all good people! But I’ll be careful. Thank you, Mark!」(Sanmina)

An unexpected event happened at the end, but our original purpose of buying Tentacle meat was achieved.

But when we were about to leave the placeー

「Wait.」(old man)

The old man stopped us with a quiet yet dignified voice.

「You haven’t paid for the fillet Melmina took.」(old man)

Ah, we completely forgot.

Nicola looked at me and made a ‘te-he’ pose.



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