Chapter 59 : Hangover


When I woke up the next morning, I saw Nicola was sleeping beside me.

Somehow, I felt like staring at her face.

Pretty eyes and nose, long eyelashes, and beautiful blonde hair.
She looked really like an angel when she’s sleeping, but…
It was only her outside appearance…
This beautiful angel’s real identity was a slacker, gluttonous girl, after all.

I got out of bed slowly to not wake Nicola up.

I looked at the other bed.
It was empty.
Looks like Delica has already gotten up.

When I went to the kitchen, Delica and Sanmina’s mom were making breakfast.

The smell of fried egg and ham aroused my appetite.

「Good morning, Mark-chan.」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Good morning, Mark!」(Delica)

「Good morning.」(Mark)

According to Sanmina’s mom, Sanmina’s dad and the village mayor have already gone out to the field, and Gauche oji-san seems to be still sleeping.

It looks like Sanmina’s dad and the village mayor let him sleep since he was the one who drank the most last night.

「By the way, yesterday’s bath was amazing!」(Sanmina’s mom)

Sanmina’s mom, whose skin has become smooth thanks to the bath, raised a joyful voice.

「Look. My skin which was rough has now become as smooth as a baby’s skin! Aahh~ Makes me want to take bath everyday.」(Sanmina’s mom)

While showing me her smooth hands, Sanmina’s mom danced a little.

I’m glad that she enjoyed the bath I made, but I should clarify why her skin became so smooth.

「Surely, you can pour hot water into the bathtub to take a bath any time, but yesterday’s hot water was special, so I don’t think normal hot water would have the same effect.」(Mark)

Let’s keep a secret that the bath yesterday contained ten bottles of grade-E potions worth ten gold coins.

「Ara, is that so? That’s too bad….. Umm… Well then, would you like to prepare a bath again when you come here next time?」(Sanmina’s mom)

Sanmina’s mom was smiling at me, but for some reason, her smile made me unable to decline.

「O, Of course. I’ll prepare the same hot water in the bathtub for you when I come to visit again next time.」(Mark)

Being overwhelmed by her smile, I made a promise to come again without thinking.

But, well, I think I will often visit this village to buy squid a.k.a Tentacles, so it’s okay I guess.

「Aa-ahhー If I knew you made a bath, I should have been up and waited for you to come back last night…」(Delica)

「Boss, you have the bathtub I made for you in your house, right? You can just take a bath after we get home.」(Mark)

Couple months ago she used her power as my ‘boss’ to order me to make a bathtub for her.

「Yeah, but the bath yesterday was ‘that bath’, right?」(Delica)

Looks like Delica knew that the bath last night was a ‘potion bath’ after seeing Sanmina’s mom’s beautiful skin.

「Well then, how about you be the first person to try the new herbs I’m growing now. I want to know how effective they are if we use them to bathe.」(Mark)

After I said that, Delica held my hand and smiled brightly.

「Really!? Thank you, Mark!」(Delica)

Sanmina’s mom looked this way with a smiley face.

Hmm. Maybe she wants some potions? Should I give her several bottles of them?

「Umm, Sanmina-mama, actually, I poured these potions into the bath yesterday. I can give you some if you want.」(Mark)

「Thank you, but it’s okay. I don’t want to be addicted to it. I just couldn’t hold my smile after seeing Delica’s cuteness. She reminds me of Sanmina before she married Kai.」(Sanmina’s mom)

Immediately, Delica let go of my hand and blushed.

「A, Anyway, you shouldn’t leave the bath like that, so clean it up before we go home, got it!?」(Delica)

She suddenly acted like a boss… with her face bright red.



I went outside the house and breathed the cool morning air.

The air in the town of Fatia is good, but this village’s air is even better.
Maybe because there’s a lot of trees here and a lake nearby.

I created water using magic to wash my face, and then headed to the place where I made the bathroom yesterday.

Delica was right, I shouldn’t keep this kind of mysterious building standing like this.

I turned the bathroom back into sand.

This mana-containing sand can help grow crops, so let’s tell this to Sanmina’s mom later so that she can make use of it.

When I returned to the front door, I saw Gauche oji-san and Delica coming out of the house.

「Uugh… My head hurts…」(Gauche)

「Jeez! That’s why I told you not to drink too much! We’ll be going home today, but look at your own condition now!」(Delica)

It looks like Gauche oji-san is suffering from a hangover.

I know very well how bad it feels because I used to drink a lot like him in my previous life.

「Gauche oji-san, drink this.」(Mark)

I handed a bottle of grade-E potion to him.

「…Hm? Do you always bring potions? Thank you Mark, I’ll repay you when we get home.」(Gauche)

After saying that, Gauche oji-san drank the potion at once.

Looking at her dad, Delica let out a sigh.

「I’m sure Mom will get angry if she knows you drank a grade-E potion to cure a hangover…」(Delica)

「Bu,hug…! *Cough cough*….. W, What!? Grade-E, you say!? I thought it was F!」(Gauche)

He almost spit it out, but he managed to swallow it.

「I have a lot of them since I grow herbs at home, so you don’t need to mind it.」(Mark)

「I, Is that so? I’ll gratefully drink it, then. As my thanks, you can call me anytime if your house needs repair!」(Gauche)

That potion is just something I made to practice magic, so he doesn’t need to do anything, though.

However, let’s just accept his thanks.
He might be helpful when our inn’s rooftop is broken or something.


After a while, Gauche oji-san finally could feel the effect of the potion.

「Oh? Uwooh…! My head doesn’t hurt anymore! This is my first time drinking grade-E potion, but it’s really amazing!」(Gauche)

It seems that the potion was more effective than medicines I used to drink to cure hangovers in my previous life.
If only there was a medicine like this potion in my previous life, I wouldn’t have vomited on the edge of a street like a drunkard loser that time…

When I was recalling my miserable memories, Nicola came out of the house from the front door.

「Onii-chan, breakfast is ready! Hurry up!」(Nicola)

Looks like she really wants to eat as soon as possible.

「Okay~ Gauche oji-san, Boss, let’s go!」(Mark)

Then, we went to the dining room to have breakfast Sanmina’s mom made.



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  1. The slow pace with minimal time skips is also necessary if the original premise of the story is to be met. The MC was sent to this world to live out his life while being assisted through rough spots by the angel that flubbed his reincarnation as a spirit ball. If there are a bunch of time skips, then we the readers aren’t seeing the original premise be fulfilled.

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