Chapter 58 : Self-Regulation


After sending Nicola and me back to the village mayor’s house, Sanmina and her husband picked up their daughter, and the three of them went home while holding hands.
They’re a really harmonious family.
Looks like Sanmina would have a second child soon.

When Nicola and I entered the village mayor’s house, we were welcomed by red-faced old men.
They seem to be drunk.

「Oh, Mark, Nicola, welcome back! How was the monster fishing, amazing wasn’t it!? You know what? I participated once, but I broke several spears because I can’t control my power and ended up being banned from participating! Gaahahaha!」(Gauche)

「Oo, I remember that one! Instead of a spear, you should have used a big log! Gyahaha!」(village mayor)

「You have a point!」(Gauche)


Gauche oji-san, the village mayor, and Sanmina’s dad laughed together.

When I smiled awkwardly at them, Gauche oji-san poured ale into his cup and asked usー

「What are you two gonna do now? Are you gonna sleep already? Delica has already fallen asleep, butー」(Gauche)

「Ah, we want to take a bath before going to sleep. Village Mayor-san, can I make a bath outside?」(Mark)

「Hm? I don’t understand but you got my permission!」(village mayor)

The village mayor answered me in a loud voice. He seems quite drunk.

His son, Sanmina’s dad, didn’t look that drunk, though.

「A bath, huh? I want to see what it looks like. Can I watch you make it?」(Sanmina’s mom)

When Nicola and I were about to get out of the house, Sanmina’s mom hurriedly approached us.

「Yes, of course.」(Mark)

Then, the three of us went to a place a little away from the house where there were no buildings around.

Alright, what kind of bath should I make? Hmm…

Making a small bathtub for one person is easier, but I don’t want to fight for the first with Nicola, so I should make it big enough for at least two of us.

I think one tsubo* will be enough.
*/ 1 tsubo = 3.3 m²

I stretched my arms forward and activated earth magic.

I made a bathtub about one tsubo and filled it with hot water.
After that, I made walls surrounding it.

Since there were no tall buildings around, I didn’t have to make a roof.
Besides, without a roof, we could take a bath while watching the beautiful moon.

「He, Heeー Incredible…」(Sanmina’s mom)

Watching me using magic, Sanmina’s mom was impressed.

「Well then, Sanmina-mama, we’ll go in. Let’s go, Nicola.」(Mark)

「Okay, enjoy your time~」(Sanmina’s mom)

Then, Nicola and I went into the bath.

「Taking a bath together, huh? Onii-chan, we’re already eight years old, you know?」(Nicola)

「If you don’t like it, you can take a bath after me.」(Mark)

「I didn’t say I don’t like it.」(Nicola)

We took our clothes off our bodies and became completely naked at the same time.

When I made a soil bath scoop with earth magic, Nicola tapped my shoulder.


I looked back and saw Nicola showing off her naked body.


「Fufu~n. What do you think~?」(Nicola)

There were two streaks of light covering the two most important parts of her body.

「This is my light magic! It’s called『It Will Disappear On Blu-ray』! The great thing about this is that you can’t see what is being covered from any angle.」(Nicola)

Saying that, Nicola made various sexy poses with a smug expression on her face.

*/ BDでは消えます (It will disappear on blu-ray) refers to god rays or light that censors naked bodies in non blu-ray animes.


Surely I can’t see her most important body parts no matter how she moved her body.
I’m not sure if I should be impressed, so I just let out a sigh.

「Hahh… I think it doesn’t matter if I can see them or not, but whatever…」(Mark)

At least I don’t feel anything seeing my little sister’s naked body.

「Hiding them creates scarcity value, but it looks like it’s too difficult for Onii-chan to understand… Hahh…」(Nicola)

Nicola sighed as she shrugged her shoulders.

「What are you talking about? I do understand. That’s the reason why people buy the blu-ray version of anime, right?」(Mark)

「Yeah. But you know? According to the regulation, ‘God rays’ on little girl anime characters like me won’t disappear even on the blu-ray version.」(Nicola)

「Then why the heck did you name it『It Will Disappear On Blu-ray』!?」(Mark)

「Onii-chan~ do you wanna see my naked body so badly~?」(Nicola)

「As if I want!」(Mark)


After washing our body, we soaked into the bathtub.


We exhaled loudly at the same time.

「Onii-chan, let’s heal our tiredness from the trip with E-grade potions!」(Nicola)

「Oh, nice idea!」(Mark)

I took out ten bottles of grade-E potion into the bathtub.

The color of the hot water didn’t change much, but I felt like the water began to heal my body.


We exhaled loudly again and looked up at the moon.



After enjoying the bath to the fullest, I decided to leave Nicola alone and get out of the bath.

I wiped my body and wore my sleepwear.
Then, I took out Nicola’s sleepwear and towel from my item box, and left them in the bathroom.

When I got out of the bathroom, Sanmina’s mom was still there, waiting for us.

「Sanmina-mama, I thought you were back home.」(Mark)

「Neeー neeー Can I use the bath too?」(Sanmina’s mom)

Her eyes sparkled, full of curiosity.

She looked a lot like Sanmina.
Well, she’s her mother after all.

『Onii-chan, say yes! I want to grope Sanmina-mama’s boobs!』(Nicola)

It looks like Nicola heard our conversation.

「Yes, of course. Nicola was still inside, so if you don’t know how to use the bath, you can ask her.」(Mark)

「Yatta~! Thank you, Mark-chan~!」(Sanmina’s mom)

After seeing Sanmina’s mom entering the bathroom, I walked back to the village mayor’s house.

When I entered the house, the drunk men were still drinking at the dining room.

I left them alone and went to the room that had been prepared for us children.

There were two beds: one small, and the other one was slightly bigger.

Delica was sleeping on the small one, so that means the bigger one was for Nicola and me.

It’ll be a little cramped, but… I guess I don’t have a choice.
Well, I’m grateful that the village mayor has prepared us beds, though.

As soon as I laid on the bed, I became really sleepy.

Since this is my first time going to a place far from Fatia, it seems that my body was very exhausted.

I wrapped my body with a blanket, closed my eyes, and immediately fell into the dream land.



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