Chapter 61 : The Way Home


After we paid for the fillet Melmina put into her item box, we left the hut.

Before going back to the village mayor’s house, we went to the field to say goodbye to the village mayor and Sanmina’s dad who were working there.

Apparently, most of the field that could be seen around here seems to belong to the village mayor’s family, and the people who work on the field now seem to be Sanmina’s relatives.

After Sanmina called out, the village mayor and Sanmina’s dad approached us.

「Gauche-san, Mark-kun, Delica-chan, Nicola-chan, thank you! I’ll take good care of the seesaw and the slide you guys made.」(village mayor)

「It’s my pleasure. I will come again.」(Gauche)

Gauche-san shook hands with the village mayor and Sanmina’s dad.

And then, Sanmina suddenly raised her voice.

「Ojii-chan! Watch this! Melmina, show ‘it’ to him!」(Sanmina)

As she said that, Sanmina took out a rock from the ground and brought it to Melmina.

Melmina then sucked the rock into her item box and looked at the village mayor with a proud face.

「Uwooo…! She has an item box!?」(village mayor)

「She’s amazing, isn’t she!? It seems like she just realized it after she saw Mark used his earlier. When Nicola-chan brought a Tentacle fillet to her, syuuー! It disappeared all of a sudden!」(Sanmina)

While hugging me and Nicola, Sanmina told the village mayor what happened earlier.

「O, Oohh… I don’t know what exactly happened, but it was thanks to Mark and Nicola, right?」(village mayor)

The village mayor crouched down in front of Nicola and me.

「Please come to play again anytime. I’ll treat you delicious snack next time!」(village mayor)



We answered the village mayor with a smile.

I’m sure there will be a chance for us to come again to this village soon.
When that time comes, I won’t hesitate to rely on him.

After that, we returned to the village mayor’s house to pick up Delica and say goodbye to Sanmina’s mom.

「Mark-chan, thanks again for the bath last night! Please come again!」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Un. I’ll prepare you another potion bath the next time I come here!」(Mark)

After Gauche oji-san finished preparing our carriage, we children hopped into it, and then we left the village mayor’s house while waving at Sanmina, her mom, and her daughter.

「Bye byeー! Please come againー!」(Sanmina)

Looking at her mom waving at us, Melmina raised her small hand too.

Actually, I talked to Melmina several times while we were walking to the village mayor’s house because I was happy to meet a person who has the same gift as me.
Well, because she is still a little child, I don’t think she understands what I said, though.
But I hope I can get along with Melmina when she grows up.

『Does this mean the first stage of “Hikaru Genji’s plan” is successful?』(Nicola)

『Shut up! I’m not a lolicon!』(Mark)

「I’ll come to buy Tentacles meat againー!」(Mark)

I shouted like that as I waved my hand.

And then, we left Secard Village.

*/ Hikaru Genji’s plan is a plan where you raise a younger person (or a child) of opposite sex according to your ideals.
It comes from a novel by Murasaki Shikibu entitled “The Tale of Genji”, but the word itself comes from anime “City Hunter” in one of its scenes.






After a few hours of traveling on the road with nothing but grasslandsー

「Yosh, it’s about time for lunch.」(Gauche)

Telling us that, Gauche oji-san stopped the horse.

Good to know that we will have lunch before Nicola’s belly growled.

Just like before, after I got off the carriage, I made a table and chairs, and poured water into a bucket for the horse.

Today’s lunch is Dad’s special okonomiyaki.
But not only that, I also took out homemade bread I got from the village mayor.

「Oh~ Okonomiyaki! This goes well with ale!」(Gauche)

「You can’t drink until we get home!」(Delica)

「I know, I know. I just want to say that. Besides, I don’t bring any.」(Gauche)

Gauche oji-san dropped his shoulder.

I have a feeling he would have drank ale if he brought it.

Guys, please don’t drink alcohol before you drive a vehicle, okay!

「But still, item box is impressive! Look! The okonomiyaki that was made the day before yesterday is still piping hot!」(Gauche)

As he said that, Gauche oji-san carried a piece of okonomiyaki into his mouth with a fork.

「Gifts are the things you have since you were born, so it’s normal if ordinary people are jealous of people with gifts. However, if you don’t have gifts, you can still learn various skills.」(Delica)

「Skill, huh? Delica, you’re about to graduate from the Sunday School, aren’t you? At that time, the sisters in the church will examine your skills, right?」(Gauche)

「Un. If I know what kind of skills I have, job hunting will be easier.」(Delica)

The church will examine what skills you might possess after you turn twelve.
Originally, you have to pay a fairly high amount of donation, but it’s free for children who graduate from Sunday School.

Skills can be technical abilities or talents.
Although it’s rare, there are cases where people are not aware of their own skills or gifts, just like Melmina.
And the church plays a role in helping people by appraising their hidden skills (talents).

「Ahh~ I’m looking forward to it! Mark, Nicola, you guys are also looking forward to it, right!?」(Delica)

「W, Well….」(Mark)

Delica smiled at us with a bright smile, but honestly, Nicola and I were born special, so instead of looking forward to it, I feel a little scared what if people find out about my gift and skills.

But apparently, the church keeps personal information so maybe it will be fine.


After we finished lunch, we took a rest in the meadow for a while, and then continued our travel.
We spent our time inside the shaking carriage again for a while.

「By the way, even though we’ve been traveling for quite a while, why haven’t we encountered any monsters yet?」(Mark)

I was worried about monsters before we left our town, but I haven’t seen any monsters on the way except the bird monsters flying in the sky.

「This area is really open and has a particularly good view. And originally, roads are made in places where there are not so many monsters.」(Gauche)

「I see. But why haven’t we met anyone other than us either?」(Mark)

「In the first place, only a few people use this road because you can only go to Secard Village from Fatia. On the other hand, you will meet a lot of people traveling, even bandits sometimes, on the road to the capital.」(Gauche)

「So that means there are no bandits on this road, right?」(Mark)

「Well, you can say that. People rarely use this road, after all. Even if there were bandits here, they might be just a bunch of beginners.」(Gauche)



A couple of hours has passed since we talked about bandits, and it looks like we’ll arrive in town in about an hour.

When I get home, let’s show Dad the Tentacles. I hope he will make good dishes from them.
But first of all… Let’s hope that Dad is not scared of them…


Suddenly, Nicola called me using telepathy.

『Several people are approaching this carriage. They’re probably bandits!』(Nicola)




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