Chapter 57 : Monster Fishing


Kanー Kanー Kanー Kanー!

While the torches shimmered brightly and the clapping sound echoed loudly, the men stared at the quiet lake surface.

After a while of a tense atmosphere could be felt, the surface of the lake, which had been quietly reflecting the moon until then, undulated unnaturally.

And thenー


The moment I heard such a strange voice, something was launched from the lake like a missile.

No, of course that wasn’t a missile, that was a big squid that stuck out its tentacles forward and rotated like a drill, flying toward the torches.

However, it lost momentum and fell toward the ground before reaching the torches.

The squid has a body of about 1 meter in length.
Its tentacles were also about the same in length, so its total length was about 2 meters.


While the squid was moving its tentacles, rampaging around on the ground, the men with spears in their hands ran toward it all at once.


Surrounding the squid while raising angry voices, the men stuck their spears into it.

After the squid stopped moving, another group of men pulled it away from the shore.

「Get ready! The next Tentacles are coming!」

The men lined up and stared at the lake again.

Then, the surface of the lake shook greatly, and there were two tentacles flying toward the torches.


「There are two of them! Be careful!」

The men quickly split into two groups and attacked the two rampaging big squids at once.

However, the squids didn’t stay still, they swung their tentacles at the men.

Most of the men could dodge it, but unfortunately, one of them couldn’t.


He received a ‘tentacle punch’ in the belly and was blown away.

「Darren is down! Somebody, move him to safety!」

「Dammit! Next will be three of them coming at the same time!」

Kanー Kanー Kanー Kanー!

While the clapping sound of the wooden clapper continued to echo by the lakeside, the men’s battle continued.


「Hee… So this is ‘monster fishing’, huh…?」(Mark)

I muttered while watching the men covered in sweat fighting with the big squids.

『I don’t understand what’s the fun of watching men covered with sweats like this…』(Nicola)

Looks like Nicola wasn’t enjoying it.

「Yup. The light of the torches and the sound of the wooden clapper attracts the Tentacles to come out of the lake. However, sometimes they come in multiple numbers, and sometimes strong Tentacles appear, so you have to be careful or you might get seriously injured.」(Sanmina)

「What if they come in a very large number all at once?」(Mark)

「In that case, you have to run. They will aim for the torches first, so they won’t try to chase you. Once they take down all the torches and the fire goes out, they will return to the lake.」(Sanmina)

It seems that they can retreat anytime, so I guess it’s pretty safe.
Also, fishing by taking advantage of the target’s natural habit is a good and clever method.

「Ah, look! That’s my husband!」(Sanmina)

Looking at the direction Sanmina was pointing at, I saw a boy, who was a bit thin compared to the other men, trying to attack a squid with a spear in his hands.

To be honest, he looks unreliable.

「Aa! Geez, if he stands there, he will get in the other’s way! …..Ah! What is he doing? Don’t just space out! Get ready for the next one!」(Sanmina)

After hearing Sanmina’s commentary, it seems that her husband was still a beginner at fishing monsters.

Suddenly, Nicola pulled the sleeve of my shirt.

「Onii-chan, looks like no one noticed it.」(Nicola)

Saying that, Nicola pointed at the surface of the lake that was slightly swaying near Sanmina’s husband.

I see.
Looks like there will be a squid coming out from the spot Nicola was pointing at, but apparently no one was aware of it.

If a squid comes out, Sanmina’s husband might be in danger.

「Okay. Hoiー!」(Mark)

I shot three stone bullets at that spot.

All three shots hit the squid that was about to fly and killed it.

The dead squid then floated on the surface of the lake, showing its belly.

Sanmina didn’t understand what we were doing at first, but after she saw the dead squid floating near her husband, she immediately thanked us.

「Both of you, thank you! But… Nicola-chan! I didn’t know you can predict a future like that! You’re not just cute but also talented!」(Sanmina)

Sanmina crouched down and hugged both of us tightly.


Nicola made a sloppy face like when she was hugged by Celine.

Even though Sanmina’s boobs aren’t as big as Celine’s, you still like them, huh…?



After watching the monster fishing for a while, the clapping sound finally stopped.

It seems that tonight’s monster fishing was over.

The men turned off all the torches, and then they sorted the tentacles they had just hunted by relying only on the moonlight.
The big ones would be taken to the village, and the small ones would be stored in big jars near the lake.

While we were still standing near the woods, several men walked toward us while pulling a cart loaded with big squids.
Then, a shirtless middle-aged macho who walked at the front called out to Sanmina.

「Yo, Sanmina-chan! Picking-up your husband, eh? Hyuu~ hyuu~」(man)

「Puuー puuー! You’re wrong! I’m accompanying these children watching the monster fishing!」(Sanmina)

「Ohh! You two are the children who came with Gauche-san, right? How’s the monster fishing? Amazing wasn’t it?」(man)

「Un! That was amazing!」(Mark)

I answered honestly.

I’ve never seen a battle between men and squids before, but I never thought it would be so intense.
Including the mysterious atmosphere created by the light of the torches and the clapping sound of the wooden clapper, I feel like that this kind of event might attract tourists to come.

「Hahaha! Right? If you like, please buy our Tentacles before you go home!」(man)

After saying that, the middle-aged macho continued walking with several other men.

The line of men continued to pass us, and at the end of the line, there was a slightly thin guy walking toward us.

It was Sanmina’s husband.

「Yahoo, Kai~! You were sloppy as usual today!」(Sanmina)

「Sanmina! Did you come to pick me up? Thank you!」(Kai)

「Nope. Today, I’m these children’s tour guide.」(Sanmina)

「A, Ah… I see…」(Kai)

When Sanmina said so as she stroked my and Nicola’s heads, Kai dropped his shoulder.

「But I’m glad you didn’t get hurt! As a reward for your hard work, I’ll ‘give you a service’ tonight~」(Sanmina)

Hearing what Sanmina said, Kai looked down as his face turned bright red.

Oi, are you a maiden in love or something?

But, I wonder what kind of ‘service’ Sanmina will provide to her husband.

Then, we all went back to the village.

Sanmina and her husband were walking at the front while flirting with each other, while Nicola and I were following them while watching them with half-open eyes from behind.



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    1. Yeeeaahhhh… There’s nothing cute about 13 year olds having kids. Fantasy setting or no, it’s just gross.

  1. Don’t try to understand the logic of another world just like how you shouldn’t try to understand the common sense of another age. Lol. It’s easier to read this because its a fantasy story rather than a historical record.

    People back then thought it was normal to enslave other people. That ‘was’ normal, the common sense of another era.

  2. It’s so terrible. The couple of minors already had a child and they even
    tease each other shamelessly in front of children who are 8 years old.

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