Chapter 5 : Yoshida Masaru (28)


My name is Yoshida Masaru.
At a university where the entrance exam was supposed to be easy, I failed, and retake the exam a year later.
After I graduated, I got a job at a home remodeling company, and was spending my days as a salesman.

The company had definitely reached the level to be called ‘black’.
Everyday I worked until late night.
When I finished my work, the only enjoyment I had was eating meals.
Eating and drinking alone at my favorite izakaya was my daily routine.

That day, I got a harsh complaint that seemed to come once a month, and I decided to drink at the usual izakaya to relieve stress until I got drunk.
I returned home and slipped at my room, hit my head on the floor, and died.
I died at 28.

After I died, due to an angel’s carelessness, I woke up in heaven.
And because of that, I couldn’t be reincarnated in the previous world, instead, I reincarnated in another world while still having memories from previous life.

The angel who screwed up, took responsibility and accompanied me as my support.
But not as an angel, she was incarnated as my twin sister and supported me.

To be honest, I was grateful to have a support in the world I was unfamiliar with.
However, it seemed I couldn’t expect her power as an angel.
She would only support me with knowledge of this world.

In my previous life, I could enjoy my life with hobbies, traveling, and stuff, only until I was a collager. The time I was working as a salesman, I didn’t have time for that.
And now that I was reincarnated in another world, I would like to do my best so I could enjoy a better life this time.

The angel, who was named by God after her attributes and serial number, was given a name as Nicola by the parents in this world.

I heard various things about this world while on the bed.
The baby bed wasn’t as colorful as the one I saw in the story book.
It was a simple bed with fences on the side; the size was enough for two babies to sleep.

This world is called Fergard.
It’s a world of sword and magic.
Unlike the previous world, there’s magic in this world.
So, why does magic exist in this world? At first, I thought God was directly involved in this, but basically it was because of how the soul circulation worked.

Magic is a manifestation of energy that’s called ‘mana’ in the physical world by the user’s imagination.
And mana is a magical power that resides inside our body.

Spirits also exist in this world.
Therefore there’s magic called ‘spirit magic’.
Spirit magic is the magic where the users can ask the spirits to make up with their lack of mana and imagination.
It’s good for mana efficiency, but because spirits are not something that exist anywhere, it’s not good to overuse them.

And about the culture.
The atmosphere of the area where I was born was similar to the medieval European.
According to Nicola, this world is really wide, so there are various other cultures.
I thought It’d be a good idea to go traveling when I grow up.

Next, about me and Nicola’s family.
I was hoping that our parents were noble who had a town or something, but not.
They were just a young couple running an inn.
I thought God wasn’t so thoughtful at first, but our parents seemed to have a good heart.
Besides, if I think about it carefully, it would be troublesome to be a noble, because I have to learn manners or something troublesome like that.
Nicola said that the nobles have to marry for political reasons, and it would make it difficult for her to do her job (supporting me).
Besides, if we were born as noble, there might be a lot of problematic events that will occur in our life.
So I’m glad that we were born as commoners.
Perhaps it was God’s will so we were born to commoner parents.
Only God knows.

Anyways, now that Nicola and I were born in this world, I hope that Nicola can enjoy this world in her own way even though she was forced to incarnate and do support work for me at the beginning.




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