Chapter 4 : Giant Women


「*baby’s cry* Waaaa, Waaaaahー!」

When I realized, I was crying.
And it seemed I was surrounded by giant women.
While I was still crying, and didn’t know what was happening, I felt like a soft cloth wrapped around my body.

My vision was blurry and hard to see for some reason.
After a moment, I saw a bright red monkey held by a giant woman in front of me.
No… That wasn’t a monkey.
That was a human baby.

The baby was also crying, but it seemed to be just a fake cry.
Moreover, the baby put her short arm on her chest and the other arm on her crotch as if she was hiding them.

A giant woman faced another giant woman, who laid on a giant bed, and talked to her.

「Leona-san! Congratulations! They are healthy twin babies! Well, the other one looks a little weird..…..b, but thanks God, they have no physical defect! I’m happy for you!」

While looking at the baby next to me, I heard that the standing giant woman awkwardly changed the topic.
The giant woman who was laying on the bed was just looking at us and smiled peacefully.

Well, I already figured out what was going on.
It seemed I was successfully reincarnated.
And I’m a baby right now.

『――Yoshida-san. Yoshida-sanー Can you hear me?』

I heard a voice echoing in my head.
Even though it was inside my head, for some reason I knew the direction of the voice.
When I turned toward that direction, there was the baby who was still hiding her chest and crotch.

『Ah, looks like you can hear me. It’s me, Earth number 25673888』

It seemed that the baby in front of me was the angel girl who was with me a while ago.

『Apparently, my boss was combining our soul together, divided it into two, and then reincarnated us as a twins in this world』

『Eh? Is it really okay?』

『Well, it’s my boss’s doing, so I think it’ll be just fine…… But still, I’ve never heard about combining soul together, so honestly, I don’t know』

『So he easily did something amazing, huh. It might be too late to ask this but, is that old man God?』

『From humans’ perspective, I think there’s no doubt that he is recognized as God』

『I see. So he was indeed God, huh. By the way, what’s with your appearance…?』

『It seems I was incarnated as your twin sister so that I can support you in this world. And it seems I lost almost all of my ability as an angel. And…… Yoshida-san, stop looking at my chest and crotch!』

『I’m notー! As if I’m interested!』

『Really….? Oh well, leave that aside, now that your soul and mine once combined together, our minds are connected, and we can communicate even without talking just like this』

『Is this what’s called telepathy? And somehow I can understand what people here were saying as if they were speaking Japanese. How?』

『It’s a present from my boss. It seems to be a different-world language translation skill』

『I see. Well, it’ll be painful if we were thrown into an unknown world where we couldn’t understand the words while still having memories from previous life. I’ll gratefully use this skill. Is there any other cheat skill?』

『Didn’t he say he won’t give you any cheat skills?… Oh wait, it’s not a skill but Yoshida-san, it seems you’re given a ‘gift’』

『A ‘gift’?』

『It’s not like a skill that you can acquire by training, it’s something like a talent you were born with. And you can’t acquire this talent by training. It really is a gift from God, so that’s why it’s called ‘gift’』

『In other words, it’s a service from God, huh? So what kind of talent do I have?』

『It’s the so-called item box. The capacity will increase according to your mana capacity, also you can put in and take out items at any time』

『Ooー How convenient! I thought he was stingy, but the service he provided was generous for some reason. That old man seems to be a kinder God than I expected』

『……For me who was forced to incarnate, I don’t think so』

『You’re still sulking, huh. Well, to suddenly be forced like that on the first day of work, I can understand. But, there was nothing you could do, right? So get over it already』

『…..Well, you’re right. It can’t be helped. By the way, my boss struck the knowledge of this world into my head just before the incarnation, so I will support you with this knowledge, and I also kinda want to enjoy this world, so….. I’m in your care, ‘Onii-chan’』

『O, Ou… I’m in your care too』

While we were talking using telepathy like this, above our head wasー

「Oh, look! When I wonder why they stop crying, the baby boy and the baby girl are staring at each other. I’m sure they will be a good brother and sister!」

A woman who seemed to be a midwife laughed cheerfully after saying that.



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