Chapter 33 : Quest Reward


After getting rid of poison arrows and the bow, we continued to go back.
As we proceeded, Celine defeated another three goblins we found on the way back to the grasslands.

Thanks to Celine, today I got various valuable experiences such as cutting goblin’s ears, crushing a goblin with a stone wall, killing a goblin with stone bullets and appraising the poison arrow with my item box.
However, our excursion wasn’t over yet. We still had to report to the guild.

After walking for a while, we arrived at the gate of Fatia Town.
Just like this morning, Brian, the gatekeeper, was still in his post.
He noticed us and waved his hand lightly. We waved back at him.

Nicola ran toward Brian and greeted him cheerfully.

「Brian oji-chan, I’m back!」

「Yo, missy, welcome back. I’m glad both of you come back safely without any injuries. And? How was your first adventure outside?」

「It was fun!」

「I see. I’m happy for you. And Celine, you did a good work!」

「Fufu. Of course. Well, I’m a little tired, but not from walking or killing goblins though…」
*/Celine was tired of being amazed by Mark.

Just like when we left the town, Celine lightly waved her hand as she passed through the gate.
We followed her while waving at Brian.

We were finally back to Fatia Town.
The scenery I saw every day welcomed us back.
However, even though I only went to the forest for a few hours, I felt nostalgic seeing this scenery.
I felt that I could understand the feelings of children who were proud by just going out of town.

「Your home is closer, but we’ll go to the guild first」

It’ll be a hassle if we go home first and then go to the guild.
I agreed with Celine, so I nodded and followed her.

We walked down the main street until we got to the Adventurer Guild and entered the building.
I looked at the eating and drinking space, but I couldn’t find the drunk man from this morning.
Perhaps he sobered up and went to work. Or maybe he was forced to go out of the building…?

There were not many people here because it was past noon, so we proceeded to the reception counter without waiting in line.
Just like this morning, the black-haired beauty receptionist woman was in charge.

「We had hunted several goblins. Mark, give her the leather bag」

I removed the leather bag containing a large amount of goblin ears from my waist and gave it to the receptionist woman.

「Okay. I’ll check the number, so please wait for a moment」

The receptionist woman took the leather bag to a male guild staff at the back.
He dropped all the goblin ears onto a stone table that we could see from here.

Hoo. Even though I was already used to it, I was still shocked a little seeing a large amount of goblin ears on the table.
And as expected from the guild staff. He didn’t even flinch.
He started counting the number of the ears without changing his expression.

After a while, the staff came to the counter. He handed back the empty leather bag to Celine and saidー

「After I counted, the number of goblin subjugations was 25. Is it right?」

「Yes, that’s the right number」

After Celine replied, the staff bowed, walked back to the table, put the ears in another bag and walked to another room.
I wondered if he would get rid of the ears or do something with it there.

The receptionist woman bent her body forward and looked at Nicola and me.

「The reward for one goblin is four bronze coins. Do you know how many bronze coins for 25 goblins?」

She asked Nicola and me such a question.
It was a math problem.

Well, it’s easy, it will beー

「100 coins!」

Before I could even open my mouth, Nicola answered cheerfully.

「Oh my! Correct! You’re so smart, missy~」

The receptionist woman was surprised. She put her hand on her mouth.
Perhaps she didn’t expect Nicola or me to answer correctly.
Even in my previous life, for a 6-year-old child doing multiplication was an amazing thing.
It’s not something I can say, but I think Nicola has to be more careful not to stand out too much.

『I couldn’t show my cool side in the forest, so it’s okay if I show it here, right?……Ah, but I cut the goblin’s ear before the coward onii-chan could do it. Fufu』

I received such a telepathy from Nicola.
It’s pretty embarrassing to think back how cowardly I was when I tried to cut goblin’s ear for the first time.
Let’s hope something embarrassing like that won’t happen in the future.

「She is really smart, right~? And you know what? This boy also killed two goblins today」

While stroking Nicola’s and my head, Celine said that to the receptionist as if she was a mother bragging about her children.

「Eh!? Really!? But, how did this boy…」

「Fufuーn. We can’t tell you~ Besides, you can’t ask adventurers about this, right?」

Celine answered while grinning.

「Ah. That’s right. I, I’m sorry… But, uhh… I’m really curious…」

The receptionist woman glanced at me.

Celine… you’re evil… making someone so curious…

Well, it would be bad if the story about me spread, so we better not tell her anything.

While having such conversations, the receptionist woman didn’t stop her hand from working; she put the reward on the counter.
The reward was 10 silver coins.

By the way, 10 bronze coins = 1 silver coin, and 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin.

From my rough calculation, 1 silver coin is about 1,000 yen (10 bucks).
So we got about 10,000 yen from hunting goblins from morning till early afternoon, huh.

Perhaps it’s no use to compare the prices here to the prices in my previous life, so it may be better not to worry about it.

If I consider 1 silver = 1,000 yen, it would be extremely expensive to stay at our inn.
You pay 5 silver coins for a night with breakfast only.
Just imagine how many yen you spend if you want to stay for several days and you also have to buy lunch and dinner.

Considering it’s a life-threatening job, 10,000 yen for hunting goblins is kinda cheap. Besides, it’s not that we always get the same amount of goblins every day.
If I think about it, it seems that doing only goblin hunting won’t make you rich.
That’s why goblin subjugation is an unpopular quest.

I think hunting goblins is good for additional cash while you’re doing a big quest or something.
But wait… We went hunting goblins after Celine accepted the quest, right? I wonder if we can exchange goblin ears for money even if we don’t accept a goblin subjugation quest.

「Celine, can we exchange goblin ears for money even if we don’t accept the quest?」

「I sometimes killed goblins if I saw them, and the guild never refused me to exchange the ears for money. Today, I just wanted to show you how to accept a quest in the guild, that’s why I took the quest」

After Celine answered me, the receptionist addedー

「Since goblin subjugation quest is to protect this town, the guild will be troubled if you bring the ears of goblins that are not from this area. Therefore, even if you bring goblin ears to us, we may refuse obviously old goblin ears, or the ears of goblin subspecies that shouldn’t be around this area. Goblin ears are not materials that we can use after all」

I see.
As long as you bring ears from goblins around here, you can exchange money in this town Adventurer Guild.
And it seems that you can sell parts of monsters that can be used as materials even if you didn’t take the quest.

「I see how it works now, Thank you!」

I said thank you to the receptionist woman while smiling.
She then stroked my head while sayingー

「You’re so polite to say thank you properly」

I was used to Celine stroking my head, but it felt so different when a beautiful woman who I just met stroked my head!
So this is how you feel if you get nadepo-ed, huh. It feels good.

*/nadepo is a phenomenon where you fall in love with a person who stoked your head.
There’s also nikopo, a phenomenon where you fall in love with a person who smiled at you.

「Well then, let’s go home now」

Said Celine when the receptionist woman stroked Nicola’s head after she stroked mine.

There was no line behind us, but talking too long at the counter is bad manners.

We exchanged a farewell greeting with the receptionist woman and left the Adventure Guild.

When we were outside, I looked at the sky.
I felt a faint sign of dusk in the bright sky.
It seemed that we stayed longer than we expected.

Celine crouched down in front of us and saidー

「Mark, here’s your share for killing two goblins today. Actually, you got eight bronze coins for two goblins, but I’ll give you ten to celebrate your first subjugation. Share it with Nicola, okay? It’s important for adventurers to distribute the reward if you’re in a party」

「Thank you, Celine. And here’s Nicola’s share」

I handed five bronze coins to Nicola.

Celine smiled while looking at us, then she stood up slowly and stretched her body.

「Mmmhhh~ Alright, let’s go to your home. And can you please prepare a bath for me after we get home?」

「No problem」

I was in Celine’s care today, so let’s serve her bath for free today.

「Celine-oneechan, can I join you in the bath?」

「Of course~ Mark, you want to join us too?」

「No thanks」

While having such a conversation, we walked toward home.



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