Chapter 34 : The Next Day


When we got home, Mom, who was wiping the table in the dining hall, greeted us.
It looked like Mom wasn’t worried about us, but Dad was. The moment he saw us, he looked so relieved.

While Celine and Nicola were taking a bath, I was helping Mom and Dad with the inn.

After I was done helping, it was dinner time, even though it was a little late.
Mom invited Celine to eat dinner together to thank her for today.
While we were having a fun dinner, we talked about what happened today, what we experienced today, what we learned today, everything.




The next day.
I went out to do my daily routine which is taking care of the fields in the vacant lot.
I couldn’t go to the vacant lot yesterday, so I was a little worried about the fields.
By the way, Nicola was still sleeping when I left home.

I immediately looked at the field when I arrived at the vacant lot, but there was nothing changed.

Then, as usual, I inject mana into the field.

After a while, Gill came.
He usually came in the afternoon, but for some reason he came in the morning today.

「Oh. Hello, Boy. You unusually didn’t come here yesterday, did something happen?」

Maybe he was worried I didn’t show up here yesterday.
I stopped my hand from injecting mana and answered Gill.

「I went outside the town with Celine yesterday. I should have told Gill oji-san before I go」

「Haha! A child doesn’t have to worry about that. Celine is the onee-chan in a black dress who often stays at your inn, right? Despite her bold appearance, she’s good at taking care of children, huh」

As I thought, Celine’s appearance kinda stood out for other people.
In my opinion, her body was pretty decent even though her clothes stood out though.

「Yes, that onee-san. And when we went out, I saw goblins for the first time!」

「Haha. I see. What did you think when you saw the goblin?」

「Monsters are scary…」

「Yeah, right. Even though goblins are weak, normally for us humans, monsters are scary. Good that you know that」

Gill crossed his arms and nodded.

I was able to kill two of them and cut a lot of their ears, but that’s a different matter.
It was unexpectedly stressful to see monsters that can’t communicate with us attacking maliciously.
In my previous life, the similar experience is when I was chased by a dog when I was a child.

The adventurers, who had to confront such threats every day, had to train not only their skills but also their hearts so that they weren’t afraid of fighting the monsters, otherwise they wouldn’t stand to work as adventurers.
I really learned a lot from yesterday’s experience.

「Gill-ojisan, can you keep this a secret from Boss? If she knew I went outside, she might get jealous and be in a bad mood again」

「I won’t get jealous over it anymore!」

「Geh! Boss!?」

Delica stood behind me before I knew it.

Jang jang jang jaaaaaaangー
A sound effect like when a villain makes an appearance in the movie, rang in my head.

「What do you mean by ‘Geh!’, huh!?….. A while ago, I went to the nearby village with my dad to help his work, so I won’t get jealous anymore about going outside!」

Delica stretched her chest, bragging.

「Ah! More importantly, Mark! I heard you had a duel with Jack! Are you okay?」

「Eh? How did you know?」

「Yesterday, I happened to meet Jack during the patrol. Normally, he would pick a fight with me or make fun of me, but he was weird, so I asked him persistently what happened to him until he answered. He said that he lost to you in a duel and then ran away. Is that true?」

It seemed that Jack had a hard time when the wound of defeat had not yet healed.

「I see… Well, yeah」

「Fuーn, not bad, Mark! That will make Jack quiet for a while」

「Hee, you have a fight, Boy? You look quiet, but you can also fight, huh. How you did it by the way?」

Gill asked me with interest, so I answered him.
But I only said that I made his feet and hands stuck in the ground using earth magic, and then he gave up.
To protect his honor, I didn’t say that I took off his pants and exposed his weenie.

「As I thought, Mark’s magic is amazing! Yuuri also always says it’s amazing!」

Delica’s younger brother, Yuuri, who was hiding in Delica’s back, nodded vigorously.

I see.
So that’s why Yuuri always looked at me passionately when I was practicing magic. He was watching my magic, not looking at me.
I’m glad it wasn’t a ‘weird gaze’.

「Yuuri, you are also amazing. I saw you studying at the same level as Boss at the church the other day」

Yuuri was a year older than me, 7 years old, and Delica was 10.

「…….I like studying…」

Yuuri muttered shyly.

「You know? A long time ago, he always borrowed a lot of books from church and read them at home! I thought at this rate, he would become a shut-in, so I decided to form the Moonlight Wolf Team so that I can take him out to patrol the town!」

Suddenly, I heard the secret story about why the Moonlight Wolf Team was formed…

Oh, right. Speaking of church…

「By the way, before I dueled with Jack, I saw a field in the backyard of the church. I felt mana from that field. Did the church make that field?」

「I heard that Sister Lina is the one who cultivates the field. She uses vegetables from the field to make meals for the orphans」

Lina is a sister in her mid-twenties.
She was the one teaching us in Sunday School the other day.

「I see. I only saw it for a moment. I saw cabbage and cucumber planted there. Maybe I’ll ask her in detail next time」

「Hoo. To have interest in agriculture at a very young age, you really are a strange boy」

Gill made an amazed look.

Well, I just thought if the variety of vegetables I could grow increased, the menu Dad could make would also increase.
Besides, it might also be a hint for my future life.
So it’s better to have knowledge about it.

I resumed injecting mana into the field while thinking about what I would like to ask Sister Lina the next Sunday School.



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