Chapter 3 : Soak Washing


「You will reincarnate me into a different world?」

「Correct. I can’t erase your memories so I can’t reincarnate you into the world you were in. However, if it’s in a different world, there’s no problem if you reincarnated with your memories still intact」

It was literally the ‘reincarnated in another world’ thing.
I had read some of the famous WEB novels, manga, and anime I found while surfing the internet, where the protagonist was cheat skill users, unkillable, and had so many girls in his harem party.

「I won’t give you such a cheat skill, okay? You have to train and get the power on your own. Besides, I reincarnate you into another world to soften your soul so that we can wash your memories and sins, and then reincarnate you into your original world. Your soul can be softened if you lead a fulfilling life in another world」

Ahh, I see.
So it was like soaking clothes for several minutes so we can get rid of stubborn stains more easily.

「And a human who never been in a relationship with the opposite sex in his previous life has no rights to talk about harem」

The old man didn’t make fun of it but was just normally astounded by it.
Still, it bothered me!
I wasn’t an aggressive type when it comes to love, so it couldn’t be helped, right!?
I was also thinking that it’s not good if I stay single too long, so I thought about getting married, but here I am now, dead!

「Also, those novels, gal games, and such were not good to human’s life. Especially the one that the protagonist was a talentless herbivore man who was insensitive to girl’s feelings, BUT popular among girls!」

*/Herbivore men or grass-eater men (草食系男子) is a term used in Japan to describe men who have no interest in getting married or finding a girlfriend.
Gal game or bishoujo game is a game where you interact with cute girls in the game.

Though in novels and gal games, they can be popular just by being nice to the girls, in reality, it was almost impossible.

「They are really lacking personalities. And many of them didn’t realize the heroine’s feelings unless they got close to each other. How dumb they are not realizing it at the early stage! I feel bad for the heroines!」

Right, I couldn’t deny it.
But, why the heck is this old man so familiar with Japanese otaku culture!?

「Ahem! I talked too much. And? What are you going to do? Reincarnated in a different world or be crushed into pieces so we can reuse the scraps of your soul to make a new one. Your choice」

Hmm. Of course I wanted to avoid the soul-crushed route that seemed to be for sinners, because it was scary!
Reincarnated in another world would be a million times better.
But it might be a world without justice and full of violence.
I didn’t think I could live as peacefully as I lived in Japan.
Moreover, this old man didn’t wanna give me a cheat skill.

「I can’t give you a cheat skill, but as my apology, at least I can give you an assistant to accompany you…. Earth number 25673888!」

「Y, Yes, sir!」

The angel girl who was quiet until now, replied while still standing stiffly.
So the number was her name, huh.

「Yes. You saw them, didn’t you? There are countless angels in Heaven. If I have time to name them all, it would be better if I use my time to save as many souls as possible. Therefore I just named them after their attributes and serial numbers」

I see.
Well, if there were so many of them, it couldn’t be helped.
Even though it was just a number, it was better than nameless.

「P, Pardon, sir….. What do you mean by assistant?」

The angel girl, umm, Earth whatever-san asked the bossy old man as her face turned pale.

「Um. It seems that training alone is not enough for your education. So you will be incarnated with him, and you will be supporting him. I hope you will grow to be a better angel in another world」

「N, No, please wait! In that case, wouldn’t it be better if I take another training?」

「As I said, it won’t be enough for your education! You have no rights to refuse!」

「But, but…. Ah! That’s right! I’m an angel! The nature of my soul is different from human soul, so I think it’s impossible for me to incarnate!」

「Don’t worry. I’m going to combine his soul with yours, doing this and that, and with a little trick, your soul will become as similar to human soul as possible」

The angel girl’s face turned even paler after listening to what just he said.
He said something like combining my soul with hers, but is that even safe?

「It will be just fine. You won’t have a cheat skill, but maybe you will be born talented. Alright then, it’s time for you to go」

After saying that, the old man began to shine brightly.
And then the angel girl and I suddenly became close to each other, stacked, merged, and mixed togetherー



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