Chapter 2 : Tengu’s Doing


After staring at me and the angel girl who brought me here, the old man who looked so bossy began to speak.

「Earth number 25673888, I’m sure today is your first day of working, but…… appears you messed up, didn’t you?」

Asked by the sighing old man, the angel girl shook her shoulders while standing stiffly.
By the way, I was by her side, floating……. Wait, I can float? So why did I fall then?

「YーY, Yes, sir! I couldn’t sleep yesterday because I was too nervous of going work for the first time, so I was thinking of playing human world’s video game until I fall asleep, but before I realized, it was already morning, so I hurriedly went to work; and after I washed souls for about an hour, the soul I held was fell all of a sudden. It must have been the ghost’s doing!」

She blamed a ghost, huh.

「This is heaven! No ghost in heaven! That means… you dozed off so the soul slipped off your hand, fell, and then awakened, am I wrong?」

「I, If it wasn’t ghost, then it must be Gorgom’s doing!」

「No such thing!」

The elderly man glared at the angel girl.

*/TL note : “It must be Gorgom’s doing!” is a famous line from Kamen Rider Black when the protagonist, Minami Koutaro, encountered a mysterious incident.
Gorgom itself is a mysterious cult and criminal group in the series.

「Y, Yes, you’re correct… I did messed up…」

「Haahh….. I understand the cause. And you……, human name : Yoshida Masaru, what are you going to do?」

Even though he said that, I didn’t know what to do.

「Your future, your choice. Your old memories had been overlapped with the new one once you woke up in heaven, so you cannot be reincarnated. It’s possible to destroy your soul into pieces and recreate a new soul, but it appears that you’re a human with only a little sin. We are the one at fault here, so we cannot do such a thing to you」

He said something scary like destroying my soul into pieces.
I wanted to avoid it if possible.

「Well then, how about you bring me back to life……. Is it possible?」

「Sorry, it is not possible. When you woke up here, you might feel the same as when you wake up from sleep normally, but in the human world, months have passed. And of course, your body had been cremated」

Ahh, I see…
Mom, I’m sorry.
I was unfaithful to leave you like this.
I’m so sorry that I can’t even say proudly that I was a good boy.

「Six months after you died, your mother remarried a man she met at her part-time job. It seemed she didn’t marry him until then because you were such a mommy’s boy*」

*/Mother complex

Damn it! So that was why she always wore so much makeup even though she just went to her part-time job!

「You didn’t have a lover or close friends in your life, didn’t you? So, you have no regrets anymore in your life, am I right?」

He spoke as if I was a loner, but I only didn’t have a lover or a special friend, I still had colleagues and friends who always talked to me and went out to eat meals with me!
It’s true!

But Mom was….. Well, I thought she would be just fine even if I left her like this.
So, yeah… maybe I have no regrets.

「Well, I cannot bring you back to life nor reincarnate you to your original world. But I have a suggestion」

I feel like he’s going to say the most important thing.

「Are you willing to reincarnated in a different world?」

Oh!? Here comes the another world plot!



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