Chapter 299 : Hostage



Nicola could do nothing but stand still stiffly and squint.

「Kaaahaha!! What a poor girl!」(Lumon)

But, Lumon doesn’t understand.

Nicola is not cowering in fear. She’s probably just freezing because of the disgusting feeling of having Lumon wrap his arm around her neck.

I’ve lived with her for the past nine years, so somehow I know her feelings just by looking at her face.

I’m glad that Nicola is not frightened. As long as she is calm, we might be able to do something to deal with Lumon.

I tried to move as slowly as possible to avoid provoking him, but he noticed it and shouted.

「Don’t move if you don’t want your sister to get hurt! I don’t know how you did it, but you deflected my sword. I won’t let my guard down even though you’re just a kid.」(Lumon)

This is bad. He’s very cautious…

This guy was able to hide his presence from Nicola’s sensing ability. I can’t underestimate him…

I think I should buy some time and wait for Celine and Ester to come to help us.

「Onii-san, I never thought you were a bandit… Garrett oji-san said that you have been working for him as an escort for a long time. I don’t understand why a bandit like you would bother to work as an escort.」(Mark)

「Khu khu! We’re bandits but we’re not idiots. We plan everything and proceed cautiously. We stay hidden while blending in with the other people until we find good prey. Once we find it, we wait for a good opportunity and do our job without leaving any evidence.」(Lumon)

I see… So he had been pretending to be an escort to wait for an opportunity.

I can’t help but think why doesn’t he keep working as an escort? Is it because being a bandit is more profitable?

I’m not a criminal, so I didn’t really understand the way criminals think…

「So… You decided to take action this time because we are good prey?」(Mark)

「Exactly. We didn’t want to miss a chance to abduct beautiful women and kids. Unfortunately, I miscalculated your strength. I never thought those women were so skillful… Dammit!」(Lumon)

Lumon frowned as he spoke, but then he grinned when he looked at Nicola.

「I planned to keep Garrett hostage, but I don’t need him any more thanks to your little sister! Gaahaha! As long as I have her, those two adventurer b*tches won’t be able to hurt me!」(Lumon)

Ester is not an adventurer though. Not yet.

While glaring at me, Lumon took out a rope from his pocket with his free hand.

Seems like he wants to tie Nicola up.

This is bad. I need to distract him and buy more time.

「I, I was surprised that you were so good at hiding your presence. How did you do that?」(Mark)

「Huh? So you were using sensing magic to chase after me, huh? Hahaha! What an idiot. I can easily kill my presence thanks to my Gift, “Stealth”. When I was a kid, I sometimes activated it without knowing it and scared nearby people. I thought it was a useless Gift at first, but now I feel like I’m invincible with this Gift!」(Lumon)

『Ah, I see. So it was a Gift, huh? That’s why I couldn’t detect his presence. Makes sense.』(Nicola)

I see… It wasn’t a skill, but a Gift.

Because Lumon is more experienced and stronger than Nicola, his Stealth Gift is stronger than Nicola’s Spatial Awareness Gift, so it was only natural that Nicola couldn’t detect him.

「Tsk. I wasted too much time.」(Lumon)

Lumon clicked his tongue and began wrapping the rope around Nicola’s body with his free hand and his mouth while his other hand kept holding the sword on Nicola’s neck.

It seems like I can’t buy any more time until Celine gets here.

What should I do…?

『Onii-chan, at this rate, he will take us somewhere before Celine gets here! Can you do something? I want to be freed from this disgusting man as soon as possible!』(Nicola)

『But I can’t do anything as long as he keeps an eye on me.』(Mark)

I wanna do something, but he keeps watching me. If I move even for an inch, I’m sure he will notice it.

He probably thinks that I’m a threat to him.

Well, his hunch is right. I’m the only one who can defeat him here. I think I can beat him with a single Mud Bullet.

However, I need an opening.

He probably thinks that Nicola is not a threat. If that’s the case, then Nicola has to make an opening for me.

『Nicola, I need an opening before I can do something to help you. Can you distract him for a second?』(Mark)

「Oi, how long are you guys going to stare at each other!? Turn around!」(Lumon)

「E, Ehh?」(Mark)

「I said turn around!」(Lumon)

Lumon moved his sword a few centimeters closer to Nicola’s neck as he told me so.

This is not good. If I turn around, I won’t be able to attack him quickly.

『Aa-ah… It can’t be helped. I’ll use my forbidden technique to create an opening. After that, I’ll leave the rest to you.』(Nicola)

『Forbidden technique?』(Mark)

Without answering my question, Nicola focused her wind-attributed mana on her fingers, stretched her arms backward a little, and put her hands on Lumon’s thighs.

Forbidden technique… Don’t tell me, she’s going toー

『Here I go!』(Nicola)

Nicola started moving her fingers quickly but gently, tickling Lumon’s thighs.

I knew it!

At first glance, it looked like Nicola was just tickling Lumon’s thighs but what she was doing was actually a next-level tickling technique because the wind-attributed mana covering her fingers made it much more ticklish.


Lumon, who couldn’t withstand the sudden tickle attack, burst into laughter and spontaneously raised his hands, moving his sword away from Nicola’s neck.

Now this is my chance!!

「Stone Bullet!」(Mark)


I shot a Stone Bullet at his sword.

「Oh, shiー!!」(Lumon)

Unable to handle the impact, he let go of his sword.

「F*cking brat!」(Lumon)

He immediately lowered his hand, trying to grab the dagger on his waist, but before he could pull it outー

「Mud Bullet!」(Mark)


ーI shot a Mud Bullet and hit his face, blowing him away a few meters from Nicola.



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  1. I don’t understand one thing, doesn’t this MC know what this Lumen guy intended to do with Celine and the others? Because how can we explain that he is not at all irritated with this guy and still deals with him in such a simple way without causing pain, fear or at least expressing irritation with this guy? Seriously, if I were him, I wouldn’t think twice before blowing off this guy’s legs and arms so he would never dare to try anything with Celine again. And look, I’m not even talking about killing in the moment of rage, just containing yourself and venting your anger by hurting him… Seriously, can anyone explain this extremely calm behavior from the MC to me?

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