Chapter 298 : Pursuit


While carrying Nicola on my back, I used my Levitation Magic to float in the air.

We were ready to chase after Lumon, but he was already far away from us.

『Onii-chan, he’s moving really fast! I think he’s using some kind of ability to boost his speed.』(Nicola)

『Dammit! I think we better chase him on foot.』(Mark)

I can fly using my Levitation Magic, but I still can’t fly fast because I’m still learning how to control my wind-attributed mana, so I decided to chase after him by running because I thought it would be faster that way.

Therefore, after I flew over the fence on the rooftop, I landed on the ground and canceled my Levitation Magic.

My physical strength has improved thanks to the Ether I got from defeating the Evil Fungus in the forest near Schultria Village a while ago, so I can run fast even while carrying Nicola on my back.

As soon as I released the wind-attributed mana that covered my body, I put my strength on my legs and started running.

However, a bandit with a one-handed axe jumped over here and stood in my way.

「Stop right there, you little brat! I won’t hurt you if you stay stiー」(bandit)

「ーMud Bullet!」(Mark)


I reflectively shot a soccer ball-sized Mud Bullet at him and hit his stomach.

The man was blown away with his entire body bending like a “>” sign.

Mud Bullet is the new non-lethal offensive spell I created by combining earth and water-attributed mana.

The reason I invented this spell is because I don’t want to kill humans.

I would likely kill people if I shot my Stone Bullets at them, so I decided to use this non-lethal spell when I fight humans.

I know that violence is normal in this world, but I still can’t imagine myself saying, “I’ll splatter your guts!” and then destroying someone’s stomach with a Stone Bullet.

*/TL : “臓物をブチ撒けろ!/ harawata wo buchimakero! / I’ll splatter your guts!!” is a famous line from the manga “Busou Renkin” coming from the heroine, Tsumura Tokiko when she kills her enemies.

After defeating the bandit, I continued running straight after Lumon. However, catching up with him who is already running far ahead seems to be a very difficult task.

Due to the influence of the Ether I got from the Evil Fungus, I can run faster than adults, but Lumon is much faster than me.

As Nicola said, he’s probably using an ability to boost his speed.

This is bad… Even if I’m not carrying Nicola on my back, I don’t think I will be able to catch up.

Lumon seemed to have noticed us chasing him. He turned his face toward us and threw the torch he held at us.

I quickly dodged the torch to the side. However, the moment I took my eyes off him, Lumon disappeared into the darkness.

『He disappeared!?』(Mark)

『I think he’s running straight toward the carriage.』(Nicola)


I kept running toward the carriage and stopped right next to it.

It’s quiet here… Too quiet in my opinion.

I can’t hear anything from the carriage. I can only hear the crackling sound of the campfire that has been left on.

『Nicola, where is he? Is he in the carriage?』(Mark)


Nicola wasn’t replying for some reason.

『Hey, can you hear me?』(Mark)

『No way… How could he…』(Nicola)

Nicola is acting weird. She sounds somewhat confused.

『Hey, what’s wrong?』(Mark)

『I’m sorry, Onii-chan. I think I lost him…』(Nicola)

『Wait, you lost him!?』(Mark)

『I can no longer feel his presence as if it disappeared all of a sudden. There’s someone inside the carriage, but I think it’s the old man, Garrett.』(Nicola)

『Are you sure it’s Garrett-san? It’s not Lumon?』(Mark)

『I’m sure of it. People have different presences, and the one inside the carriage is totally not Lumon’s.』(Nicola)

『If that’s the case, then where did Lumon go? You have a strong sensing ability, but he could conceal his presence without you knowing? That’s insane!』(Mark)

『I know that’s insane, but unfortunately, that’s what happened… Dammit!』(Nicola)

Judging from her voice, I could tell that Nicola was upset.

It’s probably the first time she can’t detect someone’s presence.

I wonder who Lumon is exactly… Is he an ex-high-ranked adventurer?

First, he used an ability to boost his speed, then he suddenly disappeared from my sight, and lastly, he’s hiding his presence. He probably has mastered some assassin or ninja techniques.

It reminds me of Ester because she can also conceal her presence. I can never sense her presence with my Sensing Magic when she does that probably because her stealth ability is stronger than my Sensing Magic.

However, Nicola is different. Her sensing ability is not a spell like mine. It’s a Gift. It’s stronger than anyone’s Sensing Magic, even Celine’s.

She was able to accurately detect goblins and kobolds when we went to the forest near Fatia Town. She also was able to find Jack who was lost in the forest.

Her sensing ability is powerful. There’s no doubt about it. Yet she can’t detect Lumon’s presence.

I thought that man was a small fry, but he seemed to be more skillful than I expected.

I could feel cold sweat starting to trickle down my forehead.

This unexpected turn of events made me feel restless.

『Anyway, seems like we have no choice but to open the carriage’s curtain.』(Mark)

『…You’re right.』(Nicola)

After replying to me with a weak voice, Nicola got off my back. She looked somewhat apologetic and upset at the same time.

She probably thought that she was useless since her sensing ability was not working as expected.

I would be lying if I said that I don’t feel sorry for her.

I stroked her head and smiled at her to make her feel better.

『I’ll go check the carriage. You stay here.』(Mark)


I lifted the curtain and slowly got into the carriage, trying not to make any noise.

I found Garrett-san inside. He was lying on the left passenger seat with his hands and feet tied with ropes.

He’s not moving at all. I wonder if he’s unconscious.

「Garrett oji-san, are you okay?」(Mark)

I approached him and shook his body, but suddenlyー

「ーDie you little brat!!」(Lumon)


ーI heard a high-pitched voice from above my head.

It was Lumon. He was hanging on the ceiling like Spiderman with his back facing the ceiling.

He dropped his body and tried to stab me from above with his sword, but before the blade reached me, a shield of wind appeared and deflected his sword.

「What the!?」(Lumon)

It was the effect of the Eagle Amulet I got from the feudal lord. This thing saved my life again.

I hurriedly stretched my arm toward him, ready to shoot some Mud Bullets.


However, he realized that I would strike back. He quickly jumped back, getting out of the carriage.

He was really fast. I haven’t done focusing my earth and water attributed mana on my hand but he has already dodged.

Noticing Nicola who was waiting outside, Lumon quickly wrapped his arm around Nicola’s neck from behind and dragged her a few meters away from the carriage.


Nicola groaned in pain, but Lumon didn’t care.

He put the blade of his sword on Nicola’s neck and smirked at me as if he had won.




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    1. Or maybe he needs to learn that playing a hero to those people that he has no responsibilities to is not the best idea without matching ability if there are his friends and family at stake.

  1. It happened as I feared, I had already mentioned that he is very naive and would end up putting Nicole or Celine in danger. All said and done, I just hope he kills the Lumen guy instead of coming up with some other nonsense about not killing vermin like these.

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