Chapter 297 : Bandit Leader’s True Identity


Hearing Celine’s voice, the bandits turned their faces toward the second floor and looked at Celine.

「Is that woman the adventurer?」
「Yeah, just like the boss said, she’s hot, isn’t she?」
「Uhihi~! I’m looking forward to seeing her crying face~」(bandits)

They were grinning at Celine, feeling confident that they would win against her.

While they were trying to intimidate Celine by grinning evilly while playing with their weapons, the man whose face we recognized came out from the crowd and shouted.

「Alright, enough talking. There are two beautiful women, two pretty girls, and a good-looking boy. They surely can be sold for a lot of money! Go catch them without killing them!」(Lumon)


The man was Lumon. In response to what he said, the bandits raised their weapons and shouted.

I thought he was suspicious, but I never thought he was a bandit.

Moreover, it seems like he’s not just an ordinary bandit. Judging from the way the other bandits responded to him, he’s probably their leader.

「That bastard! How dare he pretend to be our escort!」(Celine)

While the four of us were glaring down at him, he smirked at us and raised his hand, giving men a signal.

「Archers, shoot your arrows!」(Lumon)

「「Yes, sir!!」」(bandit archers)

The bandits who had bows drew their arrows and shot them at us.

「Wall of Fire!!」(Celine)

However, before the arrows reached us, Celine made a wall with fire magic.

It burned the arrows instantly, making a sizzling sound every time it devoured an arrow. Meanwhile, the arrowheads that were made of stone fell to the ground.

「W, What the hell!?」(Lumon)

「It’s not too late! I’ll let you go unharmed if you give up!」(Celine)

「Like hell we will! Keep shooting!」(Lumon)

Arrows constantly flew at us, but Celine’s wall of fire was too powerful. None of them reached us.

「Can’t those idiots see that shooting arrows at us is useless? They’re really no different from monsters… Mark, can you shoot them back with your magic?」(Celine)

Celine asked me, but before I could answer her, Ester interrupted.

「ーWait! Can I take care of them?」(Ester)

「Are you sure?」(Celine)

「Don’t worry. I won’t lose to brainless men like them.」(Ester)

Seeing Ester’s excited face, Celine thought for a moment and answered her.

「Hmm… Alright. I think it’s a good opportunity for you to test your skills before registering with the Adventurer Guild to become an adventurer.」(Celine)

「Yayy! Thank you, Celine!」(Ester)

「Be careful, okay?」(Celine)

「Un! It won’t be long!」(Ester)

Ester looked so happy. Her eyes were sparkling.

I saw those eyes when we went hunting Green Foxes in the forest near Schultria Village a couple of months ago.

I remember Ester moved faster than those foxes and killed them by running around the forest quickly and cutting their heads off.

She could fight multiple Green Foxes at the same time without a problem back then, but now, she will be fighting against people.

I wonder if she will be alright…

People are different than monsters after all.

While I was worrying, Ester drew both of her daggers from their sheaths, jumped down onto the ground, and landed like a ninja.

「What theー!?」(bandit a)

The nearest bandit was surprised to see Ester suddenly appear in front of him.

Before he could react, Ester jumped forward and cut his leg.

「Guhh!」(bandit a)

When the bandit lost his balance and kneeled on the ground, Ester hit the back of his head with a spinning hook kick, making him lose consciousness.

「One down!」(Ester)

「Dammit! How dare you!」(bandit b)

Seeing his friend collapse all of a sudden, a bandit carrying a long sword noticed Ester’s presence and raised his sword.

However, when he swung his sword down, Ester easily dodged it by quickly shifting her body.

She then quickly swung her daggers horizontally and hit the man’s chest.

「Gahaa!!」(bandit b)

After he groaned and fell to the ground head-first, Ester ran toward her next target.

「Boss, you said there was only one adventurer! ーGaahh!」(bandit c)

Seeing Ester defeat his man one by one, Lumon began to panic.

「D, Dammit! I thought she was just a normal girl! You guys, I leave her to you! I’ll be right back!」(Lumon)

He turned around and started running. Leaving his men behind.

「Boss, where are you going!?」
「Dammit! We have to defeat this girl!」
「But she’s too quick!」(bandits)

Lumon was running toward where Garrett-san parked his carriage.

Don’t tell me…


「This is bad! He’s probably gonna take Garrett-san hostage! Mark, can you go after him? Ester and I will take care of these men.」(Celine)


「All you have to do is buy us some time. We will catch you up once we beat all these brainless bandits.」(Celine)


I nodded to Celine and covered my body with wind-attributed mana, ready to fly after that sneaky bastard.

However, before I could fly, Nicola clung to my back.

「Onii-chan, I’ll go with you!」(Nicola)


『Oi, are you sure?』(Mark)

『Did you forget that I’m your assistant? There’s a small forest near the carriage. If he runs away there, you won’t be able to find him without me.』(Nicola)

Ah, she’s right. I can use Sensing Magic, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover the entire forest.

Her sensing ability is much more powerful than mine, so I think taking her with me is a good idea.

『Besides, I want to punish that bastard so badly for disturbing my sleep!』(Nicola)

I see. She just wants revenge, huh?

「Mark, you should take Nicola-chan with you. She can help you look for that bastard in case he runs into the forest.」(Celine)

Looks like Celine has the same thought as Nicola.

「Alright then. Nicola, hold tight!」(Mark)


I expanded my wind-attributed mana to cover both of us and then activated my Levitation Magic. I also created a wind shield to block the archers’ arrows.

「Be careful!」(Celine)

「I will! See you later!」(Mark)



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