Chapter 300 : Magic Drain


Nicola turned around and looked down at Lumon who was lying unconsciously on the ground with his face covered in mud after receiving my Mud Bullet.

『So… What are we gonna do with him?』(Nicola)

『Hmm… Since he planned to sell us, I think he has connections to criminal organizations that do human trafficking, so rather than leaving him to die like this, I think it would be better to hand him to the soldiers in the town so that they can interrogate him.』(Mark)

I remember Gill oji-san once told me that such criminal organizations exist in every region. He warned me because he knew that I was an Item Box holder.

『You’re right. The punishment for bandits seems to be severe, so yeah, we better hand him to the soldiers.』(Nicola)

Nicola doesn’t seem to have any objections.

『Alright. By the way, I think I broke his neck when I blew him away with my Mud Bullet, so I have to heal him or else he might die.』(Mark)

I approached Lumon and crouched next to him.

However, before I could heal him, Nicola stopped me.

『Wait. He might regain consciousness if you heal him now. You better drain his mana first with Magic Drain.』(Nicola)

『Magic Drain? Not Energy Drain?』(Mark)

『No. In this case, Magic Drain is better. Remember how it felt when you ran out of mana after you used it up to make two Portal Stones?』(Nicola)

『Yeah, I felt extremely tired as if I was about to pass out. I see, so you want me to drain Lumon’s mana almost entirely so that he won’t be able to do anything to us after I heal him.』(Mark)

『Exactly. Can you do that?』(Nicola)

I learned Energy Drain in Schultria when I helped Tori-san, Deel, and some other villagers cut down trees to open an area.

I used that spell to dry the logs that would be used as firewood in the winter.

However, I’ve never used Magic Drain.

I think it works similarly to Energy Drain. The difference is that Magic Drain drains mana.

It sounds simple, but… I wonder if I can do it.

Well, anyway, I think I will try imagining absorbing Lumon’s mana. Magic is all about imagination after all.

「Alright. Here we go… Magic Drain!」(Mark)

I stretched my arms down toward Lumon and concentrated my dark-attributed mana on my palms.

Soon after, black smoke that seemed to be my dark-attributed mana came out of my hands and enveloped Lumon’s entire body.

In this state, I can somewhat feel Lumon’s mana.

I took a deep breath and began to imagine I’m sucking it little by little.

I could feel the mana inside Lumon’s body was drawn into my body through my dark-attributed mana. It felt like when you drink ice tea using a straw.

While I was still absorbing Lumon’s mana, Nicola approached me and crouched down next to me.

『I underestimated this man… His Gift was so troublesome… “Stealth”, was it? I can’t believe it’s stronger than my Spatial Awareness…』(Nicola)

『Well, who would have thought that this weak-looking man had such a powerful Gift.』(Mark)

『Say, Onii-chan, don’t you think that Gift is useful?』(Nicola)

『Of course, it is. I can protect myself and avoid danger if I can hide my presence.』(Mark)

Eliminating your presence is possible without Gift. However, it’s quite difficult to do. Even Ester had to practice for years before she could eliminate her presence at will.

『You want his Gift, don’t you?』(Nicola)

『Well, I’d be lying if I said I don’t want it, but it’s impossible, right? The least I can do is to get a similar skill by training hard like Ester.』(Mark)

『Is that so? What if you can steal this man’s Gift?』(Nicola)

『Huh? What are you talking about?』(Mark)

Just when I wondered what Nicola meant, I felt something entering my body as I kept absorbing Lumon’s mana.

It wasn’t mana for sure. It was something different… Something… Powerful…

I turned my face to Nicola and looked at her.

Seeing my confused face, Nicola smirked.

『Arara~ Seems like you just have absorbed this man’s Gift along with his mana.』(Nicola)

『Huh? Wait a minute… So what I just felt was…』(Mark)

『Yup. His “Stealth” Gift.』(Nicola)

『H, Hold on… In the first place, are Gifts something you can steal? It doesn’t make sense.』(Mark)

Is she playing with me?

But then… What was that strange feeling I felt just now…?

Did I really just steal his… Gift…?

『Nobody says it can’t be stolen either, right? Now close your eyes and concentrate. You will feel something in your body that wasn’t there before.』(Nicola)


I stopped draining Lumon’s mana, stood up, and closed my eyes.

Certainly, I felt there was something somewhere in the flow of mana in my body that wasn’t there before.

『There’s something, but…』(Mark)

『There it is. It’s this man’s Gift, Stealth. Now try to use it.』(Nicola)

『But how?』(Mark)

『Just trying to eliminate your presence like when you play hide and seek. Imagine yourself hiding in a dark place or something.』(Nicola)

『Alright… eliminate my presence… eliminate my presence…』(Mark)

Suddenly, my body felt cold for some reason.

I felt a strange sensation as if I was melting into the air.

『Hoo~ You’re in front of me, but I can’t feel your presence at all. This is so weird!』(Nicola)

『Really? So… I did steal Lumon’s Gift, huh? Unbelievable…』(Mark)

This is incredible!

With this Gift, now I can hide my presence anytime I want.



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    1. I guess author plan to make it mainly wholesome or less killing when come to mark huh

      Stealing gift oh boy, if world knew this…

        1. Isn’t that already limited by the “soul plate” size aka his mana total limit? Keeping too many Gifts would be dangerous. Re-read the chapter about that little girl from the lake village with octopus monsters.

          1. His maximum mana growth is probably limitless since his soul was modified to fit the other world, which is probably lower dimension than the original/Earth~
            Stealing gifts would give him even more mana~

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