Chapter 291 : Self-Introduction


After leaving the village and traveling through the meadow for a while, the coachman turned his face to us.

「Guys, we’ll be traveling together for three days, so we better know each other, don’t you think? I’d like to know your names if you don’t mind. My name is Garrett. As you can see, I’m the driver. Nice to meet you.」(Garrett)

The middle-aged coachman, Garrett, smiled friendly at us as he introduced himself.

「I’m Celine, an adventurer.」(Celine)

When Celine introduced herself, Garrett squinted as if he was trying to remember something.

「Miss, I think I remember you. You rode in my carriage a few years ago, didn’t you? I never forget the beautiful ladies who once rode my carriage after all.」(Garrett)

「Fufu, I’ll take it as a compliment.」(Celine)

「I remember you chased away the monsters to attack us back then. I wanted to buy you a drink as my thanks, but you disappeared as soon as we got to the town.」(Garrett)

「Ah, I was in a hurry back then.」(Celine)

I heard monsters rarely appear on the road to the town, but they do appear sometimes, huh?

I know how strong Celine is. I bet she defeated all the monsters they encountered back then without breaking a sweat.

「I missed the chance to buy you a drink, but at least let me thank you for saving me and the other passengers once again. Thank you!」(Garrett)


「Heh! I bet the monsters you encountered were not a big deal. If I was with you back then, this woman wouldn’t have the chance to save your ass ‘cause I would defeat those monsters at once before she could do anything.」(Lumon)

Listening to the conversation, Lumon suddenly interrupted.

He looks weak but he seems to be confident in his skills.

I was a bit annoyed when he underestimated Celine, but the person herself didn’t seem to care.

「Haha! By the way, this rude guy is our bodyguard, Lumon. Well, he already introduced himself, so you already know him. By the way, since the first time I hired him as a bodyguard, miraculously, I haven’t come across monsters or bandits. But, Lumon, I’m counting on you when the time comes!」(Garrett)

「Alright, alright.」(Lumon)

「By the way, Celine-san, you were alone last time, but you have some cute companions now. Are they your chilー」(Garrett)

「ーThey’re not my children. They are… my disciple! ーYes. My disciples.」(Celine)

Predicting what Garrett would say, Celine hurriedly corrected him with an awkward face.

Well, she’s not wrong. I’m indeed her disciple after all.

「I see. Your disciples, huh?」(Garrett)

「Nice to meet you. My name is Mark.」(Mark)

「I’m Nicola!」(Nicola)

「I’m Ester.」(Ester)

「And I’m Tio!」(Tio)

「Oi, Tio, you’re not Celine’s disciple, are you? Anyway, nice to meet you, kids. You can tell me anytime if you need something.」(Garrett)

After we introduced each other, Garrett turned forward again and flicked the reins to speed up the carriage.




A while after we introduced ourselves, the cold winter breeze started to blow into our carriage.

Garrett and Lumon wrapped their bodies with blankets and then lowered the leather curtain hanging between the coachman seat and the passenger seats so that the cold breeze didn’t hit us.

Garrett and Lumon were still exposed to the cold wind but they didn’t have a choice but to take that risk.

Thanks to the leather curtain blocking the wind, we didn’t feel cold, but it didn’t mean that the inside of the carriage was getting warm. It was still as cold as always.

There was a glass window on each side of the carriage that allowed some light to get in, so it wasn’t that dark even with the leather curtain down.

However, due to the cold temperature, the windows got cloudy, so we couldn’t see the outside scenery very well.

Not much we could do in the carriage.

We talked about a lot of things with Tio, but we fell silent when there were no more topics to talk about.

Tori-san gave me a book about magic tools to kill time while traveling, but I’ve finished reading it.

By the way, according to the book, magic tools require magic stones as fuel to work, and it seems that the quality of the magic stones affects the power.

The better the quality of the magic stones, the more more effective and efficient the energy use will be.

Perhaps I will challenge myself to make some magic tools in the future.

I want to make magic tools that can make people’s lives easier using my knowledge from my previous life.

Tori-san has already made magic tools similar to an electric fan, a washing machine, and a heater, so I wonder what other electronic devices that can be made…

Hmm… A juicer, maybe?

If we have a juicer, we can serve fresh juice in our inn.

『Uhehehe~ Her thighs are soft but also firm and elastic at the same time. This is bad. I’m getting addicted~』(Nicola)

While I was thinking about magic tools, I suddenly heard Nicola’s voice in my head.

She is currently pretending to sleep, resting her head on Tio’s thighs while being gently stroked by Tio on the head.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not jealous at all. That’s a great way to kill time, after all.

Seeing my little sister being pampered by my friend’s older sister, I couldn’t help but sigh.



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    1. I want to know when he’s going to stop being cool and go out with a woman, it’s true that there’s no way he can look at children his age in a romantic way, but that excuse doesn’t apply to Celine. She is perfect, her age should be around 25 and as she is half-elf, even with that age difference she will still outlive him.

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