Chapter 292 : Fuyon~ Fuyon~


*It’s the sound effect for floating in the air.

Since everyone fell silent and I had no books to read, I decided to practice magic to kill time.

Hmm… I think I will practice my wind magic this time… Alright, let’s do the levitation.

I began concentrating and covered my entire body with my wind-attributed mana.


While sitting, I used Levitation Magic to float about thirty centimeters above my seat. It feels like sitting in an air chair.

A certain amount of mana is required to make your body float in the air, but the important point is that you need to be able to control the mana output so that you can keep floating stably.

If you can’t control the mana output and use too much mana, you will end up spinning at high speed in the air.

It’s a good magic practice in my opinion because you need to control the mana output unlike how I usually practice where I consume as much mana as possible.

Celine and Ester noticed that I was floating, but they didn’t say anything because they knew I was just practicing magic. They understand that I usually practice magic whenever I have free time, after all.

However, Tio, who was sitting facing me in the opposite seat, was different. She was looking at me curiously.

「Mark… Are you… floating…?」(Tio)

「Yup. As you can see.」(Mark)

「Hee… It looks weird. Why are you floating? I mean, are you practicing magic or something?」(Tio)

「Yeah. I practice magic every day when I have free time.」(Mark)

「I see. What does it feel like to float in the air like that?」(Tio)

「Umm… Well… It feels like… floating…? Ugh, I don’t know how to describe it.」(Mark)

「Then, can I sit on your lap? I’m curious!」(Tio)

Tio asked me with her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

I was able to carry Celine across the river in Schultria with this spell when we were going to the forest to hunt Arrow Dodging Birds, so I think I can hold Tio while floating with no problem.

「Sure. It will be good practice for me.」(Mark)

I put my thighs together and bent my body backward a little so that Tio could easily sit on my lap.

「Really!? Well, then~」(Tio)

Tio gently moved Nicola’s head from her lap to the bench as she stood up. She didn’t know that Nicola was just pretending to be asleep.

『Damn you, Onii-chan! My comfortable lap pillow is gone because of you!』(Nicola)

『Well, sorry ‘bout that.』(Mark)

While Nicola was complaining at me with telepathy, Tio slowly put her butt on my lap and put her weight on me.

「W, Whoaa…!」(Tio)

She almost fell, but I quickly wrapped my hands around her waist to help her balance herself.

I adjusted the amount of mana I was using as precisely as possible since the weight had increased drastically.

「Waaahh! I’m floating! I’m floating! Ahaha! This is amazing! Mark, you truly are good at magic!」(Tio)

「Fufu. I told you. He’s better than me. Even a C-ranked adventurer like me can’t use Levitation Magic like he does.」(Celine)

Seeing Tio’s excited face, Celine boasted about me, talking as if she was proud of me like she was proud of herself.

Meanwhile, Nicola woke up from her fake sleep and glared at me with a gaze full of jealousy.

「Ah, Nicola-chan, did I wake you up?」(Tio)

「No, it’s okay, Tio onee-chan.」(Nicola)

『Dammit! Onii-chan, how could you… Khh!! I’m so jealous! I’m soooo freaking jealous!!』(Nicola)


『Not only did you take my lap pillow away from me but you also having fun with Tio onee-chan’s butt and waist in front of me! How dare you!』(Nicola)

『I’m not having fun, though. I’m practicing magic. Hahh… Alright, alright. I know what you want.』(Mark)

I didn’t want Nicola to keep glaring at me with those scornful eyes, so I decided to make her happy this time.

「Umm, Tio onee-chan, would you let Nicola sit on your lap? I think I need more weight to level up the challenge.」(Mark)

「Sure. Nicola-chan, come~!」(Tio)

As soon as Tio spread her arms, telling Nicola that she may sit on her lap, Nicola’s scornful look immediately turned into a big smile.

「Waaaiii~! I’m coming~!」(Nicola)

Nicola stood up and quickly sat on Tio’s lap. After that, Tio wrapped her arms around Nicola’s waist, hugging her from behind.

『Uhyuuuuu~!! This is heaven! Thank you, Onii-chan!』(Nicola)

『Yeah, yeah…』(Mark)

What a simple little sister…




Our carriage continued running for the entire day. We took two breaks on the way to eat.

The first day of traveling to the town ended without any incident.

Now, we are going to set up our camp.

By the way, Lumon will be the first to be on the watch while Garrett sleeps in the carriage. They will take turns every two hours until morning.

「We will set up our camp on our own, so you don’t need to worry about us.」(Celine)

「Is that so? By the way, I saw the boy use an Item Box during lunch. Does he keep your camping gear in his Item Box?」(Garrett)

「Yeah, he does. Right, Mark?」(Celine)


It’s not camping gear, though. It’s a container house.

「I see. Feel free to set up your camp anywhere near us. We’ll be leaving as soon as the sun starts rising tomorrow, so please don’t be late.」(Garrett)

「Alright. Well then, I think we will set up our camp on that hill. Good night and see you in the morning.」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine got off the carriage. Nicola, Ester, and I then followed her.

「Good night, guys. See you in the morning!」(Tio)

Tio seemed to plan to sleep in the carriage, but I better ask her to join us. It will be safer that way.

「Tio onee-san, why don’t you join us?」(Mark)

「Ah, that’s right. Tio, you can join us if you want.」(Celine)

「Eh? But is your tent large enough to hold one more person?」(Tio)

「Don’t worry, my ‘tent’ is very large.」(Mark)

「I see. I’ll join you then!」(Tio)

Tio answered without showing any signs of hesitation and then got off the carriage.

The five of us then went up to the hill where we would set up our ‘tent’.



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  1. Sure, your “tent” is very huge…

    What if you could make house also floating, feel that a good training as well

    1. Maybe to position it.
      If he did it all night, it would likely wake everyone up when it fell due to a lack of mana.

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