Chapter 267: Slap!


「Mmmhh!! Aahh!! Haahh… hahh…!!」(Celine)

In the middle of the woods, Celine was groaning while holding one of the branches coming out from the Portal Crystal.

She was breathing heavily and her dress was wet with sweat.

Yup. It was the usual thing you would see if you went to the Portal Crystal at noon.

「Celine, are you okay? Don’t force yourself too hard.」(Mark)

「I’m… Hahh… I’m fine… Hahh… Mhhngg!! Aaahhh…!!」(Celine)

Celine’s Portal Stone will be completed soon, so I don’t think she needs to force herself, but I guess she wants to complete it as soon as possible.

「Normally, we would have gone home by now, but do you want to continue?」(Mark)

「Yeah… Hahh… Hahh… Just a little longer… Aannghh!!」(Celine)

「Alright then.」(Mark)

I sighed and continued sending my fire-attributed mana to Celine’s body.

About ten minutes later, Celine’s face started turning pale and she was breathing more heavily.

She is about to reach her limit.

However, just when I thought of telling her to get a break, Celine’s Portal Stone shone in red for a split second and then fell to the ground.

「W, Whoaa!! Celine, you did it!」(Mark)



I was so excited the moment I saw the Portal Stone fall that I unconsciously slapped Celine’s butt which was sticking out next to me.

「Uwawa! I’m sorry! …C, Celine?」(Mark)

Celine let out a high-pitched voice but then she passed out.

I hurriedly held her head right before she fell to the ground.

『Aa-aah, what are you doing, Onii-chan? If Celine has a weird habit after this, it would be your fault.』(Nicola)

『It was an accident. I was too excited when her Portal Stone fell.』(Mark)

『Reeeally? I’m not sure why but for some reason, I feel like you have an ‘S’-like side in you. Well, I don’t really care if you’re an ‘S’, though.』(Nicola)

『I’m not!』(Mark)

Geez… I just slapped Celine’s butt once and she considered me an ‘S’.

I guess her mind has already been corrupted with erotic kinds of things…

Nicola approached Celine, crouched down, and poke her cheek with her index finger.

Normally, she always looked at Celine with a perverted expression, but today she made a melancholic expression like a child on her last day of the long summer holidays.

『What’s wrong?』(Mark)

『Well, I’m just a little sad to think that I will never be able to see Celine drenched in sweat while breathing heavily again.』(Nicola)

Ah, I see… I feel like an idiot for expecting a serious answer from her…

『Anyway, we have to wake her up or she will catch a cold.』(Mark)

『Oh? Are you going to slap her butt again to wake her up?』(Nicola)

『I’m not!』(Mark)

While holding Celine’s head, I gently tapped her cheek.

「Celine, wake up. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep now.」(Mark)

「Mmmhh… hmm…? Ara… It seems that I lost consciousness the moment I saw my Portal Stone fall… But… I felt like something hit my butt right before I fainted. I wonder what that was…」(Celine)

Oh? She doesn’t seem to remember that I slapped her butt.

What a relief…

「I, It must be just your imagination. You know, you imagine things when you lose consciousness. More importantly, here you go. Your Portal Stone.」(Mark)

While talking to Celnie, I took her Portal Stone and handed it to her.

Celine took it from my hands, held it above her head, and began observing it closely.

It didn’t look any different from the Portal Stone Celine used to evacuate us from the mine, but the way it was made was different.

I wonder what Celine thinks about it…

「I see… Fufu! It was made with an unusual method but there doesn’t seem to be any problem with it. I can feel the connection between this Portal Stone and the Portal Crystal. Yeah, I think we made a good Portal Stone.」(Celine)

Celine placed the Portal Stone in her cleavage and smiled at me and Nicola.

As usual, her cleavage works like an Item Box for storing various items.

「Mark, thank you for helping me. Thanks to you I didn’t have to stay in this village for three years. And Nicola-chan, thank you for always accompanying me~」(Celine)

While thanking us, she patted our heads.

「Now that I have my Portal Stone, we can finally go home. Let’s go home before it starts snowing.」(Celine)



It’s already winter now. It took three months for Celine to complete her Portal Stone as we expected.

I think it will start snowing soon, which means we only have a few days left in this village.



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