Chapter 266 : Monster Mutton


「’Celineeeee’!! My ‘Celineeeee’!!」(Deel)

「For God’s sake… Be quiet already!」(man)

Deel, who had eaten half of the grilled meat on the griller, was tied up on a tree by the man with a battle axe.

Now, we finally get the chance to eat the meat.

I took a small plate Tori-san arranged on the table and poured the sauce onto it. Then, I took a piece of well-cooked meat with a tong, dipped it in the sauce, and put it in my mouth.

……It’s damn good!!

This Legion Sheep meat has a unique smell but it’s different from the smell of mutton I had in my previous life, and I think this one is more tender and tastier. On top of that, the fragrant smell of charcoal that passes through my nose makes it taste even better.

This sweet and salty sauce goes very well with the meat.

When I looked closely at the sauce on my plate, I realized that it was exactly the same as the sauce in Ester’s house, so I guess Miguel-san made this sauce.

「Nicola-chan, it’s so yummy~!」(Signa)

「Un! So yummy~!」(Nicola)

Nicola and Signa were standing next to each other, enjoying the barbeque together.

Having a barbeque party like this is not a bad thing at all, but Celine will prepare dinner for us like usual, so we can’t eat too much.

「Nicola, we have dinner at Celine’s house, so don’t eat too much, okay?」(Mark)


She said okay, but she kept eating the meat at full speed…

「So, you eat dinner at Celine’s house, huh? Then you can take some and eat it with Celine.」(Tyran)

Tyran-san, who heard our conversation, tapped my shoulder and said that.

「Can I?」(Mark)

「Of course! You helped us a lot today.」(Tyran)

「Thank you, Tyran-san!」(Mark)

「You’re welcome. We’re ‘dark magician’ buddies, after all! Gaahaha!」(Tyran)

While laughing, Tyran-san handed me a plate full of meat.

I think he was really happy that he found someone else who can use dark magic.

I gratefully received the meat and put it in my Item Box.

「Thank you. As my token of gratitude, you can have this. I made it myself.」(Mark)

I then took out a barrel of Gupul wine I made when I practiced controlling my dark-attributed mana.


As expected, the men cheered as soon as they saw the wine.

「A barbeque party won’t be complete without wine after all!」(Tyran)

「Since you’re good at magic, I bet the Gupul wine you made is excellent!」(Norwell)

「Thank you, Cucumber Boy! Alright, for our hard work today, let’s cheers!」(man)


Seeing these men cheering like that reminds me of when I went to a yakiniku party with my colleagues.

It’s too bad that I’m a child now, so I can’t join them. Honestly, I really want to drink wine while eating barbeque as well.

「Alright. Let’s see how the Gupul wine my dark magician buddy made tastes.」(Tyran)

Tyran-san put the glass filled with Gupul wine onto his lips and then slowly sipped the wine.

「Hoho! What a terrifying boy! You made it really well! This wine has a sharpness in its taste! Very good, very good!」(Tyran)

While seeing the men gulping the wine I made, I took another piece of grilled meat and continued eating.




「Yo, Mark.」(Tori)

When I took a break while looking at the men enjoying my wine, Tori-san approached me.

「Deel is an idiot and sometimes causes trouble to the people around him, but he does something useful once in a while. I hope you don’t hate him.」(Tori)

Tori-san said that while looking at Deel who was devouring meat after being freed by the man with a battle-axe.

It’s true that he is stupid and annoying, and I understand why Celine hates him, but honestly, I don’t hate him.

「You don’t need to worry about that. Well, thanks to his… Umm… stupidity? I was able to learn Energy Drain today.」(Mark)

「Haha, I see. Only Tyran can use Energy Drain in this village. Well, I know how amazing you are, so honestly, I’m not surprised that you’re able to do it too.」(Tori)

Honestly, I wanted him to be surprised ‘cause I like to show my magic ability in front of people.

「Granpa~ Mark-kun~ Let’s eat together~!」(Signa)

「Okay~ Your grandpa is coming~」(Tori)

Seeing us talking to each other, Signa waved at us.

We then headed to the griller where Signa and Nicola were and ate more meat.

I enjoyed the barbeque party with the men until the sun went down.

By the way, when we headed to Celine’s house for dinner, Nicola complained that she was suffering from overeating…



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  1. Avoiding future danger is a rational response, regardless if the reason is someone being an idiot or anything else. You don’t have to hate him in order to avoid him.

  2. This almost feels like the author asking the readers not to hate him … which I just wish he would stop showing up since “stupid and annoying” really describe him well.

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