Chapter 265 : BBQ


「By the way, it’s too late to ask this, but… Why did you need to dry all this firewood with Energy Drain?」(Tyran)

Responding to Tyran-san’s question, Norwell-san and the man with a battleaxe glared at Deel at the same time.

「Tyran-san, you need to know thisー」(Norwell)

Norwell-san told Tyran-san that Deel had sold all the firewood in the village storage.

After listening to Norwell-san, Tyran-san moved his gaze to Deel and let out a big sigh.

「Good lord… Deel, you’re an adult but how can you be such a big idiot? That’s why you can’t be a candidate for the next village elder. Celine will never see you as a man if you don’t change.」(Tyran)

「Fwahaha! I’m still young. It’s too soon for me to become a candidate. By the time I’m getting old, I will naturally become a village elder like my grandpa, and Celine will be my wife eventually!」(Deel)

「Huh? How can you be so confident?」(Tyran)

「Isn’t it obvious? It’s because I’m a genius! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

When Deel proudly answered, Tyran shook his head and muttered to himself.

「Seems like it’s true that talking with an idiot is just wasting your time…」(Tyran)

He let out a sigh again and then looked at me.

「Oh, well… Thanks to this boy we now have stock of firewood for this winter, so we’re all good. More importantly, let’s prepare for the barbeque. Deel, put away this pile of firewood for now. Don’t ever think to sell it or I will kill you.」(Tyran)

「Of course! Don’t worry, you can leave it to me! I don’t want to waste my disciple’s efforts either after all! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

While laughing annoyingly like usual, Deel put the firewood into his Item Bag.

By the way, Item Bags are magic items for storing items just like Item Boxes, but they don’t have much space like Item Boxes, and unlike Item Boxes, time doesn’t stop inside Item Bags.

While waiting for Tori-san, I made some chairs and tables with earth magic for us to sit on.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes, Tori-san came with a wooden trolley that was loaded with freshly cut meat and tools for barbecue.

Tori-san’s great-granddaughter, Signa, was walking next to him.

When she noticed me and Nicola, she waved her hand at us.

「Mark-kun, Nicola-chan~!」(Signa)


「Hello, Signa.」(Mark)

「I helped my grandpa prepare the meat and he told me that I could join the barbeque party!」(Signa)

「Yay! Barbeque party with Signa-chan! I’m so happy!」(Nicola)

「Me too!」(Signa)

『You hear that? Even Signa was helping, but youー』(Mark)

『ーAaa~ Aaa~ I can’t hear you~』(Nicola)

Yup. I knew she would react like that. This girl has no shame after all…

「Good work, everyone. Thanks to you guys, we’re ready for the winter. Now let’s enjoy the meat of the Legion Sheep that Tyran-san brought!」(Tori)

After saying that, Tori-san started preparing. He put charcoal into the griller and lit it.

When the charcoal started burning, Tori-san put the meat on the griller one slice after another.

Watching Tori-san grill the meat, I have mixed feelings about it because that meat was the Legion Sheep who was working hard together with us just a while ago.

Well, if you ask me if I have any resistance to eating it, then I’ll answer, “No”. I can’t resist that delicious-looking grilled meat after all. Besides, it wasn’t my pet or anything like that, so I don’t feel attached to it.

But… I wonder how Tyran-san feels about it as this Legion Sheep’s owner.

「Tyran-san, it’s too late to ask this, but are you okay with this?」(Mark)

「Hm? What do you mean?」(Tyran)

「You named that Legion Sheep, right? Meline, was it? I was just wondering if you didn’t feel attached to it.」(Mark)

「Ah, I named her because you need to name monsters before you can enslave them with dark magic. Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel attached to her at all, but I’ve been planning to have a barbeque party with these men using her meat since last year.」(Tyran)

「I see. 」(Mark)

「By the way, her name wasn’t Meline at first. It was ‘Celine’.」(Tyran)

「C, Celine!?」(Mark)

「A few years ago, there was a pair of male and female Legion Sheep separated from their herd and wandering around the forest near this village. Deel caught them and brought them to me. Because he was the one who caught them, he had the right to name them. He named the male one “Deel” and the female one “Celine”. However, since Celine returned to this village a while ago, I decided to change the female Legion Sheep’s name to “Meline”. I didn’t want Celine to find out that I enslaved a Legion Sheep with her name after all. She would punch me in the face for sure.」(Tyran)


It reminds me of when I was a boy in my previous life, I used to name my character in a game with the name of the girl I liked at that time.

After playing for a while, I thoughtlessly lent the game and the saved data to my friend. I felt so embarrassed when he found out that the name of the character was the same as the name of a girl in our class. I remember he was teasing me for a whole week after that.

「Ahh, ‘Celine’ and ‘Deel’, huh? I remember those Legion Sheep. By the way, we ate ‘Deel’ last year. He was delicious! Gahaha!」(man)

The man with a battle-axe joined the conversation as he turned over the meat on the griller.

The grilled meat started to emit a fragrant smell as its plump fat danced on the hot wire mesh of the griller.

「So this Legion Sheep was ‘Celine’? Then I have to eat her meat to send her to her beloved husband, ‘Deel’, who’s waiting for her in heaven! ‘Deel’, ‘Celine’, I wish you two a happy life in the afterlife like Celine and me who will live happily together in the future!」(Deel)

While talking such nonsense, Deel took one slice of the grilled meat with a fork and quickly put it into his mouth.

「Aaahhh!! ‘Celine’, you’re so delicious!!」(Deel)

「You idiot! Isn’t that too soon?」(Tyran)

「Not at all! I want to taste ‘Celine’ while she’s still ‘rare’ after all! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

After eating the first slice of grilled meat, Deel immediately took another oneー no, two, and put them into his mouth.

「Mmm~!! Gotta eat them all while still rare!」(Deel)

「Oi, oi, oi!! This idiot is gonna eat them all by himself! Hold him down!」(Tyran)

「Goddamit! Do you think we will let you do that!?」(man)

「Leave us some, will ya!?」(Norwell)

Norwell-san and the man with a battle-axe immediately held Deel down and dragged him away from the griller.

「Noooo!! My ‘Celineeeee’!!!!!」(Deel)

Seeing Deel struggle to escape while pointing his fork toward the meat, I couldn’t help but sigh.

What a noisy barbeque party…



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