Chapter 264 : Energy Drain


「”Drain”, huh…? Do you know anything about that spell?」(Mark)

「Hmm… If I’m not mistaken, there are multiple types of Drain. The one that the Evil Fungus used on me was “Mana Drain”, that’s why I felt that I kept losing my mana back then. However, the one you will use to absorb the water from these stacks of firewood is “Energy Drain”, which is the most basic Drain spell. You received the dark-attributed Ether from the Evil Fungus when you defeated it, so I think you’ll be able to use it.」(Norwell)

He seemed to believe that I’d be able to use Energy Drain. Honestly, Mana Drain seemed to be easier for me to understand because it’s similar to when I inject my mana into Celine’s body when I help her refine her Crystal Branch. On the other hand, I don’t know how Energy Drain works.

Because it’s called Energy Drain, it is used to absorb something that is considered as ‘energy’.

Norwell-san told me to use Energy Drain to absorb the water from firewood, so that means that water is energy for trees.

Certainly, trees can’t live without water, but…

『Onii-chan, you must be thinking about troublesome theories or something like that. I think you should stop thinking and give it a try. At this rate, we will have a barbecue in a gloomy atmosphere!』(Nicola)

『You know that dark-attributed spells are kind of difficult, right? But, you’re right… I think I should give it a try first and then think about it. I want to enjoy the barbecue in a cheerful atmosphere after all.』(Mark)

As Nicola said, we won’t be able to enjoy our barbecue to the fullest if we still have an unsolved problem.

Well, even if we had to enjoy the barbecue in a gloomy atmosphere, it wouldn’t be my fault. It was Deel’s fault in the first place for selling all the firewood in the village storage.

「I’ve never used any Drain spells, but I can try.」(Mark)

I stepped closer to the pile of firewood and stretched out my arms.

However, before I could gather my dark-attributed mana in my hands, Norwell-san stopped me.

「Hold on, Cucumber Boy, since the person who can use dark magic has returned, I think you should learn from him first.」(Norwell)

While saying that, Norwell-san looked at Tyran-san who was walking over here.

Tyran-san owns many Legion Sheep in his farm, and it seems that he used a slavery-type of dark spell to enslave those monsters so that they would listen to him.

Certainly, he seems to be good at using dark magic.

「Tyran-san, can you teach this kid Energy Drain?」(Norwell)

「Eh…? Y, Yeah, sure! Cucumber Boy, are you interested in dark magic?」(Tyran)

For some reason, Tyran-san stared at me in disbelief at first, but then he asked me vigorously. He seems to be happy that I’m interested in dark magic.

I know that face. It was the face someone with a not-so-popular hobby would make when they met someone with the same hobby.

「Actually… Yeah… I’m kinda interested in dark magic.」(Mark)

「Really!? Hohoho! That’s great! There are not many people who can use it, and even if they can, they only use it to make wine or fermented food, so I’m glad that there’s someone interested in dark magic! Alright, you want to learn Energy Drain, right?」(Tyran)

「Yes. I want to use it to absorb the water from this firewood.」(Mark)

「I see. Okay, let me show you how it’s done.」(Tyran)

「Thank you, Tyran ojii-san.」(Mark)

Tyran-san nodded at me and approached the pile of firewood.

He took one bundle of firewood and started pouring his dark-attributed mana into it.

I could see something like a thin black cloud wrapping the firewood.

About ten seconds later, Tyran-san exhaled deeply and then the black cloud disappeared into thin air without a trace.

「Phew…! Here. Hold it and compare it with the others.」(Tyran)

I nodded to him, held the bundle of firewood with my right hand, and then took another one from the pile with my left hand.

「Whoa… It’s much lighter than this one.」(Mark)

「That’s right. It’s because I absorbed the water from it.」(Tyran)

「I see. But where did the water go then?」(Mark)

「It went into my body. I was a bit dehydrated but now I’m good.」(Tyran)


Damn, I’m getting more curious.

I want to try it right away.

「First, relax your shoulders. After that, pour your dark-attributed mana to the firewood as you imagine the water inside it moving into your body.」(Tyran)


While being looked at by Tyran-san with eyes full of expectations, I let go of the bundle of dry firewood I was holding with my right hand.

『Onii-chan, now that you know how the spell works, I think you should do it on all this firewood at once so that we can have a barbecue sooner!』(Nicola)

『All at once?』(Mark)

『Don’t worry. With the huge amount of mana you have, I think you can do it easily.』(Nicola)

『Really? Alright, I’ll try.』(Mark)

I approached the pile of firewood, put back the bundle of firewood I was holding with my left hand to the pile, and then started injecting my dark-attributed mana into the pile.

Hold on… My stomach won’t be able to hold all the water from this pile of firewood, right?

So, instead of imagining the water moving into my body, I imagined the water stopped at my hands before entering my body.

As a result, water started flowing out of the palm of my hands as if I was producing water with water magic.


Tyran-san looked surprised.

I ignored him for now and focused on removing the water from the firewood.

After a while, I felt resistance as if the water had become difficult to suck.

If I strengthened my dark-attributed mana, I might be able to absorb more, but I decided to stop because the firewood might crack into pieces if I continued.

I stopped injecting my dark-attributed mana and exhaled.

When I looked down, I saw a big puddle of water at my feet.

「Tyran-san, how was my Energy Drain?」(Mark)

「Splendid! Marvelous! You surprised me by removing all the water from this pile of firewood at once. Moreover, you didn’t absorb the water into your body, but stop it in the middle. That was very clever!」(Tyran)

「Ahaha… My stomach can’t hold all the water after all.」(Mark)

「Haha! Right. Anyway, you did a great job for a nine-year-old boy! You’re such a talented little magician!」(Tyran)

Tyran-san tapped my shoulder as he complimented me.

He then moved his gaze to Norwell-san and asked.

「By the way, it’s too late to ask this, but… Why did you need to dry all this firewood with Energy Drain?」(Tyran)

Responding to Tyran-san’s question, Norwell-san and the man with a battleaxe glared at Deel at the same time.



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