Chapter 268 : Farewell Party


After completing Celine’s long-awaited Portal Stone, the three of us walked through the forest, returning to the village.

Celine was walking a bit sluggishly, probably because she was more exhausted than usual.

Because it’s getting colder lately, she won’t be using the open-air bath I made in the woods, but she will be using the bath I built on the second floor of my house.

While looking up at the cloudy sky, I asked Celine.

「Celine, when are we going to leave this village?」(Mark)

I think this village is a very pleasant place to live. However, I can’t keep staying here.

I want to return home as soon as possible and see my parents and friends’ faces even though I speak with them almost every day using Resonance Stone.

I don’t think our parents are worrying about us but our grandpa seems to be worriedー No, I think he just wants to see us as soon as possible.

「Hmm… It takes several days of walking to reach the nearest village from here. I think it will be quite tough for children like you and Nicola. Fortunately, Kazuul-san hasn’t come yet. I think it’s best to wait for him and ask him to ride us on his way back.」(Celine)

Kazuul is one of the peddlers who usually come to this village. Normally, he comes once every two months or so to sell various goods.

The last time he came was just before the harvest festival, so he will come to visit again soon.

By the way, the items he sells are mainly daily necessities that people use on a daily basis. To be honest, none of them piqued my interest. After all, I like to see unique items like magic tools Tori-san makes.

「But it’s getting cold. What if he doesn’t plan to come?」(Mark)

「You’re right. Alright, let’s stay for another week. If he doesn’t come within a week, we will go by foot.」(Celine)


『Ugh… I really hope he will come and ride us home. I don’t want to walk…』(Nicola)

Honestly, I kinda agree with Nicola.

「I think we should start preparing for the departure so that we can leave this village anytime, but we do it secretly so that Deel won’t find out. Mark, how much food do you still have in your Item Box?」(Celine)

「A lot. I think it’ll be enough for us until we get home. Well, I will put some more just in case.」(Mark)

「I’m counting on you.」(Celine)

「I think we have to tell Ester about it. I will go to her house after we get to my house.」(Mark)


We promised Ester that we will leave the village with her, so I need to go to her house and tell her to start preparing for the departure.

However, Ester was playing with the bouldering wall in my front yard when we got to my house.

「Ah! Mark, I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you were taking Celine and Nicola to the bathhouse.」(Ester)

「It’s getting cold, so they will take a bath in my house.」(Mark)

「I see. Hm? Celine, are you okay? You look so tired.」(Ester)

「I’m fine. You know, I’ve finally completed my Portal Stone!」(Celine)

「Really!? That means we will leave this village soon, right!?」(Ester)

「Yup. You better start preparing. It will be a long journey.」(Celine)

「Un! I’ll go home and start preparing then!」(Ester)

Ester’s long ears pointed upward. She looked very excited.

She quickly ran, heading to her house.




While Nicola and Celine were taking a bath, I decided to take care of my field and harvest the ripe vegetables.

After the two finished bathing, the three of us went to Celine’s house to have dinner.

Before dinner, we told Eclain about what happened today and told her that we would leave the village soon.

「Ara, so you plan to wait for Kazuul-san? Then you’re lucky. It seems that he just arrived this afternoon.」(Eclain)


「Yeah. A neighbor who came to buy wine told me.」(Eclain)

「I didn’t expect it would be this quick… Mom, I’m going to Tori jii-san’s house now!」(Celine)

Kazuul-san always stays at Tori-san’s house when he visits this village, so you will be able to find him there most of the time.

After Celine left the house, Eclain-san shook her head and smiled.

「Ara, ara~ It seems that we are going to have a farewell party tonight! Mark-chan, can you prepare the food? I will prepare the drink~」(Eclain)

I prepared the food when we had the welcome party, and it seems that I have to prepare the food for the farewell party as well.

It doesn’t seem right, but Eclain has been taking care of us, so I guess I’ll just do it to show my gratitude.

Therefore, I decided to take out some meals my dad made and arranged them on the table.

A while later, Celine returned and said that we can ride Kazuul-san’s carriage tomorrow. It seems that we will be busy packaging the next morning.

After that, the four of us had a lively farewell party.

Normally, Celine would yell at Eclain when she got drunk and started making noises, but she let it slide today.

Celine won’t be able to see Eclain for a while, so instead of yelling at her, she joined her mother until she also got drunk.

They looked so much alike when they talked nonsense and mocked each other while they were drunk.



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