Chapter 244 : Rumilu


A few days after a terrible experience bathing with Nicola, Ester finally could feel happy again because her mother gave birth to her younger sister in good health.

Ester was so happy that she has become an older sister.

The birth of a child was a wonderful thing not only for the family but also for the village.

Therefore, women with experience as midwives from all over the village visited Ester’s house when Stina-san was about to give birth.

Meanwhile, the other people who couldn’t help with childbirth gathered in the village square and prayed to the gods for safe delivery.

Children are like treasures in this village, so it was only natural for everyone to cooperate.

Of course, in my town, Fatia, people will gladly help their neighbors when they are in similar situations, but I feel like the solidarity between residents in this village is stronger than in other towns.

By the way, I was helping by providing Ester’s mom with some D-grade potions to heal faster and make her feel better.

The cute newborn baby girl had blond hair and pointy elf ears just like both of her parents and her older sister.

Stina-san and Miguel-san named her Rumilu.

Ester’s face is similar to Stina-san. They both have sharp faces. However, Rumilu has a gentle face that is similar to Miguel-san.




A few days after Rumilu was born, Nicola and I went to Ester’s house in the early morning to work as usual.

Before we went to the village square, we had breakfast together and drank Legion Sheep milk that Stina-san got from a neighbor.

After breakfast, Stina-san sat on her rocking chair and started breastfeeding Rumilu. I feel awkward at times like this, but I’m trying not to think anything weird.

「Now that we’ve finished our breakfast, let’s go to the village square, shall we?」(Ester)



The three of us stood up from our chairs and walked to the kitchen to start the preparation.

I let out a sigh of relief now that I’ve been released from the awkward situation.

After putting the food in the cart, we went outside and headed to the village square.

「Mom, Rumilu, I’m going~!」(Ester)

「Okay~ Good luck, everyone~」(Stina)

Stina-san sent us off while holding Rumilu in her arms.

Meanwhile, Rumilu was just looking at us while sucking her little thumb.




「Aahh~ Rumilu really is cute~ I feel so lucky to have such a cute little sister!」(Ester)

「I’m glad for you.」(Mark)

Ester has been talking about Rumilu lately. I think she has been completely overwhelmed by Rumilu’s cuteness.

Honestly, I do think she’s cute too. It makes me want to give something or do something for Stina-san who gave her best to give birth to her.

I’m thinking of taking Stina-san to the bathhouse and preparing a nice potion bath for her, but I’m not sure if it’s alright to take a bath in a hot spring a while after giving birth.

While I was wondering, Ester suddenly made an unusual proposal.

「Say, Mark, would you like to go hunt Green Foxes with me?」(Ester)

「Eh? Hunting Green Foxes?」(Mark)

Green Foxes are monsters that live in the forest near this village. I haven’t seen one since I came here though.

It’s rare for Ester to ask me to go hunt monsters together.

「You saw the green blanket that Rumilu was using, right? It was made of Green Fox fur. It was actually mine when I was a baby. I kinda feel bad for her if she has to use a hand-me-down, so I was thinking of giving her a new one.」(Ester)

「I see. So that fluffy green blanket was made of Green Fox fur, huh? Of course, I’ll go hunt with you. How about you, Nicola?」(Mark)

「I’ll go too!」(Nicola)

What an immediate answer.

『I feel like Ester-chan and I have become a bit distant since we bathed together. I think I went a bit too far back then. So, I want to recover Ester-chan’s ‘friend points’ even for a little!』(Nicola)

『I see. Good luck.』(Mark)

Regardless of her motive, it will be better if we have Nicola in the team since she has a strong sensing ability which is very useful for hunting.

「Thank you!」(Ester)

「So, when will we do it?」(Mark)

「Umm, I want to invite Celine too, so let’s decide after asking her later.」(Ester)


Ester looked excited. She couldn’t wait to hunt together with us.

Judging from her carefree tone, Green Foxes didn’t seem to be dangerous monsters, but monsters are still monsters. We can’t let our guard down.

At the village square, while I was selling my cucumbers and Ester was selling her family’s beef stew, Celine came to our stall as usual.

She said she would like to join us in hunting the Green Foxes. Therefore, we decided to do it tomorrow after taking a good rest tonight.



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