Chapter 243 : Relaxing After Bathing


After bathing in my rooftop bath, I climbed the bouldering wall and sat on top of the wall, chilling while enjoying the gentle sensation of the breeze passing through my body.

Not long after, I saw Celine, Nicola, and Ester, who finished their bath, coming in from the outer wall.

I used wind magic to jump off the bouldering wall and landed softly on the ground, and then I approached the three of them.

「Hello, guys. Did you enjoy your bath?」(Mark)

「We did~」(Celine)

「Of course!」(Nicola)

「Y, Yeah…」(Ester)

Celine and Nicola looked as usual but Ester looked exhausted for some reason.

「Anyway, let’s go inside my house. I’ll prepare something to drink for you.」(Mark)

I guided them to my house, opened the front door, and invited them inside.

As soon as everyone sat down on the carpet, surrounding the small tea table, I took out some teacups and a teapot from my Item Box, and then began serving them tea.

However, when I was about to pour the tea into Ester’s teacup, she suddenly got up on her knees and hugged me from behind.

「Uuu… Mark…」(Ester)

「Whoa. What’s wrong, Ester?」(Mark)

「I don’t know why but I feel really tired… Can I stay like this for a while?」(Ester)

Because she had just taken a bath, her body felt warmer than usual. I could smell the scent of soap on her smooth white skin.

It made me want to let her keep hugging me like this for a while.

「Sure, I don’t mind. But be careful not to spill your tea, okay?」(Mark)

As soon as I gave her permission, Ester relaxed her body and leaned against my back even more.

『Gununu…!! Why are you guys always being so lovey-dovey as soon as you meet each other!? I’m so jealous!!』(Nicola)

『We’re not… Oh, well. Whatever…』(Mark)

While looking at Ester who pressed her face against my back while hugging me with jealous eyes, Nicola drank her tea in one gulp and turned to Celine who was sitting next to her.

『Ohh, this is bad! I feel like I’m gonna die if I don’t flirt with a beauty in the next five minutes!』(Nicola)

「Celine onee-cha~n, I’m sleepy~」(Nicola)

She hugged Celine and buried her face in Celine’s cleavage, pretending to be sleepy.

『Ahh~ This is so calming~』(Nicola)

「Ara ara~ Nicola-chan, you’re such a spoiled girl~」(Celine)

Celine stroked Nicola’s head and put her arms around Nicola’s shoulder.

Because of Nicola’s beautiful blonde hair, Celine looked like she was holding a big bisque doll at first glance.

A big bisque doll with a face that looked like a smiling perverted old man though…

While stroking Nicola’s head, Celine looked at Ester and smiled wryly.

「Ester, you were acting so shy toward Nicola in the bath, but why can you hug Mark like it was a normal thing to do? I don’t know anymore if you’re a shy girl or not.」(Celine)

「Well, it’s because Mark is my friend. It would be weird to act shy toward a friend, right?」(Ester)

「I… see…」(Celine)

Even though Ester gave the answer, Celine still looked confused.

I could feel Ester’s breath on my back.

While wondering what happened at the bathhouse, I glanced at Nicola and sent a telepathic message.

『Oi, Nicola, what did you do to her? Did you sexually harass her all the time while bathing?』(Mark)

『Hey, what do you think I am? A perverted old man?』(Nicola)

『To be honest, yeah, kinda.』(Mark)

『That’s rude! Look. I didn’t even touch her. I wanted to, but I tried my best to refrain myself from making physical contact with her!』(Nicola)


『Yeah! I didn’t stare at her naked body either because I knew she had a sharp intuition. I don’t want her to hate me after all. But, still. That was a wonderful bathing experience~!』(Nicola)

While hugging Celine, Nicola glanced at me and smirked. She then continued talking.

『I didn’t touch her and didn’t look at her with perverted eyes, but I startled her whenever I tried to approach her or talk to her, and she looked so cute when she was startled! Her shy behavior was so adorable! I felt like an AV producer who was interviewing a new female actor. Uhehe~』(Nicola)

Ugh, I can’t believe she still could enjoy her bathing with Ester to the fullest without even touching and staring at her.

Her pervertedness is beyond god level…

I was the one who encouraged Ester to accept Nicola’s request, thinking that it would help her fix her shyness, but I think I’ve made a big mistake…

I stretched my hand behind my back and patted Ester’s head while saying, “I’m sorry” in my head.



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  1. Frickin’ Nicola, can’t behave for one damn bath! She’s really starting to bother her brother’s life. He really needs to set some boundaries.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he left her behind when he starts traveling.

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