Chapter 229 : Annoying Man


After we finished the preparation and were ready to go, Celine opened the front door.

Deel, who had been waiting for us, was leaning against the wall by the door with his arms crossed.

As soon as he noticed us, he sighed and shook his head.

「Hahh… Celine, how could you make your future husband wait for so long? Why do women take a long time to get prepared? Good grief…」(Deel)


I think we did the preparation pretty quickly. It wasn’t even five minutes.

Without knowing what I was thinking, Deel continued talking while brushing his blond hair with an unpleasant look on his face.

「However! Celine, I can understand. You took a long time to prepare because you wanted to look as beautiful as possible in front of me, right~? Fwahahaha! How adorable! I’ll forgive you for making me wait! Alright, let’s go! Follow me~!」(Deel)

Deel gracefully turned around and began to walk while laughing loudly.

It was totally not what he thought. Celine didn’t try to look as pretty as possible. She didn’t even wear make-up nor carefully set her hair. She prepared her magic wand and some tools that she thought we would need for hunting.

While I was staring blankly at Deel who walked ahead of us, suddenly I felt like the air around Celine was getting hot.

I turned my gaze toward Celine. I was a bit freaked out when I saw her scary angry face.

Her eyes were glowing with bloodlust, her face was as red as a tomato, and her veins were showing on her forehead as she gritted her teeth as hard as she could.

「Ce, Celine… I understand how you feel, but you need to calm down…」(Mark)

「Ha… Haha… I know, Mark… I wanna turn him into charcoal so badly but don’t worry, I can control my emotions…」(Celine)

Oh, god… I wonder if our hunting will be going just fine… I’m worried…

After Celine calmed down, the three of us started walking, catching up with Deel who was walking without looking back.




「We’re going to pass through this recently built park. It’s faster than walking around the river.」(Deel)

We stepped into the Schultria Park that I created last month.

It’s now lively here. There are some pairs of couples near the fountain, and children having fun playing with the playground equipment.

It has become a place of relaxation for the villagers where both children and adults can enjoy.

「It seems that Tori had been secretly building this place with other villagers for quite some time. Hahh… if only he told me about it, I could have helped him. Oh, talking about this park, there is some playground equipment I’ve never seen before. Kid, I heard that you designed them. Is that right?」(Deel)

「Yeah, I did.」(Mark)

Actually, I made this entire park, not just designed those playground equipment. However, Tori-san told me to keep it a secret from the villagers, especially Deel.

Deel is so passionate about developing this village. If he found out that I have the power to make a big park like this, he might force me to work for him. He might tell me to build roads or houses, and it would be very troublesome…

Therefore, I accepted Tori-san’s idea and made it as if the one who built this park was him and some other villagers.

It would be strange that the villagers were able to make various playground equipment that had never existed in the village before, so to add it up, we made it as if I was the one who designed them.

After I answered him, Deel nodded deeply a few times and began to talk loudly again.

「I see. As someone who loves the elven culture, I’m actually against foreign cultures entering this village. However, Look at those children! They’re having fun playing with those foreign playground equipment. For the sake of protecting those smiles, I will let those foreign playground equipment remain in this village! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

When Deel laughed so loudly, the surrounding children and adults turned toward him.

「Deel, huh?」
「Ah, it’s just Deel.」
「That weird onii-chan, huh?」
「That dude, huh?」(people)

As soon as they knew that it was just Deel, they turned their faces away and continued doing their things as if they lost interest.

Even the children think that he’s a weirdo, I see…

While still laughing, Deel put his hands on his waist and smiled at Celine.

He probably thought that Celine would be impressed with his speech earlier, but of course, it didn’t impress her at all. She looked away with a disgusted face.

While we were walking through the park, Deel kept talking about complicated things, trying to impress not just Celine, but also everyone in the park.

However, no one seemed to pay attention to him.

I don’t know what he was talking about either…



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