Chapter 230 : Hnngghh! Shwaahhs Fwaa~n


We crossed the park while pretending to be strangers to Deel who continued talking loudly.

After we passed the park, we walked through the woods for a while until we reached the river.

Our destination is on the other side of the river.

The river is quite large but there’s no bridge.

I was thinking of making a bridge with earth magic but before I could tell my idea to everyone, Deel stood by the riverbank and looked back at us.

「Alright! I’ll carry you guys one by one across this river! Come! You can trust me!」(Deel)

After saying that while spreading his arms, Deel wrapped himself in wind-attributed mana and then floated in the air.

I’ve seen Celine jump over a high wall once with wind-attributed mana but I didn’t know that you can float in the air using the same technique.

『Hee… It looks like he’s not just a useless annoying guy.』(Nicola)

Nicola seemed to be a little impressed.

I kinda agree with her. It seems that Celine was right about him being good at magic.

While floating in the air, Deel glanced at Celine with a smile.

He was trying to impress her but Celine glared at him with cold eyes as always.

「Huh? Do you think I trust you? You’re even barely able to make yourself float, aren’t you?」(Celine)

「Fwahaha! You’re talking about me a few years ago! I’m different now, you know? Don’t worry. I’ll carry you across this river safely. Come!」(Deel)

Deel opened his arms and widened his nostrils, looking so excited somehow.

Seeing his face, Celine stepped back and made a disgusted face that looked a bit different from before.

I’ve seen that face before. It was the face she made when she saw a drunk old man throw up in our cafeteria a while ago.

Leaving Celine’s disgusted face aside, I’m curious about the technique of making yourself float in the air.

I turned my face upward and looked at Deel who was floating in front of us.

「Deel-san, can you tell me how you do that?」(Mark)

Hearing my voice, Deel, who was about to approach Celine, turned his gaze toward me.

「You wanna float in the air like me? It’s simple. After you wrapped your entire body with wind-attributed mana, you bend your waist a little, and then, “hnnghh!”, squeeze it a little, then, “shwaahhs”, free your thighs, and lastly, “fwaa~n”, make yourself float in the air.」(Deel)

「What the hell is he talking about?」(Celine)
『What the hell is he talking about?』(Nicola)

Celine and Nicola put the same “tsukkomi” at the same time.

Celine with her cold voice and Nicola through telepathy.

They don’t seem to know what “hnnghh”, “shwaahhs”, and “fwaa~n” that Deel mentioned mean, but somehow, I can understand.

He’s probably the type of person who learns things by himself just like me.

Anyway, I should try it myself.

First, wrapping my entire body with wind-attributed mana, and then… Hnnngh!… Shwaahss!… Fwaaa~n…

Oh? Ooohh!? I’m floating!

「Fwahaha! Kid, looks like you have talent in magic! All you need to do now is maintain that state while moving around. However, it requires a lot of practice!」(Deel)

Deel nodded while looking at me. He looked a little impressed.

He said it requires a lot of practice to move around in this state, so before I tried it myself, I think I should hear some tips from him.

「Deel-san, do you have any tips for me? How do you feel when you’re moving around while floating in the air?」(Mark)

「Hmm… You can make the area between your shoulders and your back a bit “fwaaah”, and while doing that, you make your feet “fwoo~n”. It’ll make it easier for you to move around. Well, I doubt you’ll be able to do it now. Even an amazing person like me needed to practice for years to be able to do it right. But, Kid, don’t be discouraged! You have talent. You’ll eventually be able to do it if you keep practicing!」(Deel)

「I see.」(Mark)

Anyway, I should try it.

Making the area around my back a bit “fwaaah” and making my feet “fwoo~n” while doing that… Like this, I guess…?

But… It feels a bit off… I feel like rather than “fwoo~n” I can do it easier with “fyopyuu~”

As I did the “fyopyuu~”, my body moved forward a bit while still floating.

It’s working but it still feels weird… Let’s try “fyuuhh” rather than “fwaaah”.

After a few times of trials and errors, I finally grasped the feeling of moving my body around while floating.

Deel, who was watching me move around in the air, smiled and shook his head.

「Well, well… I never thought a kid would be able to learn Levitation Magic from me this quickly. I might not notice it but perhaps I’m really good at teaching… Yes, that’s right! I’m a genius teacher! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

「Thank you for teaching me, Deel-san. By the way, it’s easier for me if I do “fyopyuu” and “fyuuhh” rather than “fwoo~n” and “fwaaah”.」(Mark)

「Is that so? Hmm, different people have different sensations of floating, I guess. Anyway, well done, Kid!」(Deel)

「Thank you.」(Mark)

Deel nodded deeply and smiled at me.

He’s annoying but he’s not a bad guy, it seems.

Watching me and Deel discussing magic like a teacher and a student, Nicola glanced at me with a disgusted face.

『Hmph. This guy thinks you can do it because he’s good at teaching, but actually, it’s because you’re a fast learner.』(Nicola)

『You really think so? I think his explanation helps me a lot.』(Mark)

『Eeeehh!? You understand what he was talking about!?』(Nicola)

『The “shwaahss”, “fwoo~n”, and “fwaaah” things? Yeah, a little bit.』(Mark)

『Uwaahh… I can’t believe you share the same brain cells as this annoying guy…』(Nicola)

『I don’t, okay? It’s just you who can’t understand his simple explanation.』(Mark)

『Simple explanation? How am I supposed to understand those alien words!? I’m a logical person who thinks according to data and reality, unlike you, an instinctive type of person who thinks without reasoning.』(Nicola)

『I… see…』(Mark)

Well, I can understand why Nicola is a logical person. Sometimes she teaches me magic just to make her life easier, thinking that I’ll do the work for her.

Perhaps it’s time for her to start learning magic for herself…

While I was thinking about Nicola, Celine looked at me with a big smile on her face for some reason.

「Mark, I knew you’d be able to do it~ Now, can you please carry me to the other side~?」(Celine)


「Oi, oi, Celine, you’re going with me!」(Deel)

「Hmph! Not in a million years! …Mark~ Please~」(Celine)

Celine looked away from Deel and smiled at me again.

「But I just learned how to do it. I’m not sure if I can carry you toー」(Mark)

「ーYou can do it~! Do your best~」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine wrapped my neck with her arms.

Seems like I have no choice…



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  1. I feel like Nicola Already knows magic she just doesn’t want to use it they are twins after all and she also the one helping him, so she should be able to use it just too lazy

    1. Nicola is an angel who probably knows more about the magic of this world than any of the people living on it. She can do amazing and absurd things with magic. She invents the most unique qnd interesting spells for her exclusive use when she’s motivated.

      Unfortunately, she can’t be motivated to use magic in normal ways and because she’s exceptionally lazy, she doesn’t practice like Mark so she hasn’t expanded her mana capacity and her ability is therefore very limited despite her exceptional knowledge.

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