Chapter 21 : Light Magic


I left Celine in the bathhouse and returned to the children’s room
Nicola was still in the room.

「Why are you back already? Are you done polishing the bathtub?」

「I found Celine in front of the bathhouse. She wants to take a bath, so I’m back. I’ll polish the bathtub later」

「Celine onee-chan staying at our inn? I have to fondle her fluffy boobs later!」

「Ehh? Nicola, is ‘yours’ awakening already? Moreover, you have interest in ‘that direction’!?」

I tried not to say it straightforwardly, but I thought she knew what I meant.

「It’s not like that. It’s just… you know… when you find something you don’t have in another person, you have two choices: to love it or to be jealous of it. And I chose the first choice」

Said Nicola while patting her flat chest.

「Ahh… I see… Oh, by the way, Celine used illumination magic in the bathhouse. That was my first time seeing that kind of magic」

「Well, it’s kind of rare because unless you’re a magician, a lantern is all you need for the light. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to control and maintain your mana to perform illumination magic….. Maybe Celine onee-chan is more skilled than I thought. At first, I thought she’s clearing her job as an adventurer in easy mode by seducing men with her boobs」

Despite her appearance, I never saw her seducing male adventurers though.
I wanted to tell Nicola that Celine was the type of woman who was defensive toward men. But I stopped after remembering she was seducing me in the bathhouse. Well, I knew she was just joking though.

「Illumination magic is a type of light magic, right? But light magic is not included in the four major attributes, why?」

「Actually, there are three types of magic attributes: The four major attributes, bipolar attribute, and attributeless. Light magic and dark magic are in the bipolar attribute. So, there are total of seven types in the magic system: fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark, and non-attribute magic」

I see.
And those seven types of magic also became the name of the day in the ‘seven days a week’ system in this world.
By the way, the Sunday in this world is called ‘Light Day’. It’s the day where people go to church. But people in this world are still working on Light Day like usual.

「Also, she chanted “light!” when she used that magic. Does some magic require us to chant the name?」

「Basically, you don’t need to say the name. But if you give your magic a name, you can activate it more easily by saying its name. I think it’s an adventurer-like way to activate magic because you can shoot out your magic attack immediately after saying the name. By the way, some people use longer spells. They do that to help them focus controlling mana when using a very difficult magic」

I see. So you can use magic more smoothly if you make your body remember by saying the name.

「Speaking of light magic, recovery magic is also light magic, right? I wonder if I can use it」

「People have mana in their bodies even if they can’t use magic. Healing magic is magic where you control other people’s mana. You can do it by either carefully controlling their mana or just inject a large amount of your mana to counteract that person’s mana. I can’t say anything about the control one because it depends on your practice. But if it’s the amount of mana we’re talking about, onii-chan, you have a lot of them thanks to your practice to increase your mana capacity everyday. So I think you can use recovery magic」

「Really!? I’m glad my daily practice is paying off」

When I was taking Nicola-sensei’s magic class, I heard someone coming up from the stairs and knocking on the door.

「It’s open~」

Responding to my voice, the door opened.
It was Celine.
She entered the room.

She was wearing the same witch robe, but after taking a bath, her face was a little red and looked sexy. Well, I didn’t get aroused though.

「I asked Leona-san where’s the children’s room and she let me visit your room. Mark, thank you for the bath! It felt great! And Nicola-chan, you’re really cute as usual!」

Immediately, Nicola approached and hugged Celine.
Celine crouched down and hugged Nicola back.
Nicola was looking down so Celine didn’t see her face, but I saw her made an ahegao while enjoying Celine’s boobs.
Is she really ‘just’ love it?
*/ahegao = an expression when you feel so good.

「Nicola-chan, you really love boobs, don’t you? How cute~」

It seemed Nicola was fondling Celine’s boobs even wilder. But I won’t say anything.

「By the way, Mark. Are you planning to make the bath as the inn service? I’ll use it every day if that happens」

「Nah… cleaning the bath and preparing the hot water for the customers would be troublesome, so nope」

「Hmmー I’m willing to pay 2 silver coins for a bath though…」

Considering that our inn cost 5 silver coins for one night plus breakfast, 2 silver coins for a bath was a good deal.
By the way, I thought that 1 silver coin was about 1,000 yen (10 dollar). That meant the bathing fee was more expensive than the super luxurious public bath in Japan.
I was tempted for a moment, but the ‘troublesome’ won after all.

「Nah, I still won’t do it. If it became popular, I wouldn’t be able to go out and play」

「Ah, I just remember you’re just a boy around the age where you wanna play as you want. I forgot because of your mature atmosphere」

Hmm… I should’ve behaved more like a child…
But, even changing the tone alone is difficult. It might be impossible for me to behave like a 5-year-old child.

「But well, if Mark says so, I have no choice but to give up. Oh, but can you let me use the bath once in a while?」

「Yeah you can」

「Thank you, Mark! Well then, if I wanna take a bath, I’m in your care then」

It seemed that Celine came just to say thank-you and ask my permission to use the bath in the future. She stood up after stroking Nicola’s head once and reached the doorknob. But just when I thought she was going to open the door, she suddenly stopped.

「Ah, I almost forgot. I didn’t know what to do with the hot water I used, so I just left it in the bathtub, but is it okay?」

「It’s okay. I’ll throw away the water later」

Well, I just had to suck the water inside the item box, but I didn’t tell her about it.

「Okay, please then. Ah, but… don’t use my used water for weird things~」

After that Celine left the room.

I wondered if “used water” was a pervy-joke girls always use. I didn’t even know how to ‘use’ girl’s used water. Curious…

「Onii-chan… You look like a pervert wondering what he wants to do with that water…」

Now that her blissful time was over, Nicola was back to her ‘wise mode’.
I hoped she understood that I wasn’t thinking like that.


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