Chapter 20 : Celine


Today, Nicola said, “Can you polish the bathtub with wind magic? It’s rough and feels unpleasant.”
Therefore, I went to the backyard after finishing my breakfast.

I felt like she was just using me, but it was also good for magic practice, so I decided not to think deeply.

When I got to the backyard, a woman in a black dress that opened wide at the chest boldly showed part of her breasts was wandering around in front of the bathhouse. She looked like a witch.

「Celine? What are you doing here?」

「Ah, Mark! Good timing. I’m just wondering what building this is. I didn’t see it the last time I stayed here」

Celine was a solo adventurer. She was in her early twenties now. And just like her appearance, she was a witch.
She didn’t seem to have a regular base, but sometimes she worked for the Adventurer Guild in this town, and she always stayed at our inn while she was in this town.
The last time she stayed here was about a month ago, so this was her first time seeing the bathhouse.

By the way, I used to call her ‘Celine-san’, but then she said, “You sound like an adult if you call me so polite like that. Try calling me by my name, or maybe ‘Onee-chan’?”
It was a little embarrassing if I called her ‘Onee-chan’, so I just called her by her name.
I tried to talk like a child as hard as I could, but still, it was difficult.

「This is a bathhouse, you know? Wanna peek inside?」

I guided Celine into the bathhouse.
It was a little dim inside the bathhouse, but we could see pretty well the space for a dressing room and a bathtub inside.

「Uwaaaー This is my first time seeing a bathtub. Hey, Mark, can I use it? I wanna try taking a bath!」

Celine’s eyes were sparkling as she asked me.

We didn’t offer a bath service for inn customers, but Celine always told me stories about outside world and sometimes gave Nicola and me sweets, so I thought it’s okay.

「Sure. BUT, don’t tell the other customers, understand?」

「Un! Un!」

After seeing Celine nodded, I poured water into the bathtub with magic.

「For now, I’ll pour water for you, but you have to boil it yourself」

「Understooー That’s not it! Wait, Mark!」

「Eh? What’s wrong!?」

I was surprised and looked back at Celine.
She opened her eyes wide and pointed at my palm.

「Are you okay producing so much water with magic!? When I was about your age, I could only fill half of a sake bottle, you know!?」

Is that true?
I didn’t know her rank, but Celine always got her job even though she was a solo adventurer, and it seemed she was quite an amazing adventurer for her age. So I thought she said the truth.
Honestly, it felt great that she praised me, as if my hard work practicing magic had paid off.
I never compared my magic with someone else, so for someone like Celine to say that I was stronger than her when she was a child, it felt amazing.

「Don’t worry. I’ve been practicing a lot」

「I, I see… I bet you will have a promising future. Hmm….. before the other girls have a chance, maybe I should make you mine from now~ ♡」

Celine approached me while bending her body forward and lowering her dress with her finger to show her breasts even more.
However, since this was a five-year-old boy’s body, my sexual desire hadn’t awakened yet, so my heart didn’t pound nor I became embarrassed. But still, because I still had memories from my previous life, I felt so happy seeing a pair of boobs approaching me like this. Boobs are indeed every man’s dream.
I smiled unintentionally.

「……..He’s not even embarrassed… This is the first time I’ve seen a reaction like this…」

Celine murmured while looking a little surprised.

Well, from my point of view, it felt like I saw a cute animal approaching from the other side. That’s it.
Even if she said she wanted to make me hers, by the time my sexual desire awakened, maybe Celine’s age would be………. No, I shouldn’t talk about a lady’s age. Besides, I was sure she was joking by saying that.

「I think this much water would be enough. After this, use your fire magic and adjust the temperature as you like. And put your clothes there. It’s not that dark, but do you need a lantern?」

「Understood~ And it’s a bit dark for me actually, but I don’t need a lantern….. 【Light】!」

Celine stretched out her hands and made a sphere of light with magic. The sphere went up and floated in the air.
It was light magic. I’ve never seen it before.

「Well then, enjoy the bath. You don’t need a lookout, right?」

「Fufu. Don’t worry. If there’s a pervert who dares to peekー」


Flames gushed from Celine’s palm that was facing upwards for just a second.
She grinned and saidー

「ーtoday, will be that his death anniversary」

Uwaa… what a scary woman.



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