Angel Little Sister 22


Chapter 22 : The Color of Wind


After Celine left, I decided to start polishing the bathtub, which I was supposed to do this morning.
But before doing that, I went to the kitchen on the first floor and called out Mom who was working with Dad.

「Mom, is there any wine cork you don’t use?」

「There is~……… Here you go. By the way, what are you going to do with it?」

Mom asked while handing the cork.
There was still a faint smell of wine from the cork.
I used to love drinking in my previous life, but now, even if I smelled it, I didn’t feel like drinking wine. It’s strange.

「I’m going to make a drain hole in the bottom of the bathtub, and close it with this cork」

Until now, I’ve been throwing away the used water using the item box because only my family used the bath.
But considering that Celine would also use it in the future, I came up with a better idea to deal with the used water.

After I said thank you to Mom, I walked toward the backyard.

When I entered the bathhouse, the steam from the bathtub gave off a smell that I had never smelled before.
Is this the smell of a woman?
I wondered if I was a grown up man, this kind of smell would turn me on.
It was a really strange feeling that my mind and my body were at different ages.

While thinking like that, I used the item box to suck the hot water.

By the way, I’ve been storing up the used hot water and not throwing it away yet.
I just wanted to know the limit of my item box and definitely NOT use the hot water for anything weird.

I was curious about the current item box capacity, so I tried to think of a list of items that were stored in the item box.
Then I could see the item list in my head.
I didn’t know how it works, but it was amazing.

On the list that popped in my head, there were [Mark’s used hot water], [Mom’s used hot water], [Dad’s used hot water], [Mom and Dad’s used hot water], [Nicola’s used hot water], [Celine’s used hot water], etc.

Just like that, each used hot water was labeled with a different name.

“Mom and Dad’s used hot water”, huh…

Even the hot water which I didn’t know was also labeled.
I thought I could make use of this function as an appraisal tool when I found an item I didn’t know.
But more importantly…….. If I had information whose water is which, it would make me a pervert, right?
I tried to think about stacking the hot water together, and then it merged into one item, [Used hot water]. I was glad it worked.
I’m definitely not a pervert. It’s true.

But, man… Not only the hot water, if I include the other miscellaneous garbage I’ve been storing until now, I felt like my item box had a very large capacity.
Nicola said that a person who had a large mana capacity, their item box could fit a 1-ton truck.
But I was sure that mine had already surpassed it.

I thought it’s no use to think about the scale of the MP and the item box capacity anymore, because I felt like it would continue to expand more and more.
When I was in heaven, that old man God said he wouldn’t give me any cheat skills, but this item box was a cheat in my opinion.
Or maybe… for God, this much wasn’t even a cheat?

While thinking like that, I started making a hole in the bottom of the bathtub.
Perhaps because I made this bathtub with my mana, making a hole in it was very easy.
I made the hole the same size as the cork, so that it would fit perfectly.
After that, I made a ditch that connected to the sewer using earth magic for drainage.

After I was done with the bathtub drainage system, next was to polish the bathtub.

「Hmm… I’m polishing stone, so maybe I’ll imagine wind magic like a grinder or something」

Wind is invisible; it was difficult to imagine, so I tried to think of it as detailed as possible.
I imagined a CD-sized grinder plate rotating at high speed in my palm.

Wind magic, activated!

Then, I felt a disk-shaped mass of mana spinning at high speed near my palm. It was so fast that even the breeze reached my face and shook my hair.
When I gently pressed it against the bathtubー


Along with that loud noise, the stone was scraped.

「This is scary!」

I was scared and canceled the magic.

Uwaa… If I carelessly hit my finger with it, my tiny finger would be blown away in an instant.

And what scared me the most was that the disc of wind was invisible. I couldn’t see it.
It was very dangerous to use an invisible tool.

In fantasy games and anime, wind magic was often colored with green or white, but in reality, it was invisible.

After I was thinking about color, I just realized.
If I couldn’t see it, I just had to make it visible, right?
It was made of my mana, so if I could see my mana, it might work.

While activating the wind magic, I tried to focus to feel my mana.
Feel the presence of mana gathered from my body to my palm and extend that sensation to my vision.
And when I opened my eyes, I saw the color of mana that I couldn’t see before.
Just like the game, it was green.

After that, the polishing work continued.

Kyuiiiiinnnー Kyuiiiiiinー

Now that I could see the disc of wind at my hand, the polishing work was proceeding smoothly.


After a while, the polishing work was done.
It wasn’t as smooth and shiny as the bathtub in my previous life, but I thought it was more comfortable than before because I had polished all the rough surfaces.

Well then, now that I have finished my job, how about taking a bath now?
No, wait, it might be too early to take a bath because it’s still before lunch.

I decided to have lunch first.

When I asked Mom for the cork in the kitchen earlier, I saw Dad was boiling sausages.
If it wasn’t used up for the cafeteria, I wondered if I could have some of the sausages for lunch.
The sausages Dad bought from the regular butchers were very good.

「I want sausages… I hope today’s cafeteria wouldn’t be as flourish as usual」

While thinking of something that I shouldn’t be thinking as the inn owner’s son, I walked into the house.



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