Chapter 205 : They’re Starting To Get Along


「Mark-tan, Nicola-tan, why haven’t you come home yet?」(Grandpa)

After having lunch at Celine’s house, we went to the Portal Crystal to do our daily task. After that, Celine and Nicola took a bath together at the bathhouse I made in the woods while I went home by myself.

As soon as Nicola and Celine came to my house from the bathhouse, I contacted my parents with the Resonance Stone, and after having a conversation with Mom and Dad for a while, I heard Grandpa’s voice.

「Umm… I still have a lot of things to do here so I decided to stay for a while. More importantly, Grandpa, I’m not there but I’m glad you wanted to come to Mom and Dad’s house. Have you made up with Dad?」(Mark)

Grandpa hates Dad because he thought that Dad stole his beloved daughter, Mom. Well, that’s not what happened but I kinda understand his feelings.

He had never wanted to come to the dining hall because he didn’t want to see Dad’s face, but I’m surprised he could bring himself to visit Mom and Dad today.

「W, Well… There’s been a lot going on since you left. When your mom came to my house with a bento box the other day, I told her that I didn’t want to eat Jean’s food. I said that I will never recognize him as a full-fledged chef if he can’t cook better than his father. Then, your mom forced meー Yeah, she FORCED me to come to their dining hall and eat Jean’s food until I acknowledge that he’s better than his father!」(Grandpa)

Ahh… So he was forced to come, huh?

By the way, Jean is my dad’s name.

Well, Mom might force Grandpa to come but I’m glad she did that.

I hope Grandpa can get along with Dad if he keeps coming to the inn from time to time.

「Forget about me. Mark-tan, I thought you and Nicola-tan had returned home. I have prepared a lot of stuff for you because… Aa. Never mind.」(Grandpa)

I don’t know what he has for us but I know that he prepared them because Nicola’s and my birthday is coming soon. We will be nine years old.

We celebrate our birthday with Mom and Dad every year but we can’t do that this year since I decided to stay in this village. Moreover, it seems that Grandpa was planning to join us this year. That’s too bad…

「Anyway, something great will happen when you’re home, so come home as soon as you’re done with whatever you want to do in that village. Understand?」(Grandpa)

Oh? It seems that they still want to celebrate our birthday even though it will be a bit late. I’m so grateful.

「Un! I’m looking forward to it.」(Mark)

「Nice! By the way, I heard that you need a lot of mana to use this… Resonance Stone, was it? Mark-tan, you’re very impressive as always. That’s my grandson! 」(Grandpa)

「Thank you, Grandpa.」(Mark)

「Alright then. I don’t want you to be too tired from using too much mana, so let’s end the call here. Ah, but before you hang up, can I talk to Nicola-tan? I want to hear her voice.」(Grandpa)


I stepped aside a little to make room for Nicola.

She then leaned her body forward and started talking while facing the Resonance Stone on the table.

「Ojii-chan, hello~!」(Nicola)

「Ahh~ Nicola-tan! How are you doing? Are you having fun there~?」(Grandpa)

「Un! I’m having a lot of fun! I got a job too!」(Nicola)

「Ohoho~ that’s great! Well then, Nicola-tan, I’ll talk to you again later~」(Grandpa)

「Un! Bye bye, Ojii-chan! I love you!」(Nicola)


Immediately after Grandpa made a weird voice, the sound of someone falling to the floor was heard.

「D, Dad!? Are you alright!? …He passed out? …M, Mark, please call us again tomorrow! Dad, wake up! Dad!ーー」(Mom)

I sighed and stopped injecting mana into the Resonance Stone to end the call, and then I glanced at Nicola.


『Khu khu khu! He passed out just by hearing my voice. It seems that not only do I have a charming smile but also have a charming voice~ I will use it on people from now on!』(Nicola)

『I think it only works on Grandpa…』(Mark)

When I put the Resonance Stone in my Item Box while glancing at Nicola with an awkward smile, Celine talked to me.

「Mark, your grandpa is such an interesting old man. He seems to hate your dad though.」(Celine)

Goro goro, goro goroーー

*the sound of something rolling.

「Yeah, but he’s kind toward us. 」(Mark)

Goro goro, goro goroーー

「Fufu. I can tell that from his voice when he talked to you and Nicola.」(Celine)

Goro goro, goro goroーー

「By the way, lying down on this carpet feels really good. I don’t like that cloth seller but he really makes good stuff.」(Celine)

Celine had nothing to do while Nicola and I were talking to our parents, so she was just lying down on my new carpet, and before I realized it, she started rolling around on it like a child.

「Ahh~ I don’t wanna go home… This carpet makes me want to live here… Besides, I have to take care of that good-for-nothing old hag when I get home…」(Celine)

「Hey, Celine, I would build this house for nothing if you lived with me.」(Mark)

Well, I understand her feelings. I also love lying down and rolling around on the carpet after all.

「Fufu. I know. I just wanted to say that. Hnngghh…!!」(Celine)

Celine got up, stretched her body, and walked toward the entrance.

「Well then, I’m going home now. Don’t forget to come to my house for dinner. I’ll be waiting for you two.」(Celine)


「See you later, Celine onee-chan~!」(Nicola)

After smiling while waving at us, Celine left my house.

Alright. What should I do now? Should I take care of my vegetable field?

While I was thinking about what to do, Nicola stared at me with a serious face.

「Say, Onii-chan…」(Nicola)

「Wh, What’s wrong?」(Mark)

「Can I use this carpet for my bedcover? I want to smell Celine’s scent as I sleep.」(Nicola)

「Hahh… I knew it would be a ridiculous request…」(Mark)

「Can I~?」(Nicola)

「Of course, you can’t!」(Mark)

「Puu! Puu! You’re stingy onii-chan!」(Nicola)

I ignored Nicola and walked toward the entrance, but before I reached the door, I heard someone knocking on it.

I can’t sense their presence with my detection magic, so it must be Ester.

I opened the door and saw a young elf with silver braided hair.

Yep, it’s her.

「Mark, I came to play as promised!」(Ester)

「Welcome, Ester. I’m about to take care of my field. Let’s play outside.」(Mark)

「Un! Can I play with that weird wall again?」(Ester)

「Ah, you mean the wall for rock climbing? Of course.」(Mark)

We just parted ways a few hours ago at the village square but Ester looked so happy as if we hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

「Yay~! Let’s go!」(Ester)

When I was about to put my shoes on, Ester grabbed my hand and pulled it.

「W-Wait! I can’t go outside like this.」(Mark)

「Ah, I’m sorry! I’m just… too happy. Hehe~」(Ester)

Realizing that I was barefoot, Ester let go of my hand and blushed.

「Well then, I’ll be waiting for you outside!」(Ester)


After seeing Ester off, I crouched down and put my shoes on.

At that moment, I sensed a sharp gaze coming from Nicola who was lying down on the carpet.

『This is unfair! I’m so jealous! I want to be lovey-dovey with Ester-chan too!』(Nicola)

『Lovey-dovey? I told you we’re just friends.』(Mark)

『Hmph. I doubt it.』(Nicola)

I don’t know what she’s talking about but… Ester’s reaction just now reminded me of Delica.

Could it be…

No, no! Of course, Delica and I are just friends too!



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  1. he’s pretty dense huh or just in denial it’s funny in these kinda stories the guys are always single but once they get reincarnated they are ladykillers

    1. Perks of having a ton of life experience, usually unaccessable for the young child. They started to be seen as unusually mature, and being a genius. Both are quite great boons for popularity 😀

    2. In these kinda stories being someone reliable and resourceful regarding personal safety and earning ability is more important as most girls’ priorities than having just a pretty face and honeyed tongue (especially if their crush could resemble their father in some way as well). I guess it would be similar in our world if it were during wartime with high risk of sudden death and food shortages.

  2. Hey, the link in NEXT CHAPTER button here leads to chapter 216, not 206, jumping the 10 chapters in-between. There are also mismatched links in buttons at pages for the chapters 206 (both wrong), 207 (previous is wrong), 215 (no next button), 216 (both wrong) and 217 (both wrong). I have checked in a different browser, just to be sure I’m not seeing things.

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