Chapter 204 : Glass Window


From the village square, the three of us went to Tori-san’s house. I want to install some windows in the walls of my house, and Ester told me that Tori-san also does some glasswork other than making magic tools.

I woke up early in the morning, went to Ester’s house to help them out, and went shopping in the village square. It’s not even noon yet but I’m pretty tired.


Thinking that I can finally take a break, I let out a big sigh.

「Fufu. You’re sighing like an old man after doing hard work. What’s wrong?」(Celine)

Celine, who was walking beside me, giggled after seeing my funny behavior.

Woops, I unintentionally exposed my old habit…

I often sighed like this on my way home from the company I was working at when I was still alive in Japan.

「No, nothing.」(Mark)

I smiled at Celine as I replied, trying to act like a child.

Nicola, who noticed it, grinned at me while hugging Celine’s waist.




After walking for a while, we arrived at Tori-san’s house.

Luckily, he was at home, so I immediately told him what I wanted.

「You need glass? Well, I have plenty in my storage. Kids in this village sometimes break people’s windows when they play with a ball, so I often get orders to make windows.」(Tori)

While fiddling with the magic tools on the table, Tori-san answered me without turning his face.

「Great. I need some square-shaped glass. I want to install some windows for my house.」(Mark)

「Your house? You’re staying at Celine’s house, right? And, aren’t you going home to your town soon?」(Tori)


「He decided to live in this village for a while, so he built his own house at the edge of the village.」(Celine)

After Celine explained to Tori-san in my place, Tori-san turned his face to me and stared curiously at me while rubbing his chin.

「Hee… You built your own house? I’m honestly impressed. I can give you some glass but can you show me your house? I’m kinda interested.」(Tori)


After I replied with a nod, Tori-san went to the back of his house and returned with a few square-shaped glass in both hands.

I gave Tori-san some magic stones in exchange for the glass and put it in my Item Box. After that, we headed for my house.




When we reached the walls surrounding my house, I used earth magic to make a hole so that we could pass through.

Tori-san looked surprised when he saw the surroundings.

He usually languidly half-opens his eyes, but now he completely opens them while looking around.

「Wh, What the hell happened here…? Where are the trees…?」(Tori)

「Fufu. Mark removed all the trees in this area by himself. His offensive spells you saw the other day are not the only spells he can do, you know? He can do a lot of things with magic. Isn’t he amazing~?」(Celine)

Celine put her hands on my shoulders and said that as if I was her child she was proud of or something.

「So he removed all the trees with magic? It took me a year to remove all the trees in my backyard to make an open space to test my magic tools. This area is twice as large as my backyard. Mark, how long did it take you to clear this area?」(Tori)

「Umm… Two hours, maybe? I started working in the afternoon and finished it before sunset.」(Mark)



I put my hands on my waist and made a smug face as I replied.

After that, we took Tori-san, who was still looking around with an amazed face, to my house.

I then started to install the windows with Celine’s help while Tori-san was looking around my house.

First, I used earth magic to remove the part of the wall where I want to install the windows into. Then, I took out the glass from my Item Box and gave it to Celine.

Celine would hold the glass from outside the house while I fixed it with earth magic. I also added a cross-shaped grid to make it look a bit more like a window.

After we finished installing all the windows, Tori-san approached me.

「Mark, your house looks pretty sturdy. I bet these walls are harder than the black stone in my backyard that you destroyed the other day.」(Tori)

Tori-san banged his hand on the wall as he said that.

He then sighed and turned to me.

「Say, Mark, you’re going to stay in this village for a while, right? I have a favor to ask.」(Tori)

「Do you want me to do something for you?」(Mark)

「Yeah. You might have heard from Ester that I’m like a teacher for the kids in this village. I want to do something for them, but there’s a limit to what I can do with my ability… Mark, can you make a place for them to play? Of course, I will pay you.」(Tori)

「A place to play? Like a playground?」(Mark)

「Yeah, that’s what I mean. They often play in my backyard, but I use that place to test my magic tools. It would be bad if they got hurt because of me. Would you do it for me?」(Tori)

Making a playground is great to practice magic. Besides, seeing children having fun in the playground I make makes me happy. There’s no reason to decline.

「Alright, I accept your request. For the exchange, would you let me take your class with the other children?」(Mark)

「Eh? I don’t mind, but… Are you okay with this exchange condition?」(Tori)


「Hmm… No, my class is free for all children. You can join if you want. I will give you another reward for your job.」(Tori)

「If you say so.」(Mark)

「You’re too generous for a little child, you know that?」(Tori)

「Is that so? Ah, my sister will be joining as well if you don’t mind.」(Mark)

「Of course. It’s been bothering me, but… I see. So, the girl who looks like a doll clinging to Celine’s waist is your sister, huh?」(Tori)

「I’m not a doll! I’m Nicola, Onii-chan’s twin sister!」(Nicola)

Nicola, who was still clinging to Celine, greeted Tori for the first time.

Tori is a bit indifferent about anything he’s not interested in, so he didn’t ask anything about Nicola.

『Oi, Onii-chan, I never said I want to take his class too!』(Nicola)

『Aa, I’m sorry. But, look. We go to Sunday School together, right?』(Mark)

『Oh, well… Honestly, I’m kinda interested in his class. He may know something I don’t know about half-elves and this village.』(Nicola)

It seems like she is not completely unwilling to join. That’s great.

Tori-san looked alternately at me and Nicola while scratching his head. He’s probably wondering why we don’t look like twins.

「Anyway, my class is open once a week on Sunday afternoons. Feel free to join.」(Tori)

「Alright, Tori-sanー No, Tori-sensei.」(Mark)


「Good. Well then, I’m going home now. Mark, let me know when you want to start to build the playground.」(Tori)

After seeing me nod at him, Tori-san left my house.



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